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Winter upgrades for homes in MA

After the Move - January 18, 2020

Winter is here and it’s in full swing, meaning you are probably spending more time indoors than outdoors. That’s why this is a great time to tackle some winter upgrades for homes and enjoy additional comfort and coziness. While we suggest every person deals with the upcoming projects in their home, we especially feel you should focus your energy on them if you have just moved. It doesn’t matter whether you moved with the help of senior movers Massachusetts or military movers – every person should dedicate the first few months of the year to handling small tasks around the house.

A bird house.
Winter is the perfect time to work on your house – inside and out.

Make updating your smoke detectors one of the main winter upgrades for homes this winter

After all, you will be spending lots of time cooped up in the house, relying on your fireplace and furnace to keep you warm. So you need to invest money into making sure you stay safe and sound. The good news is that as little as $40 dollars will get you a combination unit that contains both smoke detectors and monoxide detectors. As top-rated Massachusetts movers, we are all about safety, and this little investment will do wonders when it comes to keeping your home safe.

Adding glass doors to your fireplace

It’s a known fact that, while pretty and festive, an open firebox is completely inefficient. It sucks the warm air right out the room, besides the fact that it’s a safety hazard. Adding glass doors to your precious fireplace will still keep it nice and warm. And it will also help heat up the room. But most importantly, it will be a great safety addition for kids and pets, as it will keep them away from the open fire.

A fireplace - one of the best winter upgrades for homes.
Don’t compromise safety for good looks – especially when you don’t have to!

Unfortunately, anytime you are dealing with key objects in a room, you can expect the bill to be quite hefty. Just like hot tub removal Massachusetts, as well as piano moving, adding glass doors to your fireplace will be a bigger investment. You can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800. Although, once you take into consideration what it brings to the table, this investment is quite worth it!

Take care of any small repairs around the home

If you take a look around your home there is no doubt you will notice a few things that require your care. Anything from leaking faucets and taps to cracked plaster and paint touch-ups can be a great project for when you are snowed inside your home. These projects might really don’t require a lot of work. But they will certainly make a huge change once finished. Whether you tackle them by yourself or have a handyman take over really doesn’t matter. What matters is that they get taken care of – one way or the other. Because even the smallest winter upgrades for homes can make a huge difference in the long run!

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