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Why families move to Natick?

Life in Massachusetts - April 13, 2019

Are you and your family looking for a new place to call home? There are dozens of small towns and suburbs all over America calling for you! Natick, Massachusetts is one of them. Families move to Natick all the time – it is truly a wonderful family friendly New England town. You’ll get all the benefits of a larger town and all the small town vibes! So if you haven’t quite decided where to relocate yet, Grunts Move Junk and Moving MA suggests that you consider a move to Natick. This charming place has a lot to offer!

Natick, MA: quick facts overview

Located in Middlesex County in Massachusetts and only 17 miles west from the state capital, the town of Natick is considered a part of the greater Boston area. Its population currently numbers almost 35,000 which is a growth of nearly 5% in recent years. This makes Natick one of the fastest growing towns in the Boston area. Statistics say that the average age of a Natick resident is 41. There’s also a better than average chance they’re a woman as women account for more than half of the population. And while more than 80% of the people in the town are indeed white, a variety of races and ethnicities are present giving this small town points for diversity as well!

What is Natick famous for?

Ironically, Natick is arguably most well known for its part in the Boston Marathon as it is home to miles 8-12 of the world-famous event. You may, however, also remember the town from its brief appearance on Family Guy. According to the cartoon, a Twinkies factory in Natick is the characters’ best chance to find food after a nuclear disaster. If you’re a baseball fan though, you may have heard of the place because of the figure-eight stitching technique for baseballs which was invented here. And the more literarily inclined may recognize it for Harriet Beecher. The Uncle Tom’s Cabin author spent quite a bit of time in Natick. She actually wrote a lot of the homes that are now part of the John Eliot Historic District.

Person running a marathon.
Natick is famous for its part in the Boston marathon.

Why move to Natick?

The trivia and factoids are all nice and good. But why should you move to Natick? If you’re going to hire movers Natick MA for relocation here, you should probably know more about what the place has to offer!

One of the town’s biggest selling points is its downtown area. A combination of broad streets and brick buildings makes for some beautiful architecture. A variety of shops, restaurants and cafes litter the streets. You’ll find plenty of local family business among these. Take a walk around the town center. Have a sandwich at Comella’s. Finish off with dessert at Liberty’s Ice Cream. This family-owned ice cream parlor has been in business for over 30 years – for good reason! While you’re here you may as well go shopping. There’s a whole host of strip malls to choose from. Natick Mall is, of course, the biggest and most famous one.

Money on a desk.
You won’t have trouble providing for your family in Natick.

Not to worry if that’s not your thing, though! There’s also plenty of outdoor activities and places for nature lovers who move to Natick. Lake Cochituate, Memorial Beach at Dug Pond, and Mass Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary are all well worth a visit. Check out the Sassamon Trace Golf Course if you’re looking for some recreation. Or go ice skating when the cold weather comes in the winter.

Looking for some more practical benefits of living in Natick? The town is home to some noteworthy businesses like Cognex Corp. and The MathWorks Inc. If you’re lucky enough to work in one of those, your commute will be short and sweet. If not, you’ll find a job in no time because unemployment in Natick is well below the national average! In addition to that, you can expect to earn more. The median household income is $106,027 which is nearly double the national average!

Why move to Natick with a family?

But why is it so popular for families, in particular, to move to Natick? Well, let’s start with the quantifiable.

Natick is a very safe town with little violent and property crime to speak of. When you look at the statistics for virtually all major crimes (including assault, murder, burglary, and theft), you’ll find they are not even half of the national average. While that certainly says something about our country, it also means the town is incredibly secure. You can sleep easy knowing that you, your family and your property are all safe.

You’ll also be happy to know that housing options are perfect for families. Despite the increase in new construction around town, most homes we see during junk removal in Natick are still colonial style. You can find a 1,500-square-foot house with two to three bedrooms for $400,000-$500,000. In fact, the median home value is $480,500. This is much more affordable than in neighboring towns.

Family walking by the beach.
Natick is very family friendly.

And we promise your children will love their new school! Natick public schools are among the best in the country. Of the four, two are a perfect 10 out of 10 according to GreatSchools ratings. And more investments go to schools in the area every year. So you don’t have to worry about education because it’s some of the best your children can get!

But perhaps the most important quality of Natick is one that cannot be accurately measured – its spirit. The small town charm, friendly people and welcoming neighborhoods are a perfect setting for a family!

How to move to Natick with a family?

Your family’s move to Natick doesn’t have to be complicated. Just make sure everyone is on board first! Make sure to talk to your children about the relocation. After all, it is bound to seriously affect them. Try not to move in the middle of the school year because moving is hard enough on children and you don’t want to pile being a new kid onto that. The move itself is easy enough to organize: contact your movers with any questions you have and leave the work in their capable hands while you just focus on your family!

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