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Who to notify when you are moving?

Pre-Move Activities - March 2, 2019

There is a lot of things that need to happen during a move. Relocating is a complicated process that doesn’t involve only you and your family – but a lot of other people. From local junk removal service to the moving and packing companies you can employ, you will have to work with a huge amount of different persons in order to accomplish your goals. And in order to finish up your move, you will need to talk to a lot of people about it. Remember, you are not only saying goodbye to your friends and your neighbors. You will need to go through a list of people, services, and utilities you need to talk to in order to keep them informed. So, who to notify when you are moving? Find out in this article.

Ask yourself who to notify when you are moving.

The first thing you will want to consider is who the people in your life are. Think not only about your friends but your everyday life. There may be people who you get in touch with on daily basis, but you don’t really think about it. So, when creating your moving timeline, set aside the time to look over your day-to-day expenses and activities and gather a list of people you will be talking with. This, however, doesn’t end on a daily bases. Think about the people you visit monthly – whether it is your hairdresser or your handyman. They might also appreciate a goodbye note from you, too. So who do you notify about the move?

  • Your post office is the first on your who to notify when you are moving list.
  • You should also notify your tax agencies about your changing address.
  • Your gas and electric companies need to know about the move.
  • All services such as cable, telephone or the internet need to get a call from you.

Change your mailing address

One of the first things you will want to change is your mailing address. This is because postal services often offer an interesting service during the move. For the first 12 months after you change your address, they can forward any mail you get to the old address straight to your new one. This way, you will not be missing out on any letter that might be coming your way. Otherwise, the people living in your home will be getting letters addressed for you. Not only that, but you can get into trouble if the bills keep piling up at your old address!

Mailboxes in a row.
Get your mail by changing your address.

Lucky for you, changing your address is pretty easy. You can even do it online on the government website! So, a week or two before you move, make sure you go online and change up everything. Otherwise, there will be a gap in the mail until the post office can sort out your request, and you can receive mail later than you should have!

Think about the taxes

When thinking about who to notify when you are moving, one of the least possible candidates you remember might be the tax agencies. This is because we usually only do taxes annually, and even then – the majority doesn’t like thinking about them. So, in order to fight such unpleasant feelings, we push them to the backs of our heads. We remember we didn’t change our address only when the tax forms come up, and we need to think about moving insurance and similar expenses.

Tax paperwork.
Tax companies need to know your address.

So, before you move, you need to notify both the federal revenue agency as well as the local, state tax agency. The IRS has an online form that’s not too hard to fill up. However, when it comes to the state governments, things may differ. You will need to look into their website and see the requirements they have. Luckily, most states have the policies as easy as IRS – and you can notify them about your move online.

Gas and electricity are very important

The gas and electricity are probably the top picks when you think about who to notify when you are moving. Both of these are pretty essential for a living – and we use them daily. Also, it would be a pretty horrible experience to, after your busy moving day, arrive at a house with no electricity and no heat. This is why, as soon as you learn you will be moving – and your address – you should notify these services. The good thing here is that usually, you will be able to set up the date when they can start with the services.

A light bulb - electricity is important when thinking about who to notify when you are moving.
Don’t move in the dark!

Sometimes, even though you might be tempted to save money, it is a smart idea to turn these a day or two before residential movers Worcester will take you to your new home. This way, even if something is to happen with these utilities, you will be able to fix them before moving completely.

Don’t forget to connect with people

Can you even ask who to notify when you are moving without being able to notify the people? The answer, obviously, is no. This is why you should also talk to the people who will be setting up your phone and your internet connection. While you are at it, you can set up your cable too. Nothing like watching some good show in your new home after professional movers Worcester MA leave! You only need to pick up your phone and call them. Setting up the dates is easy and straightforward enough!

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