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Which are the most affordable cities in Massachusetts

Life in Massachusetts - September 13, 2019

Massachusetts has a plethora of amazing yet affordable cities. And although hip millennial cities like Cambridge and Boston have multiple opportunities for young professionals, they are also a bit expensive for living. On the other hand, there are many other attractive places that provide inexpensive staycations. All you need to do is to ‘bang a left,’ and you will find nice, safe, and affordable city to move to. So, better find reliable movers, because we have a list of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts you won’t be able to resist.

Palmer Town

Palmer Town is a charming city in Hampden County and of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts. The population is around 12,150, and it is part of the Springfield – Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area. If you decide to move house to Palmer, you will see that it offers a suburban feel along with all the benefits of a big city. Most residents own their homes because the real estate prices are pretty competitive. There are plenty of parks here, so, outdoor enthusiasts and families with children will have a bliss. Many young professionals live in Palmer due to job opportunities and big concentration of companies and startups. The public schools in Palmer are reputable, which is great benefit for the people moving with school or pre-school children.

Road to affordable cities in Massachusetts
There are so many amazing places in Massachusetts, you just need to pick one.


Pittsfield is the largest city in Berkshire County, and it is one of the affordable cities in Massachusetts. Real estate prices are generally just below or close to the national average. For this reason, many newcomers choose this place to buy their first home or start over. Being the principal city of the Pittsfield, Massachusetts Metropolitan Statistical Area, it encompasses all of Berkshire County. The population is around 44,750. And although the population has declined in recent decades, Pittsfield is still the third largest municipality in western Massachusetts, behind Chicopee and Springfield. 

The median home value is $173,100 and the median income in Pittsfield, MA is around $46,871 for 2019.

Southbridge Town

Although the Town of Southbridge has a city form of government, it calls itself a town. And its warm and friendly residents really do make that small-town atmosphere newcomers enjoy. It sits in Worcester County, Massachusetts, and its population is around 16,700. Southbridge is one of fourteen Massachusetts municipalities and it offers amazing professional, housing and educational opportunities.

For 2019, the median home value is $188,200 and median income in Southbridge Town is around $50,200.


Although the home prices are a bit above the national average, Quincy is still more affordable than big cities like Boston. The median home value in Quincy is around $475,000 and, unfortunately, the prices continue to rise. Quincy sits near the Quincy Bay about 45 minutes southeast of Boston. More than 90,000 people are living in this area, which makes one of the largest community in Massachusetts.

Even though Quincy is the most expensive city on this list of affordable cities in Massachusetts, its residents can always hop up to Boston to enjoy all the city has to offer. For this reason, Quincy is very popular to millennials and younger people. There are plenty of bars and other nightlife events around, and many ways to have fun. Many people come to Quincy to celebrate the fourth of July as well. It gives an urban feel and most of the city’s residents rent their homes.

Boston skyline
Quick and easy access to Boston is one of the benefits of many MA cities.


Bordering New Hampshire, Methuen is also one of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts. It has a plethora of historic structures and destinations. This includes the Methuen Memorial Music Hall. It was completed in 1909, and it contains “The Great Organ” that was originally installed in the Boston Music Hall after arriving from Europe in the US. This venue is now a top spot for recitals, concerts and special events, such as wedding ceremonies.

This city is also known as a major retail destination. It is home to The Loop – a huge shopping center with more than 30 stores, a 20-screen movie theater, and eateries. The median home cost is $245,000, while the median household income is around $68,600.


Melrose has one of the highest median home value on our list of affordable cities in Massachusetts – around $423,500. But on the bright side, it also has the highest median household income – $ 86,400. For this reason, it is still a good choice for moving your business or home.

It sits about 10 miles north of Boston, and it’s another great place for those looking for a small-town experience, but with quick access to big-city destinations. With its population of less than 30,000 people, it is one of the smaller city on our list. Melrose offers a laid-back atmosphere that is the perfect alternative to Boston’s fast-paced lifestyle.

park in one of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts
Palmer Town has many parks and green areas, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, couples and families.


This amazing city sits about two hours outside of Boston. And even though it is farther from the city, the median home prices in Franklin are higher than Leominster. The average Franklin home costs about $430,000. It has only about 32,000 residents, which makes it cozy and small.  More than half of the residents have at least a bachelor’s degree due to the quality education system. And the higher education level is also reachable since Franklin is home to Dean College. So, if you are moving with kids, you will appreciate these facts.

Franklin is a place rich in history. It was named after Ben Franklin, which was so humbled by the recognition that he donated 100 books to Franklin’s public library.

Charming and affordable cities in Massachusetts are waiting for you

As you can see, there are many charming and affordable cities in Massachusetts you could move to. All you need to do is pick the one that suits best your needs. We really hope it will meet all your expectations, to the fullest!

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