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What is the most difficult junk to remove

Junk removal tips - December 11, 2019

We live in a society that consumes a lot. This also means we produce a lot of litter. And this is not just the things we put into our garbage cans… Life has evolved and now more than ever items are replaceable. There are a lot of things around everyone’s house that are proclaimed to be junk after downsizing is made. But, if you are currently in the process of preparing one such operation, you might want to know – what are the most difficult junk to remove?

Truth is that there is a lot of different junk that present especially difficult one to remove. We talk from experience… This is why we made this post. To help you know what are the most difficult unwanted, broken or obsolete things you might want to throw out of your home.

Sometimes, you just need help

First things first. If you encounter any junk that gives you an issue, you should probably call junk removal services of any movers Paxton MA or any other mover. This is not just some promotion or a catchphrase. We truly mean that every junk removal is the job for professionals. They know how to operate and transport these heavy items properly, without risking anyone getting hurt in the process.

In a sense, it doesn’t even matter what most difficult junk is – the hardest one is the one you have to do yourself!

Heavy furniture is among the most difficult junk to remove

However, back to the topic of the article. So, what does the rich experience of junk removal Worcester MA tell us about the most difficult junk to remove? Well, high on the list is definitely heavy furniture you can find in any house. 

Furniture is generally difficult to move, remove or otherwise relocate. It does make a degree of sense. After all, furniture is not meant to be moved every day. However, when the time arrives where that wardrobe you have is now just junk – someone has to remove it.

living room most difficult junk to remove
Heavy furniture can be quite a difficult thing to move

Chances are that the piece of furniture you designated as junk is pretty old. Now, the main difference between modern furniture and the old one is in the parts – you can assemble and disassemble most new furniture. However, this is the option many of the old furniture sets lack. They are also usually made of hard, heavy wood. In order to take it out of rooms, sometimes they have to be taken apart on the spot by tools.

Television sets

From time to time, a television set will proudly represent the category of most difficult junk to remove in dumpster rental. Now, every home needs a TV. However, there are two problems with them. Firstly, they are a must in American homes since the 50s/60s, meaning that a lot of those went to garbage. Secondly, as technology progresses at an ever-faster pace, we have to take more and newer tv-s to garbage.

As to why this junk is part of this list, it is pretty obvious. It is electric and it is huge. Thanks to its materials there are a lot of different rules on how to dispose of a TV, rules your junk removal service will take care of, of course.

Car parts

If you call your junk removal services of movers Auburn MA for car parts, be sure to specify all important details. This is because any movers, not just them, have to know exactly how heavy are they, what sizes, what materials they are made of and so on…

Old carpets and mattresses

Carpets and mattresses are a pain to remove. This is because they are deceptively heavy and also pretty difficult to handle properly.

It takes some effort and planning to achieve this properly.


Pianos are magnificent instruments, and yet, even they become junk one day.

piano key
Even an instrument can become junk

However, they become notoriously hard junk to remove! Its size and complexity make it quite hard on the junk removal team.

Always recycle when possible

We have explained to you some things that we find most difficult to clean out, however, we want to say something else as well. It is not what is the most difficult junk to remove, but also what to do with it when you do that matters. We would argue that you should, whenever possible, aim to recycle!

  • Is the fight against garbage. The real answer to the question of “what is the most difficult junk to remove” is the unnecessary one! It just hurts to see things that could have been reused, donated or recycled being thrown away. It just makes sense to try and reuse as much as possible, as it makes garbage a little less prevalent in our daily lives!
  • Prevent further exploitation. Some of the materials we use every day are really hard to come by. Therefore, their exploitation is quite huge and damaging, not to mention ridiculously expensive. But when we perceive such precious and rare materials as lithium for further use, we make sure that exploitation is not needed to the degree we see today! That is definitely a win in our book.
  • Even make you some money. Well, if none of this makes a well enough argument for you, why not look at the money side of things? Your money! Your wallet might thank you if you, instead of garbage disposal, opt to garbage recycle. Some of the recycling facilities will pay you for the material you provide!

To sum things up

When you sum it all up, what is it? What is the most difficult junk to remove? Where there is just no definitive answer. It largely depends on the circumstances. However, things that are old and not easily disassembled are probably the hardest ones, as well as those requiring special treatment (things with batteries and so on). But, with enough preparation and experience, any junk whatsoever can be dealt with in no time!

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