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What are the best ways to help movers

Employing Moving Experts - January 11, 2020

Sooner or later most of us go through the moving process. Some of us move because our job requires it, others move because they have found a better place to live, and some change their location because they decided to live with their partner and merge two households into one. No matter why you are moving, it’s highly recommended to hire movers West Boylston MA to assist you with your relocation. Professionals pack, protect, load and transport all your belongings fast, efficiently and on their own! However, if you are wondering what are the best ways to help movers? Wonder no more! We have prepared a few useful tips to help you figure out what are the best ways to help movers. So, let’s begin!

Best ways to help movers – 7 useful tips!

Whether you are preparing for a local or a long-distance move, hiring a professional moving company is always a good idea. But, before you call your mover, you should sort out your budget and calculate moving costs Massachusetts. If you have already scheduled an appointment with your moving company and started creating your ultimate checklist, it’s time to find out what are the best ways to help movers!

  • Pack Seasonal Items In Advance
  • Best Ways To Help Movers – Save A Parking Space For The Movers
  • Organize And Protect Your House
  • Clear Paths And Hallways
  • Hire A Babysitter For Your Kids
  • Best Ways To Help Movers – Plan For Your Pets
  • Have Some Cash For Tipping
winter clothes
Pack your seasonal clothes such as scarfs, gloves and winter shoes in advance.

Pack seasonal items in advance

One of the best ways to help movers and yourself at the same time is by packing all your seasonal clothes in advance. For example, most of us choose to move during the summer, when kids don’t have school and when the weather is nice and sunny. Get some free cardboard boxes and packing materials and start packing items that you won’t use for a while.

Best ways to help movers – Save a parking space for the movers

Have you heard about the “long carry” service? If your moving company has no parking spot close to your house and they have to park the moving truck far away, the cost of the move will increase significantly. And not only that! Your movers will need more time to carry and load belongings in the moving truck. Therefore, you should “reserve” a spot for your mover close to your house a few days before the move. Ask your friends to park their cars next to yours and not to move until the moving day comes!

Organize and protect your house

Protecting your old and a new house is a very important step and you should do that before your movers arrive. What you have to do is to keep your home free of water damage in case weather changes and brings some rain, sleet, ice or snow (if you are moving during the winter). Therefore, you should put some blankets on your doorway, doorsteps, and hallway. You should also cover hardwood floors with blankets or tarps to avoid damage.

However, if you are moving during the winter, you should know all the pros and cons of moving in bad weather. Avoid moving injuries! Don’t forget to use some salt on your doorsteps and walkways in icy and snowy weather conditions.

Clear paths and hallways

In order to help your mover walk through your home and carry everything out fast and without a problem, you should make sure that paths and hallways are clear completely. What does that mean? Remove all small items on the walls, shelves, pictures, then remove carpets, small tables and any other obstacle that can lay down in the hallway. You can also remove the doors if it’s necessary.

Clear hallways and paths before the moving company arrive!

Hire a babysitter for your kids

If you have teenagers you won’t have problems! Well, except for their ranting because they don’t want to move, but you can handle that. However, if you have a toddler or a baby, it’s highly recommended to hire a baby sitter. But, if you are preparing for the last-minute move and you can not find an available babysitter, you should read these useful tips for moving with toddlers.

Best ways to help movers – Plan for your pets

Personally, I would never let someone else take care of my pet. However, this is one of a kind situation. You will have to be around to check on movers all the time and take care of your pet – not really going well together. Therefore, if you can, it’s highly recommended to take your pet to your friends or family just for a day. If not, you can always take your pet in some of the pet care centers until you are done with the move.

Having a pet (dog) around can lead to moving injuries. If your dog is playful, it will constantly move along with movers and pas by and under their legs. Movers can trip, slip and get injuries. Your pet can also suffer from some injury, so the best option is to ask someone to take care of your dog for a day or call pet care.

Let your friends take care of your pet during the moving day.

Have some cash for tipping

You don’t have to tip your movers but if they are doing an excellent job and you are more than satisfied, there’s no better way to show your appreciation than with some dollar bills of course. So, before your movers even arrive, you should go to the ATM and get some cash just in case! And how much you should tip your movers? Well, it’s usually 5% of the total bill or, of course, a reasonable flat fee. That means 20$ each for a local move, 30-40$ each for a long-distance move and, 50-100$ for the driver of a long-distance move. However, how much will you tip your movers depends only on your satisfaction and the level of service they performed.

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