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Simple ways to declutter your living room

Decluttering Tips - February 18, 2019

Every now and then, we realize just how much junk we are actually keeping in our rooms. This can be countless magazines and newspapers we are saving or small trinkets and souvenirs from our travels. These things keep piling and piling up, and, whatever they are, eventually they just start getting in the way. And then, you need to start thinking about moving to Worcester. You start going through your stuff, and realize what you have – and need to move. All this stuff you have is just an obstacle and an added chore. Even if you are not moving, to declutter your living room will mean you get more breathing room and order in your home. Find out how to do it in this article.

Start by sorting things out

You can start this process by sorting out your things. There might be a lot of stuff in your living room, so plan out some time to carefully do this. You will need to make sure you go over everything and take every item into account. Think about whether you really need it. A great rule of thumb is to see if you used your item in the last six months. If the answer is no, decide whether you really need it or if you will use it again. The answer will probably still be no – so you won’t need it in your new home. At the end of this process, you want to have three groups of items:

  • things you want to keep when you declutter your living room,
  • things you can sell or donate and
  • those that you will toss out.

Remember, some of the things that you will be keeping you can put in another room – or in the attic. When it comes to the other ones, think about their functionality. This will help you decide whether to organize a yard sale and sell them, or just throw them out. Of course, anything that is broken, you should toss away. You might want to try and salvage them for extra parts, but that can often be too much work.

Magazines are hard to do when you declutter your living room

Probably the biggest chore when you declutter your living room is the magazines and newspapers. For some reason, we love keeping them – as if we will ever get back to reading them again. So, make sure you take your time to get through them all. Decide how far behind you will keep your magazines, and toss out the rest. Then, find a good way to keep them.

This can either be a drawer or a magazine rack, where you can make a nice neat stack. This way, you get an interesting decoration – and order in your living room, too. You should also think about making an organizational method for them. For example, recycle the old stuff every month, or every six months (depending on how much stuff you are buying).

Magazine binder.
Sort out your magazines.

Again, you can decide what you will do with these magazines. Maybe you can get them appraised if you have some rare stuff – or donate them to someone who can use them (like a library). However, these will mostly belong in the trash or the recycle bin. And when the time for moving comes, your professional movers Massachusetts will not have to deal with the excess of stuff. Your move will be smooth and cheap!

The time has come to clean up

After you have taken care of your stuff, it’s time to clean your living room. This is an important step when you want to declutter your living room – without it, it will be as if you didn’t do much work at all. Only when you have gone through the room deeply cleaning it can you appreciate all of your efforts. This will also make the possible move easy, and you will be packing and unpacking with ease.

A vacuum cleaner.
Time to clean up!

Start with simple dusting. However, dust up everything – even the things you might usually miss out on. Get to the hard to reach places like the tops of your shelves. It will also be a smart idea to take everything off of them and scrub the place clean. The same applies to the mantlepiece, and all similar surfaces.

Then, go to the areas like Jewelry Store San Diego. Empty out your drawers and wipe them clean. After that, rearrange your stuff inside well. Then, get to the lampshades, remote controllers, curtain rails and plants. Make sure you look under your sofa and under the cushions – you might even find some change there! This might not be enough to pay local movers in Worcester, but it’s a nice find nevertheless!

Add the finishing touches

The final step in the decluttering process is to add up the finishing touches. Now that you have gone over your whole living room, it’s time to rearrange some furniture or introduce new items into it. Just by making small changes you might get a feeling of a completely new room, so feel free to experiment. You can find many living room ideas online, so don’t be afraid to also do some research on the topic.

Cactus plants you can add after you declutter your living room.
Small details will make your room look as new.

Finally, after you declutter your living room, you can sit down and take a breath. Enjoy the space you created. Think about ways in which you can keep it cleaner, and how to stop clutter from reappearing. This might be a preemptive strike, but it’s one worth taking.

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