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Top neighborhoods for families in Worcester

After the Move - March 6, 2019

You can’t make a decision to relocate overnight. Relocation can be inconvenient, demanding and stressful. This decision will have a huge impact on your life and the life of your loved ones. Therefore, you need to search for the best solution that will have a positive influence on you. There are many things that you need to consider before you make this move. So, if you decided on moving to Worcester, MA with your family, start searching for the best part of that city. Have in mind that Worcester is the 2nd largest community in MA with 44 constituent neighborhoods. And your aim is to find the best neighborhoods for families in Worcester. Your new environment has to satisfy your family needs too, consult with them and make decisions together.

Westwood Hills is great for families that want to educate their children

Westwood Hills is a suburban neighborhood located in Worcester MA and if you are a fan of beautiful architecture you will be amazed. This neighborhood is built between 1940 and 1969. Many residential in Westwood Hills are old looking, well-established which gives this place a specific beauty. If you are moving to Worcester Westwood Hills is a great opportunity for your children’s educations.

Child writing
Westwood Hills is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Worcester that has an amazing educational system and because of that your children will get a proper education

Studies show that 34.1% of the people have earned a Masters degree, medical degree, Ph.D. or law degree in this area which means that education is high above average. This rate is higher than 96,2 % of all neighborhoods in the US. Our advice is if you desire proper education to chose this place. One more thing that is great is that you will be near Boston.  Westwood is one of the best neighborhoods for families in Worcester.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute / Highland St

Worcester Polytechnic Institute / Highland St is a neighborhood that has an urban feel and that can provide you with all that you need. If you still cannot decide between many neighborhoods for families in Worcester think twice. Many places for living in Worcester Polytechnic Institute / Highland St neighborhood are relatively historic. They are built no later than 1939 in many cases. Average home price is around $358,425 which is very affordable.

moving dolly
If you want to move to Worcester Polytechnic Institute / Highland St you need to find an affordable moving company that can offer you with good relocation service

If you are looking to rent a home in Worcester Polytechnic Institute / Highland St you need to know that you will pay around the $1553 for rental. Which is the lower price for renting then 70% of Massachusetts neighborhoods? If you decided to move to this Worcester’s district you will not make a mistake. You just need to find affordable movers in Worcester and relocate to this awesome neighborhood.

Pleasant St / Park Ave can provide you with great home

If you want to buy a home at Pleasant St / Park Ave you will need to spend about $ $345,391 on average. And if you are looking to rent a home in this district the price of the rental is currently $1327. Which is more favorable than more than around 80% of neighborhoods in Worcester. If you look for work in this area Pleasant St / Park Ave has a 12.4% vacancy rate. This is high above average compared to other U.S. neighborhoods. Not to mention that this area has everything that you need from stores to cable areas. If you like crowded areas this place is perfect for you. Pleasant St / Park Ave neighborhood is large with 22,008 people per square mile living there. You just need to prepare for relocation to Massachusetts with your family.

Moving to the best neighborhoods for families in Worcester requires boxes for packing
Pleasant St / Park Ave is a beautiful district in Worcester and because of that many families choose to relocate to it and start a new life

South Worcester is one of many great neighborhoods for families in Worcester

South Worcester is an urban district located in Worcester which offers you good looking apartments. This neighborhood is primarily made up of medium to small size apartment buildings and single-family houses. The average rental price is around $1700 which is lower than 62,3% Massachusetts neighborhoods. People generally chose this area because its architecture is relatively historic, it was built between 1939 and 1969. South Worcester has more Puerto Rican and Brazilian people living then in it than nearly any neighborhood in America.

Old Victorian house in South Worcester
South Worcester has a historic look and the biggest indicators for that are Old Victorian houses

For example, 19.4% of this district’s residents have Puerto Rican ancestry and 1.6% have Brazilian ancestry. Old Victorian Homes, duplexes, three-deckers in South Worcester can be the great choice for your family. If you want to move to this part of Worcester you would need to hire local movers Massachusetts to help you, since they will protect your belongings and safely move them to your new home.

Moving to Worcester can give you many opportunities that can be quite beneficial to your family. However, don’t think that relocation is an easy objective is can be really annoying. It can cause a lot of stress for you and your family. That is why you need to take this process seriously and do the tasks related to moving as fast as possible. If you finish your relocation you will have more time to enjoy your new environment with your loved ones.

There truly are neighborhoods for families in Worcester that are outstanding. It is hard to decide which is best for your family. It is very important to consider all the wishes of your family members and make the final decision together. This way you will all take part in choosing a new dream home. We hope that list brings you closer to districts in Worcester.

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