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Top free things to do in Worcester

Life in Massachusetts - March 26, 2019

Free time is not something that first comes to mind when you think about relocating. Moving is a slow process that takes hours, days and sometimes even months to prepare and complete. This is just the way it is, no matter whether you are moving to Massachusetts or anywhere else in fact. So, why would you even think about the free things to do in Worcester? Well, you should use your free time before and during the move to think about the amusement aspect of the place where you are moving to. Indulge yourself in these thoughts and you will surely go through the moving process more easily. After all, all of us need happy thoughts in order to enjoy life.

Vietnam memorial is a place where you can go and spend some relaxing time outside
Going for a walk in a park is always a good activity that you can do free of charge

What are the top free things to do in Worcester?

Alright, we all know why we’re here. Let’s see what are the top free things to do in Worcester and then, we’ll take a more thorough insight into what all of them have to offer to those moving here:

  • Worcester Art Museum
  • EcoTarium
  • Worcester Historical Museum
  • The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts
  • Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Green Hill Park

We’ll start with the details in the above order. However, bear in mind that we did not rank the points of interest according to how much fun they are. People have different tastes and not all are going to agree that one thing is better than the other. No matter what place you believe everyone who visits Worcester Art Museum should visit, let us tell you that, in the case that you are moving to this town, you would not be making a mistake by hiring local Worcester movers to help you relocate. Some would find them the best in their business. Others may find them very good at what they do. All are happy with the moving experience by the local movers.

Worcester Art Museum

The first place on our list is also one of the most prominent institutions that Worcester has to offer. This world-famous museum is rich with art whose roots we can trace back to the time of Ancient Greece. Apart from historical artifacts, art in forms of paintings, sculpture or modern art like photography, await you here. Therefore, find the best neighborhood in Worcester and prepare for a thorough education in the art after you move here.

Image of the inside of an art gallery
Art museums are perfect for spending your free days

The best thing about the Worcester Art Museum is the fact that the museum organizes lectures and classes both for youngsters and for the adults. Therefore, if you find yourself in a situation that you would like to find out more about certain art period, visit one of the best free things to do in Worcester and find out more!

EcoTarium tops the list of free things to do in Worcester with kids

On the second place of the top things to do in Worcester, we find EcoTarium. But, what is EcoTarium after all?

EcoTarium is in fact, one of the best things to do in Worcester since you actually get to do stuff over there. In essence, EcoTarium represents a combination of science and natural history museum in which you and your kids especially, are encouraged to get hands-on experience in science and the natural world that surrounds us. Simply, EcoTarium is the best place to visit with kids in Worcester.

If activity for your kids is what you are looking for, EcoTarium is a safe bet.

Worcester Historical Museum

Worcester Historical Museum is most definitely one of the best free things to do in Worcester, or to visit, that is.

If you are moving to this beautiful town, you should make sure to find out as much as you can about its history. First of all, you should know a thing or two about the place where you would be living in. Secondly, your kids should be proud of where they come from. Lastly, the whole of New England is rich in national history that it would be a grave mistake not to learn as much as you can about it.

After all, is there a better place to learn about the local community than in its local museum?

The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts

If you are looking for a place that you could go to regularly and always have something different to experience, look no more. The Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts is the place where both historical and popular plays are performed almost on a daily basis. Apart from theater performance, you may expect to experience musicals, exhibitions, but so much more as well. All that you would have to do is to keep track of the theater calendar. Ultimately, choose what you like best and go see it!

After Worcester movers help you relocate, go see a show in the local theater
A theater is always a good place to go and see something new and you can often do it for free in Worcester

Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Fancy a walk in a park? Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans Memorial is the place that you should visit soon after you have completed moving to Worcester MA.

It is located in the Green Hill Park and was opened to public back in 2002. It consists of four different parts dedicated to different aspects of the war: the Place of Flags, the Place of Names, the Place of Words, and the War Dogs Monument. Each and every one of them is quite unique, so take a stroll through this beautiful park and keep in mind the heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in order to protect Democracy and the USA.

The outlook of the best free things to do in Worcester

There are many free things to do in Worcester, it is up to you to choose what you’d like to experience. Ranging from getting to know the local culture to ancient times, knowledge is on your plate. Move to Worcester and enjoy a quiet life outside of the city cauldron. Worcester simply offers it all.

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