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Tips to maintain an eco-friendly business

Decluttering Tips - January 8, 2020

You probably already think you should be a cleaner business … but that sounds expensive, right? This is a good investment for a number of reasons. There is no doubt that environmental issues will change the regulatory and market landscape in the near future. Energy-efficient companies will be better able to navigate these regulatory changes and be better prepared to withstand negative events such as energy price spikes. The good news is that a green program should not cost a fortune for a small business. Try these simple steps to maintain an eco-friendly business.

What can you do to maintain an eco-friendly business?

Make green thinking an essential part of your company

Engage your employees in your new vision. Create performance goals and make it fun while celebrating your success. How can you measure your savings? How can your green mission improve your community or better serve your customers? Can getting rid of your office clutter the right way save the planet? Get ideas and suggestions from your staff and they will cover your new goals.

Change the light bulbs

You won’t save 10 million kWh of electricity every year, as big companies do, but switching to LED lighting is definitely worth the investment. LEDs consume much less energy and do not contain mercury and other toxic gases contained in incandescent and fluorescent lights. They are expensive, but they will last about five times longer than other lamps.

Remove the plastic bottles

In 2017, only the United States generated 268 million tons of plastic waste. Of course, part of this plastic is recycled, but why increase the load on the environment? Firstly, take a junk removal service to take all the plastic bottles you have left. Then, install a water filtration system in the office. Not only will the water be fresh and clean, but you will save time and money by avoiding the use of bottled water.

Recycling plastic bottles to maintain an eco-friendly business
And it will help you maintain an eco-friendly business

Do business with green sellers

Interview your suppliers to learn about their sustainability efforts. If they are using a printer, ask if they use recycled paper. Look for companies that use energy-efficient vehicles and manufacturing plants that have the practice to reduce their carbon footprint.

Save human energy

Keep in mind that healthy, energetic employees will be more creative and productive. Create a safe, non-toxic environment to keep your team healthy. Serve sustainable food for the brain in meetings. Nuts, organic fruits and vegetables, and even dark chocolate play an important role in maintaining a sharp mind.

Hold a fundraising event

Causation programs are great for your image and public relations. And it’s nice to support something meaningful and far-reaching. Accept the green reason and make the annual fundraising event. You can take part in various nature conservation campaigns, from planting trees to raising funds for environmental scholarships. Find one that is close to your heart and engage your online and local communities. Another way to help the community is to donate the equipment you no longer need. Besides, it will also help you clear out your office space.

Recycle and reuse

How often do you throw old papers and used glass and plastic into the bin? Come on, admit it! Take a look at your community’s recycling program and seek the support of your team to achieve your recycling goals. If you are not sure how to recycle, hire commercial junk removal to take care of it for you. Also, purchase recycled paper products and ink cartridges. Even some pieces of furniture and other large items contain recycled goods.

Use green cleaners

Do you like the smell of a clean office? Guess what: many of these familiar scents are toxic to your body and the environment. Replace window cleaners, soap for dishes and hands, and bathroom cleaners with green brands. Some may seem expensive, but many are concentrated and will ultimately save money. Benefits include improved health, increased clarity, reduced allergic reactions, and improved planetary health.

Cleaning products
This is a small price to pay

Sustainable development cannot be achieved by one person or enterprise. Everyone must participate to maintain an eco-friendly business. You will demonstrate your leadership and commitment to a healthy and secure future by joining the ranks of business leaders who make sustainable choices.

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