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Tips for packing glassware for transport

Pre-Move Activities - July 31, 2019

You are about to relocate your family home or business. There are many moving stages in front of you, and an inevitable part of each relocation, the packing process. How to pack everything to reach its final destination undamaged you might ask. Especially, the question of packing glassware for transport. The fragile items are the ones that need special attention while packing. Therefore, we will share with you a few tips and tricks on the best way to do it.

Choices of packing glassware for transport you have

Your options are vast and even greater if you are willing to invest a bit more in the safety of your fragile items. Packing glassware for transport requires a gentle hand and a proper packing material. The goal here is to make it as safe as possible. So, let us mention that you should use higher quality packing materials. Those can be plastic bins, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. Also, there are containers designed for protecting bigger pieces such as old fashioned mirrors, and sizeable picture frames. Check up on those online, there are thousands of options for you to choose from.

Materials for packing glassware for transport
Bubble wrap is the ultimate answer when packing glassware for transport

On the other hand, you can improvise with the regular everyday packing materials as well. There are cardboard boxes, packing paper, packing tapes, box cutters, and cushions. Cushions can be whatever you want. The old cloth, blankets, rags, linens, you name it. You can use anything you have to make a soft foundation around your fragile pieces. Furthermore, many of those materials are easily obtainable at any hardware store. Or maybe you can check out the moving services Worcester MA. Your movers provide packing services that are cheap and affordable to anyone willing to try. You should do it as well, you won’t be disappointed.

The moving box is your best friend

The absolute winner when it comes to packing is the moving cardboard boxes. Therefore, stock up nicely, to be sure that you have enough can pack everything. You’ll probably need up to 30 boxes, or even more, depending on the size of your relocation. Be sure that you take enough of small-sized ones, as well as the medium-sized. Big ones are ok for transporting lighter items and are not used for fragile items. For this occasion, you should focus on small and medium-size due to stability and they are easier to carry around.

Start by making a solid foundation, using one of the cushions we mentioned earlier. Protect your box from the inside and then place the fragile items inside. Fill the gaps with crumpled paper to avoid the items colliding against one another. Cover the top with more cushion, crumpled paper or packing peanuts, whatever is your choice. Close the box, apply a few layers of tape, and do not forget to label it. Put signs that the contents are fragile. This will raise awareness and it will prove useful while you are in the middle of the unpacking process.

Sort your items

You can’t start packing without figuring out first how much is there to pack. It will give you insight into how many packing materials you need and where to pay special attention. Inspect everything and figure out how many fragile items you possess. Therefore, you need a moving checklist, along with the inventory list. You should not forget to include those into your relocation plan, it will be twice easier to follow a step by step list as a guide. Not only to serve as a guide, but you will know if all your items are still there, once you start unpacking and inspecting the delivery.

Planning your moving date
Plan and organize on time. Be ready for your moving date.

In conclusion, you should make a packing plan, sort out your fragile items and choose the order of packing. Stay organized, especially when packing glassware for transport. Keep in mind that you should invest more time in fragile packing. Those items will take time and patience to pack properly. Also, to mention that some of the fragile items you have are old antiques and family heirlooms. Those you might want to handle yourself. Besides, whatever you pack yourself will be beneficial. It is one of the things to do before movers arrive, and it will lower the overall moving cost.

Packing 101

Now when you figured out how many boxes you need and which packing materials to use, let us start packing.

  • Security – Be sure that each box containing glass, mirrors, china, or pottery, is secured from the outside and inside. A few layers of tape and corner padding is enough for the exterior. However, there are many ways to make a cushion for the insides of your box. You’ll make a wise choice here, depending on the cushion you have. Whatever you have, make sure that you make a nice layer, a nest to cradle your items.
  • Wrapping – Each fragile item should be wrapped individually. Those extra layers will provide a greater defense against bumps and collision. It is a perfect moment to use wrapping paper, sheets, and bubble wrap.
  • Stacking – Guided by pure logic, you will place bigger and heavier items on the bottom of the box and fill in the gaps with smaller ones. Smaller pieces will fill the box to the top before you seal it. Also, do not stack fragile boxes on top of each other. A box with fragile items can be on top, but no other box should go over it.
  • A final touch – Sealing and labeling is a final touch while you are packing glassware for transport. Seal the box with additional layers of tape and label it. The label should contain the contents of the box, as well as a warning that the fragile items are inside. Upon sealing, move the box to the safe area in your home, to wait for a moving day.

Who do you trust to move your glassware?

No doubt that you’ll consider hiring a helping hand to cover all your moving needs. A reliable moving company is what we all need when relocating. Therefore, do a bit of research and find yourself a proper moving crew. Keep in mind that they should be skilled enough to handle your fragile cargo. Also, your moving team should possess all the equipment and enough manpower to complete your relocation successfully. Additionally, you should find a balanced choice between the price and the service. Hence, we will recommend the local movers Massachusetts as the area’s number one choice. Check it out, and you’ll surely find enough moving services to utilize and cover your moving endeavor. Hire a proper moving team and have a stress free relocation.

Find a professional moving company you can trust

You’re done with packing glassware for transport, but what about the moving insurance?

In the end, we should mention that whatever you do, and however you pack, there is always a chance for a moving mishap. Influenced by the unforeseen circumstances and a game of chance, your items could be damaged. The only way to protect yourself against this is to buy moving insurance. Check with your movers if they provide such a service. Keep in mind that movers provide partial insurance, due to liability. Sometimes, some items are too high of a risk to move and movers simply refuse to handle them. In this situation, you can purchase moving insurance from a proper insurance company and secure yourself and your cargo. One more thing, remember that you have from 30 to 90 days to make claims against movers. If you are unsatisfied with the service you received, act on time.

There we go, now you are ready for packing glassware for transport. It is a delicate job, and you’ll need a lot of patience to complete it. But it is well invested. We are sure that once you are done, your precious glassware will be safer than ever. We wish you a successful relocation. Good luck!

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