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Tips for organizing your file room

Decluttering Tips - May 6, 2019

Do you want to edit and arrange your file room after your office relocation to Worcester? Organizing your file room can be a challenging process, especially if you have a huge amount of files and documents. However, if you follow certain steps this objective could be a lot easier. It’s all about good planning that will improve your filing system. Since people still maintain their information on paper they need to find efficient and effective ways to handle and store their files. Organizing your file room will have a beneficial influence on your business. For example, you will know where to find an important document that you need at the moment. You will avoid digging through big piles of papers to find the desired document and waste your time in that way.

Organizing your file room by creating file categories

This is almost always the first step that you need to do. You have to organize your file room after moving your office to Worcester. And sorting your files in the right order will help you to edit your file room. You have to decide what major categories you would use for sorting. There are different types of offices and file rooms that will use different kinds of categories. But in general, the system is mostly the same. For instance, if you have a law office you could organize client files and sort them by case types such as probate, corporate, administrative, and others.

To be even more specific while you are organizing your file room you should also make some subcategories. This way you will lower the amount of time you or your workers look for a specific file. There is a simple way to do this, every file needs to have a category and a subcategory. For example, you can have a file in the category of payments with subcategory services. When you need that file it will be much easier to find.

Files with subcategories are important while organizing your file room
Write categories and subcategories on each file

Use shelves to organize files

To organize your file room you can use stationary or mobile shelving to get more space for your documents per square foot.  This is a great thing when you try organizing your file room since space efficiency is everything in this case. The more space you save the better. Be sure you do not place any useless items in your file room. Get rid of all your clutter in your office to save space. There are many movers in Worchester that can do this for you.

Color coding system

While organizing your file room you can go one step further than categories and subcategories. Use a color system. This may sound simple but it works. It is a simple way to lower the amount of time you waste when you look for a file. Set one color for each category, this will make a search for a file an easy task, which will greatly increase your efficiency.

Label files while organizing your file room

Every file in your file room needs to be at the right place if you want to be efficient. The best way to make sure this is the case you can label all files. With a simple label on every file, you can make your life much easier. Write the category and subcategory on each file. Make sure all labels are consistent when you print them with a computer using the same font. If you write labels by hand make sure they are consistent. If all this sound complex to you hire Worcester movers. They can do all the things related to office relocations to Worcester so you do not need to worry about anything.

Write labels on your files, make sure your labels are consistent

Sort your files alphabetically or by date

Another great option for organizing your file room is to sort everything alphabetically. After you create folders and establish the system you use to file put the folders in the right order. The best way to organize your general folders is to use the simple alphabetic system. Another great way to organize your folders is by date rather than alphabetically. This can be very helpful when you search for a specific file from a month or a year. It is also very simple to label a date on each folder and sort them from oldest to newest. When you move this can get hard, hire office movers Worcester MA. They can take care of all the office relocation tasks so you can focus on the organization.

Files in drawing
Write labels on your files, make sure your labels are consistent

Leave some space in the drawers

After you organize all your files and folders you need to be sure you leave some space in the drawers. This is because you will most likely get more papers for each folder, which means each folder will grow. If you completely fill the drawer, in the beginning, you will have a bad time when you get more papers. This is why you need to make sure each folder has the space to grow so you do not need to think about extra space for your files. It’s because if there is not enough space you will have a much harder time while you search.

A drawer
Leave some space for your folders to grow

Organization of your file room is a very important part of your office work. If you do not organize your file room properly you will not be efficient at all. Do not be one of those people that procrastinate, since your work will suffer. You might lose an important file which can be terrible for your business. Be patient and start organizing your file room as soon as you can so you avoid these problems. You will notice the benefits as soon as you are done. We wish this article would be of use to you while you organize your office.

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