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Tips for moving with kids

Moving advice - July 14, 2019

Relocation is hard and demanding. There are many tasks to complete before and after the move, and always little time on your hands. Multiply that with the number of the family members, and with all the belongings you must relocate, and it would seem like an impossible task.  But worry not, because today we prepared a simple guide on moving with kids. After you utilize what we offer, you will prepare and organize everything like a pro. Let us begin.

Organize and get ready for moving with kids

The bigger the task, the better organization, and preparation is required. Since a moving endeavor is one of the biggest, you’ll need to start preparing as soon as you are aware of the move. Start with a moving checklist and figure out the stages of this process. Firstly, figure out the moving date that is suitable for grownups. Also, a date that will not interfere with your children’s school schedule. Then set aside a moving budget, calculate the costs and cover all the legalities. Check out if all your documents and legal papers are in order, and in one place. In case of a long-distance move, check the laws and regulations of your new neighborhood. Additionally, contact your mobile provider and your bank and inform yourself on how to move your services to another state.

Make a solid plan, especially when moving with kids
Planning is the key to success

Next would be to figure out where to find additional help if needed. What better way than to hire a reliable moving company. Whether you are moving interstate or locally, we would suggest checking out movers Northborough MA. One of the best in the moving business. This moving crew will handle your relocation cheaply and safely. Moving with kids will seem like a walk in a park. You won’t regret it.

Inspect everything

Lastly, you’ll have to declutter, downsize, clean, and pack. Start with the inspection of your belongings and figure out what is going with you and what should stay. After many years spent in your current home, you surely gathered a lot of unwanted junk. Check out your yard, garage, attic, and the basement. Gather everything in a designated area or list everything on a paper. Then figure out what is the best way to get rid of it. We will suggest organizing a garage sale, donating, recycling, gifting, or selling your belongings online. It is up to you, depending on the most appealing option.

You do not have to throw it all away, some items might be useful later. Another solution is to rent short term storage unit. You can always come back later to pick up your stuff.

Moving with kids is demanding

You need to pay special attention when moving with kids. The communication between family members should be clear as day. Adults are aware of the situation, but you need to explain this to your little ones as well. Inform them in due time and explain how everything works. This will prove more difficult if your kids are very young. Start with a tour of your new place. Make a fun happy time out of it, like an adventure. Maintain a positive attitude and a smile on your face. Spin the whole situation into a sort of a quest you are embarking on. This way you’ll engage your children and get their mind off the situation. They will get the notion that moving is fun, and that this sort of change is good.

Furthermore, they will gain a perspective on the positive side of a move. A new environment will open a lot of opportunities and a way to meet new friends. Hence, visit your new home, check out the local parks and playgrounds, and visit their new school. While on the road, hit a shopping mall to fetch a new toy and to have a family lunch.

Involve your children in the moving process

Again, depending on the age of your children, you can even find a task for them. The best way is to encourage them to pack their stuff. They can pack their toys and books, or even the whole room. This will bring a sense of importance and involvement which is beneficial for emotional growth. Additionally, your kids will develop a sense of responsibility. This is a great and useful way to provide a distraction while moving with kids. It is beneficial for everyone.

A kid playing with lego blocks
Encourage your kid to pack their personal box with toys and plushies

Find time and patience to explain everything

Take a step further and find time and patience to explain everything to your children. Introduce them to the opportunities this event will bring. Most importantly, explain that they are not leaving anything behind. They can always visit their friends and the old neighborhood. Also, their friends can visit as much as they like, and you can introduce old friends to new ones. Elevate the positive sides and at the same time, you’ll provide a distraction to those that are negative. Most importantly, stay positive since you do understand the whole situation, but your children do not. Their little worlds can be seriously shaken by the sudden change. Therefore, take your time and find the best approach.

Find a suitable moving company to help you while moving with kids

Researching for a moving company can be tricky if not done right. You should do this on time, at least three weeks before the moving date. The closer you are to your moving date, the lower the chances are to find a proper moving crew. Therefore, go online and start browsing. Check out at least ten different moving companies and narrow your choices down. Then read a few forums, blog posts, and check out the moving reviews. Negative and positive reviews are equally important, and no moving company should have only one of the two mentioned. Settle somewhere in the middle. Make your pick and give them a call. this would be the perfect moment to ask for additional body count, a bigger moving truck, or any special moving services Worcester MA you desire.

Moving trucks
Find yourself a reliable moving company

Check out if they have a physical address. If they are registered and if they have all the permits and licenses to operate. You want to cover everything and be sure you avoided fraudulent moving companies and set your mind at ease. And here we will recommend a reliable and honest moving crew. Give it a try with the local movers Massachusetts, one among the top local moving crews in the business. Give yourself a treat while moving with kids and be sure that this is one less thing you need to think about. Movers can cover the whole process for you if need be. Give it a try.

You and your family should feel safe

Children can suffer from moving anxiety the same as the adults. But they will express differently. Therefore, you need to monitor your younger members of the family closely. You might miss the symptoms at first, and they can emerge later on. Try preventing this by consulting with a school counselor, or a licensed psychiatrist. Or simply go online and read a few articles about the prevention of anxiety and how to deal with PTSD. Hopefully, you’ll find the best way to prevent such an outcome.

Additionally, seriously think about enlisting a moving company that will cover everything for you. This way you’ll have more time to spend with your kids and to prevent any unwanted reactions and outcomes. Also, consider purchasing moving insurance that will protect your belongings and set your mind at ease. Let someone else move you safely and efficiently.

Moving home is an enormous task for each family, especially when you are moving with kids. Hopefully, we helped a bit and you’ll find your move easier after reading our article. Remember to take care of yourself as well. Eat healthily, drink enough fluids, and catch enough sleep. Keep yourself in your prime, so you can face the challenge head-on. Good luck!

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