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Tips for getting rid of wooden furniture

Decluttering Tips - August 15, 2019

There is just something about wooden furniture that makes it special. Classy even. It is sturdy, has a nice texture, calming color. It has everything you want to be associated with your home. Often, it is old and has seen a lot. We all know of that dining table that is older than the house, the old cabinet that our grandmother keeps her china, grandfathers swinging chair… And still, we use them. It ages nicely, unlike any other furniture really, keeping its intended purpose… however, even with all its charms and positive sides, it still succumbs to age and uses eventually. And, when that eventuality happens, one might ask themselves exactly how you should go about getting rid of wooden furniture?

Is there any right way to do it, or are there numerous options. Is there a way to profit, even if the furniture is unusable to you? Let’s find out more!

Is it salvageable?

Your first step in getting rid of wooden furniture is, ironically, to see if it’s even necessary to do so? Are services of local junk removal for example needed?

Now, it might seem obvious that you have already asked yourself that. If so, we do not want to cause any frustration, but we have to make sure that this step is taken. Because, in all honesty, the best way to “profit” from getting rid of your wooden furniture is to find a way to make it viable and not have to lose money getting a new one. First things first. What kind of damage occurred.

wooden table
Can you make it usable again?

There are different options available stemming from different possible damages.

  • Has the varnish worn off? This is often the case when you have a dining table. Everything from knives and heaver pottery to that toy car your nephew drives everywhere around the house can leave traces of dented vax on your table. This is very minor damage. There is no reason to be getting rid of wooden furniture just yet. There are ways to re-varnish it, either by DIY or professional help.
  • Maybe part of it has broken off? In his case, there is still hope. Wood-glue can do miracles. However, we understand if at this point some new furniture comes to mind. After all, the part that has fallen of might be important aesthetically or functionality and you do not wish to meddle with it anymore. Maybe it has earned its rest…
  • Pest infestation is the most serious problem. If termites have damaged the wood from the inside, from example, there is not much you can do any more than to get rid of it…. and call an exterminator to save your other wooden furniture, of course.

Getting rid of wooden furniture for free

One of your best option for getting rid of wooden furniture is to do it for free. Now, your first thought might be just driving it to garbage or using dumpster rental MA, but evidently, even those cost something.

No, we mean actually free.

Have a pair of hands to help you pick it up. Be careful! Take it outside and leave it in front of a house or building (but not in anyone’s way, you do not want to litter the streets). Put a sign that says “free”. You would be amazed just how fast it will vanish. Someone will always have some use for it, especially the less fortunate. Why not help yourself and themselves out. After all, you see no value in that furniture anymore, so why try to profit from it.

Getting rid of wooden furniture for free
Put it in front of your yard and it will be out of there in no time!

And it does work. Maybe not as fast as the famous Bermuda-like triangle in front of the apartment of protagonists of How I met your mother, but it will disappear quite quickly.

Try to sell it

And if some value is to be found, holdoff on calling junk removal Worcester MA. Instead, put it on craigslist or e-bay. Even if you think nobody would want furniture like that, you might be wrong. After all, you will definitely get some money out of it, so why not do it? Furthermore, you will not have to pay for transportation (if you specify that in your sell. You will be amazed what uses people will find for the things you think are useless.

And few more bucks can’t hurt, right?

Donate it

If you, however, do not think it is without value or useless, but you do want to replace it, why not donate it to a good cause? Getting rid of wooden furniture does not have to be dumping it somewhere. Why not give it to Goodwill or other such organizations.

Donate it
Why not try to give it to those you need?

They will make sure that what you are giving them is functional enough and safe, but other from that they care not about scratches and damages. They care about it being of use! And, if you do donate to them, you will know that it went to good use for those less fortunate.

Gow to get rid of it

Finally, if nothing said is an option in your particular quest of getting rid of wooden furniture, then it is time for your local service such as, for example, junk removal Auburn MA for Auburn. Any local town has its own. Call them and make sure that they pick up your stuff and dump it on an appropriate place. Furthermore, you can rent a dumpster or drive it out yourself.

However, if you are doing it yourself make sure that you stay safe. Use clothes that cover all of your skin and use some gloves. This is to avoid splinter. When moving furniture, use footwear with reinforced toe protection.

To sum things up

In conclusion, there are 4 main ways of getting rid of wooden furniture. You will either throw it away to a dumpster, put it for anyone to take, donate it or sell it. And of course, to avoid doing this too often, take steps to protect your furniture in the future.

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