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Tips for clearing out your basement

Decluttering Tips - January 6, 2020

Most people have their basement filled with tools, decor, seasonal clothes, garden equipment, appliances that they don’t use often and so on. However, decluttering and clearing out your basement is a must and you should do it annually. But, if you have no time and you need a hand to clean your basement properly, you should hire local junk removal experts. We have prepared a small guide to help you clean out your basement with ease!

Clearing Out Your Basement – Tips and Tricks

If you are planning to hire professionals to help you with your basement cleaning process, you should check junk removal rates on the removal experts’ website. But, there are also a few things that you should be prepared for if you are planning to clean out your basement fast and efficiently. Those things are:

  • Manage Your Time Wisely
  • Provide Enough Lighting
  • Cleaning Out Your Basement – Declutter
  • Clean Your Basement Thoroughly
Clean out your basement! Hire junk removal experts!

Clearing Out Your Basement – Manage Your Time Wisely

Pick a day that you can completely devote to the basement cleaning and decluttering. Prepare physically and mentally for this day because you will spend at least half a day in the basement. But who knows, maybe you’ll have some time to clean out your garage during the basement decluttering process too?!

Provide Enough Lighting

Since the basement is a dark place, first of all, you will have to clean out windows so you can see what are you doing. However, some basements have no windows at all or they do but the windows are super small and you can not get enough sunlight. In this situation, you will have to bring a few lamps with you and plug them in. You can also check on your light bulbs in current fixtures. If they are not working, you can change them. Sometimes it’s enough just to wipe the dust and dirt off and you will get enough light for your decluttering and cleaning process in the basement.

You will need a lot of light! If your basement has no windows, take a few lamps down there with you!

Clearing Out Your Basement – Declutter

First of all, you should have your own system of how do you want to organize stuff in your basement. Staying focused is also very important. Decluttering is actually a nasty part of this process. Digging into all those piles of boxes is not an easy and clean part of the decluttering process at all and that’s why you should declutter your home annually!  However, you can also earn money from removing your junk so this is not a bad idea at all.

Clean Your Basement Thoroughly

Now that you’ve removed all of those unnecessary items and cardboard boxes, you can start with cleaning! Start vacuuming loose debris on the floor and check the corners and ceilings for cobwebs too. After that, you can wipe off shelves and counters. If you are planning to wash the floors with soapy water, be sure to use the dehumidifier too. It helps with drying!

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