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Tips for clearing damaged roof parts

Junk removal tips - February 11, 2020

Periodic tile removal and replacement are necessary to extend the life of your roof and protect your home from water damage. But let’s be honest, replacing roof tiles is not the cheapest home repair. Nevertheless, it is worth spending every penny to avoid the high cost of a complete project to change the roof. And clearing damaged roof parts yourself can make the job more affordable. But even if you were to hire a local junk removal service for getting rid of debris, it is still not that expensive.

Junk removal service
Their services are actually quite affordable

Want to know how to remove tiles as one of the winter upgrades for your home? This is hard work, but manageable when you have the right tools, experience, planning, and help. We outlined the main tasks of clearing roof parts that are damaged.

What you need to do when clearing damaged roof parts

Gather your crew

A small group of four or five people can clean all the tiles in one day if you start early and plan ahead. Just make sure all the friends, neighbors or family members you ask understand the difficult work and how to safely fulfill their role in the process. Do not forget to be a good host and treat these good Samaritans with pizza for all their help on the day of the project!

Have a disposal plan for your tiles

Before you begin, you must make sure that you have an easy way to get rid of old roof tiles and roofing debris. Without it, you will have the main job of cleaning at the end of a long day. There are a number of disposal solutions available, particularly if you live in a nearby area like Shrewsbury or Worcester, and hiring a professional junk removal service can prove to be a convenient alternative for you. They will come to your home and pick up any debris that you have.

Start tearing shingles

Start at the peak of the section of your roof that is farthest from the place you will be putting debris. Work with a shovel or fork under the ridge caps – the tiles on top of your roof – and tear them out. Let them slide down to the jacks.

After you lift the caps, you will go down the roof, removing the shingles in 2-3 foot sections. Use the same method you used for the caps: place the tool under the shingles and felt paper under them, lift them up and let them slide into the jacks.

Roof nails
For now, don’t worry if some nails remain on the roof. You will deal with this in the next step of clearing damaged roof parts.

When you go down to the jacks, collect the discarded tile and throw it in the dumpster. Note: the tiles are heavy. Especially if you had to remove several layers, even a small part of the tile will be very heavy. Do not overload yourself when you make your way to the disposal container. Take small armfuls on as many trips as necessary. You do not want to risk stumbling and sliding on the roof.

Clear the roof

Go back through each section of the roof, pulling out any protruding nails. As you go, look for a damaged sheathing. If you encounter rotting or otherwise damaged areas, they will need to be replaced by roofers before new roof tiles go on. Then clean the roof with a broom. Be careful as the shingle pieces are slippery. Move slowly and carefully when you sweep.

Clear nails and other debris from the yard

Congratulations! You managed to remove your tile. Now it is just a matter of cleaning. Check your gutters to make sure they are not clogged with roofing debris. Remove the plywood and tarps that protected your property. Throw any random tiles into the trash. If you have rented a magnetic broom, systematically guide it across the lawn to remove any stray nails from the yard.

Pat yourself on the back for clearing damaged roof parts successfully

Once you have removed the tiles and cleaned them, you can leave the rest to the hired contractors. Now it’s time to relax and delve into the pizza you got for your volunteer team. And don’t forget to tip your junk removal crew.

Taking an independent approach to a home exterior project is hard work, but very useful when the work is completed. In addition, thanks to the money saved clearing damaged roof parts, you can easily move on to the next home improvement project.

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