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The risks of handling metal junk with friends

Junk removal tips - May 20, 2019

Friends are there to help us with a lot of things. From fixing small issues around our house to taking out the junk. But, there are many risks when handling metal junk with friends. It can be sharp, rusted and sometimes very heavy. That’s why it’s best to leave that kind of work to the professionals. After all, the cost of junk removal service isn’t that high. And is something that almost everyone can afford. It’s definitely not worth risking your or your friend’s health over. But, still, many people attempt to get rid of their metal junk or their own. With the help of a few friends. In order for you to better understand the risks, here are some of the most common types of injuries when handling metal.

Handling metal junk with friends is dangerous

While it doesn’t seem like it at first, metal is one of the most difficult types of junk to handle. It’s often very heavy, which requires at least a few people. And what’s more dangerous, it is often very sharp on the edges. So, most attempts at handling metal junk with friends end up with someone getting hurt. At least a little bit. It doesn’t have to be a life-threatening injury. But it can easily develop into one. From scrapes and bruises to broken bones and tetanus shots, handling metal brings with it a lot of potential for injury. So, for the sake of your and your friend’s health, it’s probably better to hire professional junk removal MA. It’s safer and much quicker. Why spend your well-deserved time off work on cleaning it by yourself? And why risk unnecessary injury?

syringe for a tetanus shot
If you get cut on a rusted metal you will most likely need a tetanus shot

When do people handle metal junk with friends the most?

The most common situations in which people are handling metal junk with friends is when cleaning out garages or attics. Those places are usually meant for storage. And over the years they can get filled with all kinds of items. And more often than not, there are some metal parts involved. It can be an old bike, old tools or even sheets of metal. But, no matter what the place is, the dangers of handling metal junk with friends are just the same. While a garage might be conveniently located on the outside, attics and cellars are not. And removing heavy metal junk from them requires precision and a lot of strength. You will need to lift it, carry it through your home and to the outside, to the dumpster your rented. There’s a lot of work involved in it. And it needs at least a couple of people working together.

handling metal junk with friends while cleaning the garage
Many people handle metal junk when they are cleaning their garage or workshop

Why is metal so difficult to handle?

Metal is a great material used in many things around us. People use it to construct buildings with it, make cars, tools, and even toys. It’s a very durable and strong material. So, there’s a pretty good chance that the items that you are clearing out are in large part made of metal. But metal is often hard to work with. For one, it’s very heavy. Especially when used in tools and machines. The better the quality of the metal, the heavier it is. It also tends to rust. Rusted metal is especially dangerous. If you get cut on a rusted metal you will, in most cases, need a tetanus shot. Otherwise, the wound can easily get infected and cause some serious consequences.

Health risk when handling metal junk with friends

The most obvious form of risk when handling metal junk with friends is the risk to your health. Metal is heavy and can be pretty sharp. And even if you protect yourself when handling it, it can still cause health issues. One drop can result in a broken foot. And one, even small, scratch can cause the wound to get infected. Here are some of the most common injuries related to handling metal junk.

Scrapes and bruises

Depending on your physical condition you might very well be capable of lifting a lot of weight. And your friends might be too. But, there’s a good reason that only professionals should handle metal junk. With it being so heavy, it’s easy to bump it with your leg. It’s not a serious injury, but you can get quite a lot of bruises after a full day of handling metal junk with friends. While not life-threatening, it’s annoying to have bruised legs. Especially in the summer.

Another form of injury when handling metal are scrapes and scratches. It’s fairly easy to cut yourself on metal. There are usually many sharp edges. Especially if the metal is old. And those can happen even while wearing protective gear.

Infections are also a risk when handling metal junk with friends

There are many infections closely related to handling metal. Especially old and rusted one. Tetanus is a serious health hazard. And if left untreated it can lead to a fatality. And most of the junk that you will be removing consists of old, rusted metal. While protective gloves will give you a certain level of protection, a single cut can prove to be life-threatening.

rusted metal parts
Metal objects are very heavy and usually rusted

Heavy metal objects can easily break bones

One of the most common injuries related to handling metal junk with friends is broken bones. When carrying heavy metal objects, one slip can lead to a serious injury. These kinds of injuries mostly happen when emptying your tool shed. As those tools and machines are usually made from thick and heavy metal in order to be more durable.

Other problems related to handling metal junk with friends

Aside from the health risks involved when handling metal junk, there are also some other obvious problems. One of the most noticeable ones is noise. Since you and your friends are not professionals in that field, it will probably take you a long time to clear everything out. And a whole day of noise can easily start annoying your neighbors.

But noise is not the only problem with handling metal junk with friends. If you are clearing out your cellar or your attic, you also risk damaging your home. Carrying heavy metal objects is not always precise. Someone might slip or lose grip and cause you to break something in your home. A small bump of the wall can do a lot of damage. So, it’s always better to let professionals handle jobs like this.

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