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The most charming cities in Massachusetts

Life in Massachusetts - August 2, 2019

There is something awfully appealing about small-town living. Usually, although not necessarily, small cities have a dose of charm you won’t be able to resist. Massachusetts as a state has been blessed with many of them. Life in the most charming cities in Massachusetts is usually a happy one. But, even if the circumstances don’t allow you to live in them, you can certainly pay them a visit. And Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts are about to provide you with a plethora of good choices for your next trip!

The countdown of the most charming cities in Massachusetts

A little notice first – we didn’t place the cities with a specific order. The first one on our list will be just as charming as the last one – that we can promise!

  • Natick
  • Worcester
  • Salem
  • Harvard
  • Lexington
  • Nahant
  • Great Barrington
A view from one of the most charming cities in Massachusetts.
There’s something so special about life in Massachusetts and you are bound to love it.


Considered a part of the Greater Boston Area, Natick is a perfect place if you want to be near the hustle and bustle of a big city while at the same time living in peace and quiet. As of 2014, Natick’s population is slightly over 34,000 residents. That number shows a significant increase than the previous ones, making Natick one of the fastest-growing cities in the area. With beautiful architecture and a charming setting, you’ll soon find yourself calling for the best movers Natick MA has to offer.


The most populated city in Massachusetts after Boston, Worcester promises to give you a plethora of opportunities in all spheres of life. But those opportunities aren’t the reason you might end up moving to Worcester – it’s the city’s beauty that could compel you to do so. With plenty of museums, beautiful buildings, and some impressive landmarks, Worcester will charm you right away. It might not be able to provide you with a small-town vibe, but it will certainly be able to make you fall in love with it.

A park in Boston.
Only Boston has more residents than Worcester.


Let’s be real – as soon as you read the title, you knew that Salem had to be included as one of the most charming cities in Massachusetts. Its history is known world-wide, and a lot of that history can still be seen on the city’s streets. For starters, The Witch House in Salem – a must-see attraction as soon as you find yourself in this quaint town. In reality, Salem is a middle-sized city with a great and strategic location. But in the hearts of those who love it, Salem will forever be the place where history was shaped.


Don’t be confused – the town of Harvard does not equal the world-famous university. But that doesn’t stop this city from being so achingly appealing and charming. Home to the oldest Shaker museum in the nation, Harvard already has something very special in its midst. This town has only around 6,500 residents, but what Harvard lacks in size it more than makes up with its level of loveliness. We give this charming little town an A+, and we have no doubt you will too.

A statue in Harvard.
You won’t be able to stay immune to Harvard’s charm.


Remember the shot that was heard around the world? Well, visit Lexington and you’ll get a brief course in history, as the residents of this city never let anyone forget the significant historical events that took place here. The city of Lexington even has the nation’s oldest war monument – something you certainly don’t want to miss. Do you believe us when we say that a trip to Lexington will quickly have you reaching out for the best residential movers MA? If you don’t, all you have to do is give this charming city a visit. There’s a good reason we placed it on our list of the most charming cities in Massachusetts. We promise you’ll love it as much as we do!


Okay, at just one square mile (you read that correctly), Nahant is the smallest municipality in Massachusetts. Coincidentally, that also gives it a dose of charm that not many other places have. Nahant has only around 3,500 residents and it’s barely connected to the mainland. Although, one thing Nahant doesn’t lack are beautiful beaches – and lots of charm, of course. We consider it to be one of the charming places we’ve had a chance to see. However, if you are not a loner, moving to Nahant isn’t a good option for you. The place does feel isolated from the rest of the world, which is a huge plus for some, but an even bigger minus for others.

Great Barrington

It will be enough for us to say that this city was named as one of the 20 best small cities in America to give you an idea of how amazing it is! Simply put, there isn’t a thing Great Barrington lacks. There are plenty of eateries, parks, and even mountainous areas. And you have to admit there’s just something so magical about seeing mountain peaks covered in snow. Especially during festive times. We are proud to say that Great Barrington has more than earned its spot on our list of the most charming cities in Massachusetts. Do you think it will earn a spot on your list?

Any of these 7 most charming cities in Massachusetts will be a great choice

Now all that’s left for you to do is visit them all and pick your favorite. Knowing how amazingly great they are, we know this will not be an easy choice. That’s why we wish you luck when browsing through our list of the most charming cities in Massachusetts. Choosing only one will be mission impossible – almost.

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