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The advantages of renting short-term storage

Decluttering Tips - May 15, 2019

Growing up in a city, there has always been one thing I have struggled with – space. This is something that, I am certain, many city folks keep having trouble with. The reason behind it is simple – living in a city means living in an apartment. And apartments have limited space. There is no going around it. People outside of the city, living in a house, will have their very own storage units to place things in such as the garage, or the basement. People in the city do not have such a luxury. Furthermore, in most cases, people living in the city are packed in a way where there is no room for anything or anyone in addition to what’s already there. This is why, when something unpredictable happens, the only solution is looking for a reliable moving company and renting short-term storage.

renting short-term storage - big storage unit
Living in an apartment means craving for space.

This is indeed a major blessing for those dwelling in a city. There are countless situations where renting short-term storage absolutely saves the day. There are simply moments where some things in your life wouldn’t be even possible without this option. Today, we will discuss the advantages of renting short-term storage. Also, we will give you some ideas on how you can utilize it and make the most of it. At the end of the day, this is quite expensive, so you need to be careful about how you do it and why. It is not something you will be doing every single day, for no reason. You’ll do it when it matters!

Renting short-term storage – why would you do it?

Usually, people do it in order to have momentary relief in terms of space in their flat. Some event could be a trigger point, but going beyond the relevance of the trigger point, it happens when you have a sudden need for more room. This is, of course, a temporary solution for it is renting short-term storage, not long-term. This means that this new situation that triggered you to need new space is temporary and that it will seize to exist in the foreseeable future.

Still, there are countless advantages of renting short-term storage, but only one disadvantage. The only downside is that this type of solution is expensive. Renting a storage unit, short-term or not, never comes at a very cheap price (unless you are lucky and you struck a cool deal). But this is fair given the immense value this moving service provides you with. In some cases, some life events leave you entirely choiceless, and in these scenarios, short-term storage units are brilliant because they are all you have got.

storage space with shelves
Renting quick storage units is an easy fix to all momentary problems.

But, what are the scenarios that might trigger such a need? You live in your flat, and everything you and your wife have is accounted for. So, why the need for extra storage?

Renting short-term storage – when do you need it?

We are going to give a few hypothetical examples of scenarios where you might need short-term storage solutions. It is important to note that these events do not happen every other day. They are events that could occur a couple of times per year, perhaps. This means that they are not very frequent, but when they do occur you need to have a solution ready.

The main trap hides behind the fact that people usually disregard the importance of events that don’t happen often. You would normally forget about them until they are actually happening when it could end up being too late to react. This is why we are going to mention a few hypotheticals that should keep your mind busy and on edge, all year long. Keeping these events in mind might make it super easy to react to them once they finally happen again.

The in-laws visit

Your apartment is fully set-up. Everything is in its place and your closets are full. You have to disassemble your bed in order to have room, but everything is working perfectly now for you and your loved one. But everything is so neatly packed that there is no more room, not even for a needle, to fit in. However, your in-laws are packing and they are on their way!

They are in the middle of their local moving and they are coming to stay with you for a week or two until everything is ready for them at home. It would be a shame for them to pay for a hotel given that they have family they can stay with… And here they are!

grandchild and grandfather asleep
In case of an unplanned visit, it’s good to have additional storage space at your disposal

The only solution for you, in this case, is renting short-term storage, given that you need to make some rooms for the in-laws. Otherwise, they will literally not have a place to put their suitcase in, let alone a place to sleep in.

You have a party

When you have a house party, there is always a strong chance some of your belongings will get damaged. Simply, there is a lot of people moving around, people are drinking… Who knows what could happen. But before you get to take care of the junk afterword, you have options. The safest possible option for you would be to store away all valuable items. At least the ones you really never want to see take damaged. What better way to do this other than renting short-term storage.

It will provide a very quick, safe and available way to make sure everything in your flat is safely tucked away so that you yourself can enjoy the party and not stress about someone knocking something valuable over. Alternatively, you could leave everything and probably not enjoy a minute of this celebration. Renting short-term storage is a quick fix to the problem!

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