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Signs that it’s time to buy new furniture

Pre-Move Activities - July 8, 2019

Look, walls will make a house, but it is the furniture that will make it home. There is no point in having empty rooms. They would be rather useless. Luckily, today we have a huge range of available furniture of all colors, shapes, sizes, and materials. This means that more than ever we can pick and choose what kind of style we want our home to take. But! More options don’t mean we shop often. Once we pick out that sofa we really like we tend to stick to it, even getting attached to the way it sits in the room, making it feel familiar. This is why it is very hard sometimes to notice the signs that it is time to buy new furniture…

So how should you go about selecting what furniture has overstayed its welcome in your home? We have a few sings that its time to get rid of some of the old furniture and look for new options.

Stubborn Stains

When your preferred residential movers moved you to the apartment/condo/house you currently lived in, we are sure you have had some renovation done. There was paint all over the home and a lot of stains on easily removable plastic warpings that served as a barrier, protecting your furniture. However, with years of service, you will notice that your furniture looks more and more like it was standing over a freshly painted wall just yesterday, and without any protection over it…

A sofa should not look like a color pallet.

It started small first. A spot from mysterious reasons, a chocolate slip there, a drink spill over there… But soon, those little dots looked more and more noticeable. And once you do notice them you cannot shake the feeling that your prized sofa has something in common with a dalmatian.

This is a great sign that it is time to buy new furniture. It’s not that the stains have any adverse effects on health or comfort. Reasons for this change are clearly cosmetic, but it is a change well made! You will feel like a whole room had taken a breath of fresh air once you get an old couch and replace it with a brand new, clean and presentable piece of furniture.

Smells that should not be there

This one is more obvious and urgent. For many of us, the kitchen is in no considerable way separated from the dining or living room. That means that the materials of the cushions can be “great” receptors of the smells of food being produced. And while yes, that food does smell great, it is not a welcomed addition to your living room. Materials of many furniture pieces are very good at absorbing these kinds of smells.

Also, if you wish to clean your furniture, we would suggest not. Unless chemical cleaning is involved, you will not do much in your efforts. And, to be honest, sometimes you need a good excuse to call a junk removal service and get rid of that sofa.  It is not that there is no solution on how to restore it. It is simply that it is not worth it most of the time. If it’s already old, you must have conceded better fits for your lounging space. This is a good opportunity to do just that! Do away with your old pieces and recognize that the time to buy new furniture has finally arrived!

Degrading materials

Degrading materials is definitely one of the more serious signs that it is high time to buy new furniture… At that point, the poor thing is falling apart, and the cost of junk removal service and cost of the new piece of furniture is far more preferable than trying to do the repair.

Materials falling or peeling off can also be a step into another, the most important of reasons to find new furniture asap…


Yes, furniture can actually pose a danger if it starting to fall apart. There have to be injuries that occurred when:

  • Chairs broke – at that point time for buying new furniture has already passed;
  • Wood splinters – huge annoyance!
  • Wardrobes falling – there is no much point in explaining why this could be a bit problematic.
Safety first!

Fault in furniture can disproportionately affect seniors and the very young, who depend on furniture much more than an average person.

Unexpected sounds

A precursor to the aforementioned failures. If your piano starts producing sounds it is not made to produce, you should think about junk piano removal services. There will be plenty of time to pick a new one.

Such sounds are usually squeaking noises. However, if you hear an ever-so-slightly noticeable sound of tapping or grinding, you might have a bigger problem on your hand. Termites and other bugs that damage wood can be a huge problem. They are noisy pests, however, so pay attention.

Time to buy new furniture for simpler reasons

And a final a sign that it is a time to buy new furniture… You don’t like it anymore. It is ok to change furniture just because you do not like it. There is no need for anything wrong to be wrong with it.

time to buy new furniture
Time to buy new furniture?

Heck, it is even better if you still have functional, if unwanted, furniture on your hands. That way you can sell it, donate it or give it away! In other words, don’t look for justification to throw your furniture out and replace it. You wanting to do it is justification enough!

In conclusion

So when is the right time to buy new furniture? Well, except in the case of the poor thing actually falling apart and presenting a danger – whenever you want! Still, there are universal signs that you should at least think about it. Sometimes furniture holds sentimental value that cannot be denied, but also remember that they serve a practical use. Balance those two in a meaningful way and you will live in a truly well furnished home!

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