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Should you tip junk removal crews

Junk removal tips - August 23, 2019

We live in a culture where tipping is highly encouraged. There is a great debate on the ideal percentage of the price a tip should constitute at the restaurant, for example. And that is generally good. It is good that we are prepared to reward workers and those who provide us with services for their exemplary work. But, sometimes, it simply doesn’t seem right… all the building pieces are there. You are happy with the work. You have the money you would tip with… but… it seems somehow off. When it comes to junk removal crews and workers this can be the case. People simply stop and ask themselves “should I tip junk removal crews?”.

The answer? In short, yes. Of course, there are many factors that go into such a decision and a lot of different ways you can go on about it and that is exactly the reason for this lovely text. We comprised to you all the factors of the junk removal crews you should look into when deciding on tipping them, and also how you should do it. But before all that, let us first deal with the obvious.

Tip junk removal crews worth tipping

There are many junk removal services in the US. It is a simple fact of our consumer culture that we, well, consume a lot and therefore produce a lot of things we can find useless later. Sometimes these things are simple consumables that we can throw into a (hopefully recyclable) bin with not much second tough, but there is some heavier stuff that ends up at our house for years after they are useless, just taking up space. That is the time when you need some junk removal Westborough or your other local junk removers. But, this service can sometimes be very demanding. Some waste is heavy, other is toxic, and some times it is the sheer numbers that cause a headache. This is why you need to find yourself some good and reliable junk removal crews, those worth tipping.

What are the junk removal crews you should be looking into?

  • Fully licensed – check their website. They have to be licensed. If the website seems sketchy, their content not helpful and license nowhere to be found, that is a red flag and you should find some other services. These are for sure not the kind of people you even ask the question of should you tip junk removal crews…
  • Well reviewed – we will talk about this some more at the latter point in this text
  • Good communication with the staff – with junk removal you are dealing with somebody entering your home. And while it is usually just a garage or an attic, some level of trust ought to be established. This is why having good communication is essential when you are trying to establish trust and some ground rules. Dodgy communication is a big no-no.

With all of this established we can go into some more detail on exactly what kind of reviews you should be looking for

Read the reviews

When you encounter reviews for junk removal services and their affordability, aka junk removal rates, you can learn a lot. Looking just at the star system and settling for the highest one is not enough. An overall score can say something about the companies works ethic, but not particularly much. What you are in need of is detail.

Read the reviews
Reviews are important when trying to determine the quality of a moving company

Read the reviews carefully. What do the previous customers say about their affordability? What about safety standards. Politeness? Communication, accountability, punctuality… All of these things are important separately as much as the overall score. TO some with busy life-schedule it is the punctuality that matters the most. To others, friendliness… Read carefully and keep in mind that other customers might like or dislike certain particularities of their work you would not have or would have a problem with, and act accordingly.

How to tip?

So, when you find yourself happy with the service of let’s say movers Leicester MA or a junk removal service or any other similar service… what do you do? Do you tip? Yes, but, there is a big thing to say here.

How to tip?
Money is always preferable to all other alternatives

Do not tip with gifts. These are often in the form of the items an owner no longer needs. This will, in the vast majority of cases, simply cause an awkward situation where the crews receive an unwanted gift. Just give them money…

Other things you can do to make them comfortable

But what if the movers Holden MA or a removal service have done a great job, you find yourself thankful, but in lack of cash? Well, there are other things to do…


When it is a hot day and there is a lot of work to be done, a cold lemonade can make all the difference. If you are short on funds and yet still want to do something for the people putting their back into work, you can make them some refreshments.


Why not give them some lemonade on a hot day?

There is no situation where somebody would say no. If its not alcohol and they have tome, some food and entertaining would be very welcome.

Prepare for the junk removers

When it comes to junk removing, making sure your house is accessible and safe is something the crews will appreciate very much. Take effort in making sure they have a parking space and easy, safe access. 

To conclude

When you sum it all up, you return the titular question. Should you tip junk removal crews. And the answer is – yes! If you are happy with the service there is absolutely no reason why you should not tip them. They will as established, very much appreciate it and you will be doing a good deed for the day. Furthermore, you will encourage them to do even better in the future, and who knows when and if you will have to call up them again.

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