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Local Moving

Our local movers in Worcester will always go above and beyond to ensure that all your moving needs have been met - full support 100%! If you truly want the best moving companies out there, give our team a call. Whether you need to move from one town to another town, we'll be glad to help with your local moving needs.

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Residential Moving

Moving an apartment or household? Makes little difference to our highly trained moving personnel here at Grunts Move Junk & Moving – we can handle it all. We offer top of the line moving services and we proudly serve the Worcester County area in Massachusetts.

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Commercial Moving

Are you preparing and planning to move your business? Minimal business disruption and maximum efficiency – this is what we do best. Affordable rates for all business and commercial moving services and always on time.

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Junk Removal

Need someone to come 'remove it all' for you? Do you want to declutter your household or office space of unwanted belongings? Our junk removal services are always at your disposal!

More About This Service

Moving. It sounds so simple. But, is it? Is packing all of your belongings and transporting them to another address really that easy? Of course, it isn’t. And that is why we are here today. To present you with our moving services Worcester MA. Because moving isn’t simple now. But it can be. And it will be once you team up with Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts and its team!

Why us?

Yes. Why us? What makes us so different than the others? The answer is pretty simple actually. Our moving services Worcester MA, our devotion and our hard-working teams are what makes our company stand out. At any time. And yes. There are so, so many moving companies on our market. But, can they all provide you with moving and junk removal services? At the same time? And at an affordable rate? No. Our team is the only team that can help you with every relocation related task that comes your way. And that is precisely why we are your best choice when it comes to moving to Worcester, or anywhere else for that matter.

How much is my move going to cost me?

Moving can be expensive. But, things don’t have to be like that. Not this time. Because what makes moving so expensive and unpredictable isn’t the price of your move. No. Hidden moving costs and additional charges are what makes relocation so expensive. That is why you need to know what you are getting into in advance. How can you do that? By using our free moving quote calculator. This way you can predict the final cost of your relocation project, and by doing so – save some money along the way!

Price tag.
There is an easier way to calculate your overall moving costs.

Our moving services Worcester MA 

Are you looking for a mover that is reliable? And trustworthy? Because Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts is a company you can count on. We got you covered. Every step of the way. And this is a small portion of what we have to offer to you:

Local moving assistance

Our moving services Worcester MA are designed in a way that will satisfy each and every moving need and request you might have. And when it comes to local relocation – things are no different. We are here to listen to you. Because your opinion is what matters. And once we hear what you have to say – we will create a moving strategy that will allow you to move locally, but this time with a smile on your face! Our local Worcester movers will make sure of that!

Residential moving assistance

Moving house can take some time. And even more importantly – a lot of your energy. But, you can make things easier on yourself. How? By hiring our residential movers. We are here to help you relocate your household goods in a manner that is professional, smooth, and above all – safe. Just the way you like things to be. So, wait no more and give our team a call and learn more about our residential moving services Worcester MA.

A building. - Our moving services Worcester MA are precisely what you need when moving from one to another.
Our residential moving services Worcester MA are what will make your relocation simple and easy.

Commercial moving assistance

Are you planning on moving your business offices? Or any other type of business facilities? Because if you are – our commercial movers are your best choice for the job. We have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools to handle your commercial relocation. In a manner that is safe and timely-efficient. And all that at an affordable rate. Our commercial movers MA are not only ready to handle your move, but they are happy to do so!

Senior moving assistance

You are planning on moving for retirement. But it all seems like a too big of a hassle. Well, that is why you have us at your service. Our senior moving services are what will make your relocation simple and easy. Just the way you need it to be.

Piano moving assistance

Pianos are hard and bulky. But, what most of us forget about them is that they are also very fragile. On the other hand – they are pretty expensive. And that is exactly why you need our piano moving services Worcester MA. Our team is ready to help you relocate your precious instrument, wherever and whenever you need them to. And all you have to do is to give us a call. It is that simple.

Junk removal services

If you need some help clearing out your office, attic or backyard – our team can provide you with it here and now! Your overcrowded space is not your worry anymore. It is ours. And we will make sure to end it soon. So, give our team a call and get the best junk removal service on the market!

Dumpster rental service

Are you trying to get rid of clutter in your home after renovating it? Our team at Grunts Move Junk and Moving can help you with your spring-cleaning action, no matter the size of your clutter. We can take care of it. And when it comes to space for all that trash – we have a perfect solution for you! Our dumpster rental services are affordable and made for this type of problems.

Are you planning on renovating? Because we can help you get rid of all the junk afterwards!

Get in touch with our teams!

Let our professional teams take care of everything for you and enjoy your new beginning! You deserve it. And even more importantly – we guarantee that in the end, you will be more than happy with your choice of service providers!

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