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Room-by-room packing for beginners

Moving advice - October 25, 2019

Feel free to ask any person that has ever relocated and we have no doubt they will tell you the same thing – packing is the most difficult part of any move. The good news is that there’s the option of someone else taking care of this task for you. Once you hire movers West Boylston MA and pay for their packing services, you’ll have an experienced team working on your move from start to finish. But should you be obliged to pack by yourself, it would be good to learn some room-by-room packing guidelines. It always helps to know where to start!

Begin your room-by-room packing with the kitchen

Being wary of moving costs Massachusetts and not being able to pay for packing services isn’t the end of life as you know it. You’ll just have to be smart when packing on your own and the best way to be successful in that is by packing the kitchen first. Since this room is the most difficult one to pack, it would be smart to tackle it first. How to do it?

A kitchen to tackle first during room-by-room packing.
The larger the kitchen, the more problems you are bound to have.
  • Start by packing small appliances and utensils you don’t use on a daily basis. 
  • Defrost your fridge before packing it and loading it into the moving truck. 
  • Pack large appliances at the very end, and always pack them with time to spare before your moving date. 

How to pack your bathroom?

While the kitchen is the most difficult room to pack, the bathroom is the easiest one. All you will have to do is pack your towels and shampoo bottles, which will be pretty easy to do. That’s why we suggest you leave this room for the very end. The only thing you need to pay attention to here is making sure that all of the open bottles don’t get, well, open during the transport and cause spillage. Wrap the lids of the opened bottles in saran wrap and you won’t have a worry in mind.

Packing a bedroom might take some time

After all, you’ll have a lot of furniture pieces as well as personal belongings to pack. And residential moving MA becomes more complicated with every item that needs to be packed. You’ll have two major tasks to tackle here – your clothes and the mattress. When it comes to your mattress, you’ll probably need some friends to help you lift it and pack it into a specialized mattress moving box we advise you buy.

A glimpse of a bedroom.
Call in the troop when packing your bedroom.

Once you start packing your clothes, we suggest you don’t get sentimental and proceed to throw away any items that don’t fit anymore. That might make your room-by-room packing a lengthier process, but it will also make it a more efficient one. In the end, feel free to pack any room that you think should be packed first. Our suggestion is for you to leave the easiest things for the end as the panic will rise with every second that passes.


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