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Risks of DIY junk removal

Junk removal tips - April 24, 2019

A DIY move has been the most convenient belt-tightening relocation method. Doing everything under your own steam might not be your cup of tea. Then again, it’s far more affordable than paying for local junk removal and hiring professional movers. Their assistance combined with the additional services they provide can cost a small fortune. If you’re on a tight budget, moving single-handedly is undoubtedly your best bet. However, it can be beyond impractical in terms of the things you risk. To put it simply, are you ready to put your health at stake? What about your bones? Given one of the most dangerous moving chores is DIY junk removal, you should definitely think twice before you get down to it on your own. We hate to burst your bubble, but here are the risks you need to be aware of prior to taking such a tricky endeavor.

A red shop with ceramic glasses.
Why do people hoard household junk?

Be wary of toxins’ omnipresence

First and foremost, there’s no such thing as harmless junk waste. Inhaling a bunch of gasses when disposing of bathroom chemicals is our lung’s worst nightmare. Porcelain, fiberglass, aluminum are by far more resistant than the human flash. The cleaning products such as

  • toilet cleaner
  • tub cleaner
  • cleaner liquids
  • bleach-based cleaners
  • baking soda

are full of toxic substances that are harmless when in a small percentage. However, what makes them hazardous is a large percentage they contain as to actually remove stains. And all it takes to get sick is to inhale those. Do you really think it’s a good call? Besides, the toxins can mess with your health in the long run by causing ample diseases. Are you ready to take your chances nonetheless? Haven’t you watched a fair share of Dr. House episodes? Don’t you know it’s almost always a toxin triggering everything else?

Are you willing to jeopardize your health?

Removing junk due to relocation is no picnic. Turning your home upside down to make it sparkle is physically challenging. Bear in mind that to clean a new home means repeating everything. So, you’re going to do countless squats to vacuum the dust under the bed or armchairs twice. You’re going to stretch to remove the carpet and to lay it afterward, too. Also, jumping to reach the ceiling might be overwhelming, especially if you’re a couch potato. Cleaning the corners can cause muscle rupture or muscle fatigue at best.

Carrying a dishwasher to the nearest dumpster is a real test for your spine and your back. If you apply too much pressure on your vertebrates, you risk sitting in a wheelchair until the rest of your life. Is it worth it staying within a budget? Do you have any idea how much a wheelchair cost? No? Clearly.

A doctor looking at a scan.
How do you feel about your spine being at stake due to a DIY junk removal?

Cutting on glass is a red flag

Moving without anyone’s help is, in fact, a big deal. It provides you with the self-validation you want. That’s the proof you’ve pulled off a task which is not a piece of cake. Good job! On the other hand, it might be frowned upon owing to a number of situations that can go terribly wrong in a blink of the eye. For that reason, you should consider hiring a reliable junk removal company.

Glassware relocation, for example, has been seriously underestimated. What if you notice you’ve cut yourself getting rid of a broken wine glass? You’re going to turn a blind eye and move on as if nothing had happened, right? Well, you might have just seriously endangered your health. A cut is how bacteria enter our bloodstream thus severely compromising it. If we were you, we would check the cost of junk removal services.

Tidying up garage, shades, and attic elevates blood pressure

What do you do with the items you don’t want but you can’t throw because you feel bad about it? The middle ground is to keep them somewhere out of reach: in a garage, shade or an attic, for instance. Over time, these places become fraught with a plethora of belongings you have to dispose of eventually.

It requires putting into a lot of physical effort. Running around with your hands full is stressful and our body responds to it accordingly. You sweat while your heart rate goes through the roof.  Moreover, your face turns red. As a consequence, your blood pressure skyrockets. In a nutshell, your body simply can’t take it anymore. With this in mind, ponder reasons why you need specialty moving experts.

SOS EKG sign - Save your heart!
Often times DIY junk removal causes high blood pressure

DIY junk removal triggers stress

Removing household garbage makes you a bundle of nerves. While diving in each and every one drawer there is, you come across possessions that can easily lure you in taking a stroll down the memory lane. Those moments can be too much to handle. Besides, removing inessentials can be particularly stressful if you’re running out of time. Meeting a deadline is a huge pressure especially if you’re doing it last minute. Being on the clock is why people give up lucrative jobs. At some point, they realize it’s not worth it. How about you? Has that moment presented itself yet? How much of it can you take it saying ’bring it on’? Why don’t you come up with a few ways of how to make moving less stressful instead?


To sum up,  DIY junk removal can cause serious health deterioration due to not being done by professionals. You endanger your lungs, your back, spine, blood, flesh. In brief, you put yourself at risk. On top of it, it can trigger heartbreaking moments owing to parting with certain possessions you’re still sentimentally attached to. What you should do is go over a moving budget so as to spare yourself the suffering. Providing you can afford it, go for hiring movers that find DIY junk removal as easy as the ABC.

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