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Reasons to insure belongings before moving

Employing Moving Experts - February 5, 2020

You are moving; you make final payments; pack the boxes; you specify the final details with local movers Massachusetts. “What have I forgotten?” you ask yourself. Relocation insurance. We guarantee that you have forgotten to insure belongings before moving.

Moving insurance
No, this must not be overlooked!

Avoiding getting moving insurance is a bad way of cutting moving expenses. Think about it – when have you ever encountered an accident that you were prepared for? Accidents happen when you are not insured for them. If you are planning a move and you still do not need to know about insurance, we are here to help you.

Here are five reasons to insure belongings before moving

1. Basic moving insurance compensation is simply not enough

Do you know that in the event of loss or damage, the most that people without insurance can get as compensation is 60 cents per pound? In almost all cases, people never receive a refund rate that reflects the value of their belongings. Think about your values – can you risk losing them completely? Can you afford to replace them? Are you ready to furnish your apartment once again?

2. Ship and relax

Moving can be stressful, but as they say, “accept what you cannot control, and control what you cannot accept”. You cannot control how your items are handled by moving companies. But you can protect yourself from any improper handling of your items. Lost, damaged or broken, insurance will cover it. With the help of insurance, send your valuables and relax, knowing that if the worst becomes the worst, you are completely covered.

3. Long moves

Long-distance moving is difficult. Believe it or not, experts movers Massachusetts base their relocation procedures not on what you are moving, but on where you are going. Long-distance moves are likely to go through a series of truck stops and crossings, which further increases the risk of losing or damaging your belongings. Think of it this way: when you fly to Japan and you have 3 intermediate flights, three different airlines handle your baggage. This is three times the risk of losing your belongings. During the flight to Japan, you get insurance. When moving around the country, you get moving insurance.

Long distance move
When you insure belongings before moving, you will not lose a single penny no matter how far you are moving

4. No coverage from tenants or homeowners insurance

Before outsourcing moving insurance, check with your tenant or homeowner insurance policy to see if you are covered. You may find that you are – perfect. If your homeowner’s insurance does not yet include moving insurance and cannot add extra coverage for relocation, call professionals.

5. Corporate relocation

Perhaps your company is moving you to MA for work. You may have the impression that your company will be responsible and pay for any potentially lost, damaged or broken items. Think again. Very rarely, employers sign and agree to such responsibility with a moving company. In most cases, and unless otherwise indicated by your company, your employer and moving company will sign a minimum coverage agreement. Confirm this with your employer.

Now that we have given you reasons to insure belongings before moving and recognized it as a necessity for your moving plans, it is equally important to find the right insurance for you. Shop around and find a moving insurance policy that matches your specific needs. Sure, insurance is an investment of your money, so you want to be sure that you get what you need from it. Your things along the way should be the least of your worries. Stress-free move with moving insurance.

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