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Piano Moving

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Moving heavy objects requires special skills and equipment. Wardrobes, closets, tables, and chairs are just some of the hard-to-move items. But nothing is harder to move than a piano. They are big, heavy, fragile and very expensive. Your piano can easily get damaged by only one small drop. And repairs can cost you more than the move itself. So, you shouldn’t trust just anyone when you want your piano moved. You will need experienced piano movers Massachusetts to help you move it. That is the best way to ensure that your piano arrives at its destination in one piece and undamaged. And our local movers Massachusetts are just the team for the job! Grunts move junk and moving team is looking forward to hearing from you soon!

There are many types of pianos

Pianos come in many forms. And when hiring a moving company you should make sure that they can handle your type of piano. They range from small ones to really big, grand ones. While smaller ones can be easily put on a dolly and pushed, some might require special attention and expertise. And by knowing the exact type of your piano you will be able to get a much more accurate moving quotes Massachusetts. Some types of pianos are:

antique piano that will be moved by piano movers Massachusetts
Antique pianos are especially hard to move due to their age and fragile state
  • Spinet piano – This is the smallest type of piano. They are not very tall, and also don’t take much floor space. But their size can easily fool someone who is not familiar with piano moving. They weigh over 300 pounds, which makes moving them quite hard.
  • Upright piano – Similar to the spinet pianos, they are very popular for home use. But they are also widely used in churches and music schools. They weigh about 600 pounds on average.
  • Grand piano – The largest and most expensive type of piano. They are long and low, which improves their accounts. They are rarely seen in a home environment because they take up a lot of floor space. And their size also makes them very difficult to move or transport. They can weigh well over 1000 pounds. In order to move a grand piano, you will need a big team of experienced movers.
  • Antique piano – Any old piano can be antique. They are generally very expensive and you should be extra careful with them. Their age makes them that much more fragile. One wrong bump and you can see a massive decrease in value.

Why is it so difficult to move a piano?

Moving a piano is probably one of the most difficult tasks for movers. Pianos are large. And yet, you can’t take them apart. You can, and should, take off some exterior parts, but the body itself should remain as it is. They require special attention when loading and transporting. They have an odd shape and are very heavy. But for all their size and weight they are quite fragile. One drop can ruin an entire piano. And with them being so expensive, you would want to avoid that at all costs.

A piano that is waiting to be moved
Pianos are especially hard to move due to their size, weight, and odd shape.

Inexperienced movers might put them on a four-wheel dolly, but one wrong bump on the steps and the piano is ruined. That’s why you should only trust experienced and reliable piano movers Massachusetts such as ours with your piano relocation.

Choose our reliable piano movers Massachusetts

When choosing movers to relocate your piano you need to be very well informed. No matter if you are moving it to the next room or to a different town. If those movers don’t have enough experience, your piano can very easily get damaged. Sometimes it isn’t even possible to fit it through the door. So, how do you move a piano without damaging it?

The answer is simple – by hiring our experienced piano movers Massachusetts like Grunts Move Junk and Moving to help you. Good and reputable moving companies don’t have a problem sharing their online reviews. And they should be easy to find. And by reading all those testimonials and reviews you can get a pretty clear picture as to how the moving company does its business. 

How will we move your piano?

Moving a piano is a complicated process. It doesn’t matter if you are moving a valuable piece or just removing junk from your home. Throughout years of experienced, we have learned some of the best ways of doing so. We have a team of skilled and experienced piano movers Massachusetts that can handle even the biggest pianos. A number of movers will depend on the type of piano that needs to be moved. Distance and other circumstances also play a major role when planning a piano move.

Step 1 in moving a piano – planning

We will first start by taking measurements to see whether the piano can fit through the door. If so, we will proceed to plan our route. There is no room for improvisation when you are moving a 1000 pound piano. Each mover needs to know where he is going and how. We will then determine the number of people needed to move a piano.

Notebook with my plan
A good plan is needed in order for a big piano to be moved.

If you live anywhere higher than the ground level your piano movers Massachusetts might also inspect the stairs leading to your piano room. This is done to make sure that the stairs can hold such a heavy object plus movers. After the route is determined we will move on to protect the piano.

Step 2 – securing and protecting the piano

In order to avoid scratches to the piano, we will have to protect it before moving it. The piano and keyboard lids need to be closed, locked and secured. Removable parts like legs will be taken off and protected separately. We will use blankets and sheets to cover the entire piano. This way even if it needs to fit through tight spots it won’t get scratched. Packing tape is used to secure the blanket. And then the move can begin.

Step 3 – moving the piano

Carrying the piano, especially a tall upright one can easily result in it tipping over and getting damaged. That’s why the piano will most likely be carefully loaded onto a dolly for easier transport to the truck. This is a very tricky part as it requires lifting and tilting the piano in order to safely place it on the cart. Our piano movers Massachusetts have a lot of experience and know how to do it slowly and carefully.

Step 4 – loading the piano

After the piano has been secured to the dolly we will proceed to load it onto a truck. A ramp will be used and as many movers as needed. Your piano will be secured the whole time and in no time you will have it in your new home. Do yourself a favor – Grunts move junk and moving Massachusetts team is expecting your call!

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