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Moving to Amherst MA – the upsides

Life in Massachusetts - October 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered what your life would look like if you lived in a quieter town such as Amherst? Do you feel ready to give up the metropolitan lifestyle? Then moving to Amherst MA, a community of 38,000 residents would be the right choice. Now you may wonder why a person would ever want to live in a small town and give up the urban lifestyle. And that’s a good question for which local movers Amherst MA have an even better answer – you might not have to give up on anything after relocating to this area. Confused? Let’s solve that dilemma right now!

One of the biggest benefits of moving to Amherst MA is the mix of urban and suburban

You could be walking the streets of Amherst and seeing two completely different sights ten minutes apart. One minute, you could be seeing horses in the pasture and the next one you could be walking past a lively college campus. In Amherst, you get a chance to both unwind and go crazy. For us here at Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts, that’s more than reason enough for you to pack your bags and move to this area. But we are not quite finished yet with listing all the pros of living in Amherst.

Outside view of an attic of a house to live in after moving to Amherst MA.
Loving the burbs but also feel like you want to hit the town from time to time? Just move to Amherst.

So let’s just go back to the opening lines where a question was posed why someone would want to live in a quiet town that has nothing urban in it. Should you decide to move to Amherst, you won’t have to ask yourself that question – or live with the consequences of it. This area will be able to provide the perfect balance between peace and quiet and hustle and bustle. Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Amherst has all the commodities of a big city

Looking for a rock concert? In dire need of residential junk removal? Needing a consult with top-notch specialists in the medical field? Well, rest assured that this city will be able to provide you with that and so much more! Amherst locals say that this town is filled with different social gatherings. Whether you are looking for a cocktail party or just a pub where you can relax with a pint of beer, this charming town seems to be able to provide you with it. And how could it not when you consider the fact how many college students populate the area? That brings us to another very important point of order.

Amherst College is what draws youth to this area

Have you ever heard of the popular and highly esteemed Amherst College? We are pretty sure you have. It’s the number one reason why young people decide that moving to Amherst MA is the right choice. The college has a graduation rate of 94% and an acceptance rate of 14%. This liberal arts college has a beautiful campus which houses some of USA’s future leaders. Do you feel like you want to enroll as soon as today?

Amherst college as seen from above.
Students love Amherst College, and they love the area it is settled in.

Then you would be in some good company! Amherst College currently has 1,792 students. From what we’ve heard from them, the fun student life isn’t too shabby on this campus. If you want the best of both worlds which is good education coupled with great parties, Amherst might be the place for you.

This town is perfect for outdoorsy people

Do you love to spend your time in nature? Whether you enjoy walking, hiking or running, there will be plenty of open space in Amherst to do it. And once it gets snowy and the winter rolls around, you can enjoy skiing in one of Amherst’s many trails. Now we can’t exactly say that Amherst is one of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts. With so many college students inhabiting the area, the housing market is quite competitive, which means higher prices. But what we can claim is that the outdoor space and its beauty are actually a highlight of Amherst. You’ll certainly enjoy spending your time in nature after moving to Amherst MA – that’s a guarantee.

Life in Amherst is perfect for all those who live for the days spent in nature.

Amherst is home to several museums

Have you ever heard of the great Emily Dickinson? If you have read her works, then you probably know she comes from a small town – Amherst! But she is only one among many great names in whose honor Amherst has dedicated entire museums. Now, for a lot of people, museum hopping is a hobby. Just like some people love bar-hopping, there are those who love to spend their time admiring art. With its numerous museums, Amherst is the perfect place to do it.

  • Mead Art Museum
  • Emily Dickinson Museum
  • Amherst Historical Society and Museum
  • The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art

These are just some of the museums we think you ought to visit after relocating to Amherst MA. Or before it. Who knows – maybe they could help you make a final decision if you are contemplating whether moving will be the right choice or not.

What’s your verdict? Will you move to Amherst MA?

So, do you think you have made your decision? Will you be calling residential movers in Massachusetts any time soon? If you have decided that moving to Amherst MA will be the right choice, let us tell you we think you made the right call. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Amherst doesn’t have its cons. There is no such thing or place in this world. It just means that, by our standards, the pros by far outweigh the cons. Although we think we’ll let you be the judge of that once you finally move and start calling Amherst your home. We’ll see whether you’ll regret it or love it as many did before you.

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