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Moving in bad weather – pros & cons

Moving advice - September 23, 2019

What does moving in bad weather mean for you? Usually, when people hear the term ‘bad weather’ their minds automatically leads them to the imagery of snow, ice, and sleet. And for the most part, that is a good association. But when it comes to moving, bad weather can also mean extreme heat. Or very heavy rain. In fact, it’s any weather that is extreme, which will make moving a difficult endeavor. So, should you avoid relocating during bad weather when moving to Worcester MA? Only you can know that after reading the major pros and cons that come with it.

Pros of moving in bad weather

We have to admit that not everything will be so gloomy when moving during extreme temperatures. Sure, both you and your movers Massachusetts will face many challenges along the way, but there will be some positive sides to it. After all, no one would be doing it were it any other way.

A thumbs up gesture.
Some people just don’t mind the freezing or scorching hot temperatures.

This is the time moving services come at cheaper prices

If you don’t have an unlimited budget and you don’t want to have a DIY move, all you have to do is choose your moving date wisely. In the moving industry, there is a so-called peak season for moving which starts at the end of spring and lasts all the way till the beginning of fall. Which leaves winter to constitute the off-peak season. This is the time when you will be able to get more moving services MA at a lower price, which is certainly a goal for many. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A winter move comes with many other benefits, like greater freedom when it comes to booking your moving date.

Not a lot of people move in bad weather, which means you will be able to pick and choose

More precisely, a lot of the finest moving companies will be available during the period in which you planned to move. With more affordable prices and more versatile choice when it comes to picking your mover, a winter move allows you to have the best of both worlds. Of course, the situation would be perfect were it not for that little flaw called bad weather. It’s up to you to decide whether the lower prices and versatile choices are enough to make up for the fact you will be moving in freezing or scorching hot temperatures.

The word choice on a blackboard.
With so many choices, we have no doubt you will be able to make the right decision!

You might get a special treatment

Since not a lot of people move during bad weather, and moving companies need to have a stable income, they might feel the need to compete for your attention. And that truly is a piece of good news for you, as you will get the royal treatment without paying a sum of money that’s appropriate for that treatment. That being said, it will be easier for you to avoid fraudulent movers as you will have many great companies offering you their services at prices you can afford. Sounds like nothing could go wrong during a winter move, right? Well, not everything is as good as it seems.

Cons of moving in bad weather

Let us warn you – the cons of relocating in bad weather can be enough to deter you from making this decision. And we wouldn’t blame you. Sometimes, sleet and snow are more than some people can handle.

The extreme weather can damage your belongings

All it takes is a few damp boxes to ruin your entire moving day. If you hire residential movers MA and have them in charge of packing and loading/unloading, the chances of failure are almost non-existent. However, if you decide to have a DIY relocation during bad weather, it will be very difficult (not to say impossible) to protect all of your belongings. The magic word? Protective packaging. Lots and lots of it and you might stand a chance of having a successful winter move. 

Snowfall - a part of moving in bad weather.
Snowfall sure is beautiful – but will you think the same on your moving day?

Extreme weather can be hazardous for your health

Moving injuries are a real thing, and we are sure you’ve heard of them before. Yes, they can happen during any season and any weather. But they are much more common when moving in the sub-zero temperatures. Ice will be your number one enemy during these days, and it can cause some serious damage. How can you avoid it? If you do decide to move during bad weather, make sure you get an early start on your moving day and defrost any snow on your porch and driveway. But that’s no guarantee that another deposit of snow and ice won’t form later on in the day, so you’ll have to extra careful.

Your move might take longer when moving in bad weather

Because the days are shorter and the moving conditions are more challenging, it will be almost impossible to have a quick move. Unless you are moving locally in Massachusetts and just have to relocate down the block. And we all know the benefits of a quick move as opposed to the one that drags on for days. But if you do opt for a winter move and you are moving a bit farther away, this might be something you’ll just have to deal with.

So, do you think you have made a decision? Is moving in bad weather the right thing for you or not? Whatever it is that you decide, know that we wholeheartedly support you and wish you good luck. Besides, we are always here to help should you need our assistance, so don’t be afraid to get in touch with us! Our Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts team is by your side!

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