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Moving contract – what to double-check

Employing Moving Experts - June 11, 2019

Relocation is no easy task. There is a huge amount of things you need to take care of. This is why most people decide to hire movers. This is a great idea since these people will make your relocation to Massachusetts extremely easy most of the times. However, if you do not read your moving contract properly you can get scammed. This can make your life much harder, you can lose important things, lose a huge amount of time or you might even be forced to cancel the relocation.


Keep an eye on names and the addresses

The first thing you should check on your moving contact is the name and the address. If the company does not have a physical address or refuses to share it you should avoid them. These are most likely a scam. If the company provides its address make sure that it is the same address as the address they use on their website if this is not the case to avoid them. You should also check if the contract includes your current address and your next address. These things look like small mistakes but they can turn into a very big problem. If you notice any of these problems you should notify the company, after all, mistakes do happen from time to time. If they do not fix these mistakes they are most likely fraudulent movers. There are much more reliable movers than frauds but it is good to stay safe.

A moving contract
The moving contract should contain your current address, your next address and the address of the moving company

The timing of the services

When you make sure everything about the addresses is good the next thing you should look out for is the time of the service. The moving contract should specify the exact date on which the movers come to your home. You should also know when will your thing arrive at your new home. If these things are not specified there will be a lot of confusion, which can bring you a huge amount of stress to a process that is already stressful enough.

a date on the moving contract
The moving contract should specify the date on which the movers arrive at your home and when will your things arrive at your new home

The services you pay for must be on the moving contract

As you know movers are a great way to make your relocation extremely easy. When you hire local Massachusetts movers you can ask them to do all the things that are related to relocation. But some people do not want everything to be done by movers, for example, some people maybe want to pack on their own. If this is the case you need to check all the services you will be paying for. If you have some things you do not want to pay for on the moving contract you should contact the company. When you just skip through this part of the moving contract you might get some unexpected costs that you can’t afford. This can ruin the relocation.

Movers offer all the services related to the relocation, but you should check what services are you paying

Check the rates on the moving contract

All moving contracts need to include the list of rates. You need to know how will your movers price the relocation. For example, most companies will price the relocation by the weight of the things the person wants to move. If you know this it will be easy to calculate your moving costs. This is the most common way movers price the relocation but this is not always the case which is why you need to make sure this list is on the contract. You should also check for any extra fees you might have to pay. The best example of the extra fees is the payment of fuel surcharges. Another common fee you might notice on your contract is the fee you have to pay if you are not ready when movers come. These are just a few reasons you have to check for the rates list.


Check the price of the move

You need to know the pricing in order to apply the rates. The first time you will hear the pricing is when you get the first moving estimates. The moving quotes Massachusetts are not final, your contract has to have detailed pricing on it. Sometimes the company will just show you the sum of all the costs you have to pay. This is not good, you should ask for a list of all the things you will be paying for. This way there are no unexpected costs or fees.

Price of the relocation should be specified on the contract

Check the liability

When you read your moving contract make sure you check the liability of your movers. Check who is responsible for the items the moving company is moving. What happens if a professional gets hurt while they are in your home? What will happen if an item is lost while it is moved? These are just a few questions the moving contract must answer. If the answer to these questions are confusing or there are none you might be looking at a moving scam. This is why you have to focus on this part of the contract.


There are many people that will just glance at a moving contract and just sing it. These people face a huge risk. If you double check the most important parts of the contract you will make sure the relocation is not a scam. You will never face any unexpected costs or fees, which will mean your relocation to Massachusetts goes smoothly. This way you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of relocation without much effort.

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