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Move-in cleaning tips

How To - February 27, 2019

You thought about how great your modern mid-century coffee table would look like in your new apartment since you saw the rental list. But here’s a tip: after moving to Massachusetts, your new apartment will never be easier to clean than when you hold the keys for the first time. Use the free space and follow this simple move-in cleaning checklist to make your home a clean place for yourself and all your favorite things.

Why is it important to do a move-in cleaning?

Well, first of all, you don’t want to put your stuff into a dirty house. That white couch does not have to get dirty from the first moment. Secondly, your new place is emptier that it will be ever again. So, as we said, it is pretty easy to clean it at that time. And lastly, you should have a fresh start in a freshly cleaned home. So, when your Worcester movers leave, it is time to do some cleaning.

Brooms in various colors
There are some rules when it comes to move-in cleaning

1. Start from the top

When it comes to giving your new home a deep move-in cleaning, it’s best to clean each room from top to bottom. Because of gravity. Start by dusting the ceiling fan, ceiling corners, and ceiling light. The light figures in the shape of globes are notorious for collecting dust, so do not forget to give them a good cleaning. Then begin to make your way – walls, baseboards, and finally floors.

2. Work towards the door

Here is another way to order room move-in cleaning: start from the farthest point from the entrance. This is especially important when you need to clean the floors. You do not want to walk on a freshly-washed carpet in dusty shoes for cleaning the house!

3. Deep cleaning closets

Once the closets have all your clothes in them, you will hardly ever take them back to clean there. Clean the corners and consider lining the shelves with vinyl or decorative paper (just make sure it is not permanent). The lining of the shelves looks good, it is easy to clean, and it covers mysterious traces and nasty stains left by previous tenants. This is a win-win. So, before you start unpacking, consider cleaning your new closets.

4. Replace the toilet seat

You bring your chair and sofa with you, and it’s not so difficult to keep it clean. You will spend a lot of time sitting in the bathroom of your apartment, and this is probably the most important place in the house. Do yourself (and your guests) a favor by giving your toilet a new beginning.

5. Disinfect bath

Most likely, you will like to soak up in the bath after you have disinfected all traces of the last person who was soaked there. To facilitate move-in cleaning, use dishwashing soap and a sponge to wipe the bath. Although you may need a more conventional detergent to deal with tighter stains.

Baking soda
Prefer natural methods? Baking soda, borax and kosher salt in equal proportions turn into a cleaning scrub without any chemicals that are impossible to pronounce

6. Clean your appliances

Yes, even your dishwasher needs help to clean. Start with a cycle, when there is only a cup of white vinegar in the top shelf – use the hot water setting, if it is in your dishwasher. After that, sprinkle a cup of baking soda on the bottom shelf and perform a second hot cycle.

Disinfect the microwave (inside and out), then move on to the fridge. Remove all the shelves that you can, and wipe them – you can even let them soak into the sink or bath. A solution of vinegar and water is excellent as a universal cleaner that is safe for food.

And then, finally, the oven. If they fit in your dishwasher, drop buttons, racks, and trays for deep cleaning. If the racks are covered with black dirt, you can immerse them at night in a sealed ammonia bag. And do not forget about degreasing hoods.

7. Make the floors shining

Your floor will become quite rough under your feet. You definitely want to remove traces of the last tenant. Steam mops are a quick and easy way to clean hardwood, laminate and tile. If you use a regular mop on the hardwood, make sure that it is not sopping, but damp, and use a cleaner that is suitable for flooring.

For carpets, you can usually rent carpet cleaners at grocery and hardware stores — or you can call in professionals if this is a serious job. Depending on your rental agreement and the condition of the carpet, you can even talk to your landlord about the refund.

8. Kill all germs

Each surface you touch in your new apartment – from a thermostat to a light switch – has been affected thousands of times by the previous tenants. So, cleaning those parts must be on your post-moving checklist. Create your favorite playlist and disinfect everything you will touch regularly. This includes worktops, knobs, dials, buttons, locks and everything that has a handle.

9. Do not forget cabinets

You will eat from those plates. Do not put them in cabinets until you have cleaned their surface. Wipe them, remove any suspicious thing with baking soda and water, and add a liner for good measure.

10. Show respect to your baseboards

Cleaning agents
Everything from a universal cleaner to baby wipes can make a big difference

Baseboards are often neglected in monthly cleaning checklists, but if you do it only once, move-in cleaning is the right occasion. Kitchens and entrances are particularly hard hit by dust and dirt, so first, clean the baseboards in these rooms.

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