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Most profitable occupations in MA today

Life in Massachusetts - September 17, 2019

Life is an everchanging journey that’s completely unpredictable and utterly exciting. Soon enough, life may take you to beautiful Massachusetts, even if relocating to Massachusetts was never a part of your plans. Once that happens, you’ll certainly want to look for the most profitable occupations in MA to sustain your needs. Sure enough, Massachusetts may not be as expensive as New York or California, but it’s certainly not a cheap place. And if you have an educational background and work experience in any of the occupations that will be listed in our article, count your blessings! You have the best chance of finding a high-paying job in our beautiful Massachusetts!

Top 5 most profitable occupations in MA

Unfortunately (or luckily) the highest-paying jobs in Massachusetts are the highest-paying jobs in the rest of America. They might not occupy the same spot, but most of these jobs are frequent on various lists of top 10 highest-paying occupations in different states. That being said, if you like what you see after finding out which are the five occupations that bring the most money in MA, feel free to call up the best movers Boston MA has even if you don’t have a job in place! Something tells us you won’t have to look too long when these five jobs are in question.

A rolled-up stack of bills.
Interested to know which jobs in Massachusetts bring the most profit? Then read on!

1. Orthodontists

There probably isn’t a person in the world that loves when the time for a mandatory trip to the dentist comes. But that doesn’t take away any importance from the fact that dentists earn quite a lot of money. In this situation, a person who has specialized in orthodontics has a chance to score the highest-paying job in Massachusetts at the moment. Let’s skip right away to what’s really important – how much does an average orthodontist earn?

Get ready to be wowed because an average salary of an orthodontist in MA comes at whopping $282,740! The starting salary can’t be as high as an average salary and comes at $190,260. The job is demanding and it does require a lot of devotion, but you will be more than compensated for your effort.

2. Obstetricians/Gynecologists

Is there any job that’s more rewarding than the one that helps people bring their offspring into the world? While the personal reward is more than enough, OB/GYNs in Massachusetts have an additional bonus – a huge paycheck. An average salary of an OB/GYN in MA is $254, 530, and the starting salary is $136,440. Imagine if you lived in one of the most affordable cities in Massachusetts and earned this salary! What a sweet life you could have! This needn’t be a dream – it can be a reality, as long as you are an OB/GYN with experience! It’s one of the most profitable occupations in MA so it goes without saying that employers are looking for top-notch specialists!

A mother holding her baby's hand.
Being an OB/GYN is a job not everyone is cut of for. Can you make the cut?

3. General Internists

Surprise, surprise – another highest-paying job in Massachusetts that has to deal with the medical field. Doctors do spend a lot of time becoming what they are – doctors. The most responsible calling in the world. And if you are a general internist who is living and working in Massachusetts, then you must have it pretty good. In our beautiful state, a general internist’s average salary is $246,240. As soon as you start working as one, you will receive a salary of $119,000. Not too shabby who someone who just finished school and started working. So if you are thinking about moving to MA for work and you are a specialized general internist, know that you are about to make a great decision!

4. Surgeons

Are you surprised that surgeons didn’t make the cut as the most profitable occupation in Massachusetts? Even though it may come as a shock that a surgeon is the fourth highest-paying job in MA, the statistics aren’t lying. They are showing that, on average, surgeons in MA earn $242,790, and $64,270 once they just start out. As you can see, the second, third, and fourth place on our list rank pretty closely when average earnings are taken into account. The difference is that a surgeon has a much lower starting salary. We here at Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts don’t have much knowledge in either medicine nor economy. So we can’t discuss the reason behind this imbalance in starting salaries.

Surgeons - one of the most profitable occupations in MA.
Surgeons are some of the most respected people in the world.

But what we can say is that being a surgeon in Massachusetts is still worth a pretty penny. It’s so worth it that it made the cut on our list of the most profitable occupations in MA. And with all the jobs out there, that wasn’t an easy task.

5. Chief Executives

Just when you thought that all five places will be taken by medical workers, here comes a surprise. The fifth place on our list is taken by no other occupation than by chief executives. Their average salary is $221,810, and their starting salary is $101,600. To become the CEO of a company, a person needs to have at least a bachelor degree but, most importantly, it has to have a considerable amount of work experience. That’s because the job of a CEO is a job that requires great leadership skills, quick thinking, and great problem-solving. So, for a lot of people, this occupation is more than what they bargained for.

Were you happy to see what some of the most profitable occupations in MA are?

Then you certainly received good news! That means you will be able to find a well-paying job after moving to MA after which you are bound to live a prosperous life. Considering how much work and sacrifice it takes to do some of the jobs that are listed on our list of the most profitable occupations in MA, you deserve every dollar you earn. Good luck, and we hope your job hunt will go well!

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