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Junk Removal Shrewsbury MA

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Is your home or office in Shrewsbury getting overcrowded with junk? Is it getting hard to find a place for the stuff you actually need due to all that junk? If the answer is affirmative, it sounds like you are in desperate need of professional junk removal services. Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts is just the company that you want to call on. As a veteran-owned junk removal and relocation business, we have the equipment and knowledge necessary to handle any type of material or belongings. Our junk removal Shrewsbury MA team is ready to help you out! Contact us today or get a free quote now!

Are you looking for movers in Shrewsbury MA?

We’re here to handle all the grunt work

When you need junk removal professionals in Shrewsbury MA, just pick up the phone and the rest is our job. We will provide you with the most professional junk removal service in Shrewsbury MA. We would like you to become a recurring customer, which is why we are ready to go above and beyond to meet your junk removal needs. Customer satisfaction is what matters most to us and what we strive to achieve with every single customer.

A bright, spacious room with a sofa, a coffee table, a dining room table and chairs after organizing junk removal Shrewsbury MA
Make your space fresh and clean again by getting rid of unnecessary junk.

What are your exact junk removal needs?

Your space becomes our worry after you hire our junk removal services. Our junk removal Shrewsbury MA experts remove junk from offices, homes, warehouses and many other types of space, both big and small. The services we offer are flexible. That means they can be adjusted to fit every customer’s individual needs.

Residential junk removal Shrewsbury MA

Our junk removal specialists have what it takes to help you with this chore. Our offer includes:

  • Clearing out your garage, basement, and attic
  • Yard junk removal service
  • Eviction junk removal
  • Storage unit clearing
  • Warehouse decluttering
  • Anti-hoarding solutions

If you have old electronics or pieces of furniture, construction material or car parts taking up precious space, we can make it all disappear. If something is too heavy, hazardous or dirty for you to handle, or you simply cannot find the time, leave it to us. Your home will look great again in no time.

Commercial junk removal Shrewsbury MA

Every home needs junk removal every now and then, and so does every office space. Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts is a company that’s helped many businesses move and declutter. And yours can be next. Think of it as a business investment. With less clutter, your office space will look more professional, and your clients will notice that. Moreover, the environment will be safer for your employees and more pleasant to work in, which can increase productivity. Really, as long as it’s well planned, there is no downside to commercial junk removal.

Our range of junk removal Shrewsbury MA is a solution to many problems

If you are wondering when to remove your unwanted junk, here are a few ideas.

Spring cleaning

This is just common sense. Living in a clean space is a basic human need. A clean home is essential for healthy living. A tidy,  clutter-free environment has a positive impact on both our body and mind. And, as springtime symbolizes a new beginning, most people choose this season to do some serious cleaning. Whichever season you choose, we’ll be there. Our team can make any space look nice and clean again.


This is another common reason for hiring a junk removal Shrewsbury MA team. Before remodeling, you should get everything out of the way in order to free up space and protect your belongings from potential damage. This is the perfect opportunity to get rid of something you have not been using for years. Then, when the remodeling process comes to an end, you can use our junk removal Shrewsbury MA services again to clean all that mess.

A hammer and deformed nails
Say goodbye to remodeling debris!


Changing your address comes with a lot of work. Your home won’t magically declutter, pack and transport itself. It takes weeks or even months. Commercial moving is usually even harder to handle. It is not recommendable to start packing your stuff until you’ve done some preparations first. They include measuring your new space, making a floor plan, cleaning and decluttering.

You need to dispose of excess items in your old home before the move instead of moving everything. This can save you an enormous amount of time and money. Also, if there is something the previous owners left at the new place that you don’t want, you know what to do. That’s right – get rid of it before your belongings get there. Packing, unpacking and organizing the new space will be much easier without unnecessary junk lying around. After the move is finally over, we can eliminate the packing supplies you used to protect your belongings during the move, thus making your new home or office clean and ready for use.


You may not be aware of it, but being constantly surrounded by piles of clutter could be a cause of anxiety. Therefore, removing junk can significantly reduce your stress level. Remember how frustrating it is when you cannot find the item you are looking for just because there is too much stuff. Trust us, the change will be incredibly refreshing. Your space will start breathing again and so will you.

We are the winning junk removal team

Planet Earth covered in junk, tires, old electronic devices, an old car, etc.
Protecting the environment is of the utmost importance. Hence, proper junk disposal is a must.
  • We remove different types of junk from indoor and outdoor spaces, regardless of its size, amount, shape or form.
  • In addition to being experienced, we are certified and licensed to provide junk removal services in Shrewsbury.
  • You can easily get a free price estimate before hiring us. See for yourself how affordable our services actually are.
  • Our tools, equipment, and vehicles are always in perfect condition.
  • Safe junk disposal is guaranteed. We dispose of your junk according to the industry standards and procedures.
  • Our junk removal Shrewsbury MA service is quick and efficient. No time and money will go to waste.

So, as long as you’re prepared to make de-clutter your Shrewsbury household or office, know that we are here for you! Contact Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts or request a free estimate through our website.

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