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Junk Piano Removal

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Every once in a while, we are in need of removing the clutter that has piled up over time. When we run out of space or we decide to relocate, decluttering becomes inevitable. Our company can help you with that. Just let us know what you wish to get rid of, and we’ll come to pick it up. Among other services, Grunts Move Junk and Moving provides professional junk piano removal services. If you have an ancient piano collecting dust and want it gone, contact us right away!

Why get rid of a piano?

Nowadays, a lot of people need to have their pianos removed. The reasons vary, but the lack of space is among the most common ones. In the old days, the piano was a major source of entertainment that had a central place in people’s homes. Besides, those homes were more spacious, and that is a luxury most people cannot afford anymore, especially in major cities. Unfortunately, housing in growing cities has never been more expensive and we are often forced to make sacrifices. So, we have to compromise by getting rid of excess stuff while keeping only the essentials. For most families, a piano is not among those essential items, despite the great sentimental value it may have.

Decaying piano keys, ready for junk piano removal
Don’t know what to do with that old piano you’re never going to play? Junk piano removal is just what the doctor ordered.

Value your space

Whether the previous owners left it behind, whether it was inherited, or you bought it a long time ago and no longer use it, a piano is not something you can simply put in a drawer to get it out of your way. When something as large as a piano is occupying one of your rooms, it is pretty hard to ignore. No one likes to see their home cluttered with unwanted items. Junk is not pleasing to the eye, plus, it makes your space less functional. You could use that space so much better. Time to get rid of it once and for all!

Call our junk piano removal experts

Moving a piano on your own is a risk you do not want to take, trust us. These instruments are extremely heavy and bulky, which makes them too troublesome and dangerous to move around. That is why you should only have experienced, trained professionals handle them. Our junk removal specialists team will maneuver, haul and carry your piano with maximum care and precision.

We can haul:

  • Upright Pianos
  • Baby Grand Pianos
  • Grand Pianos
  • Organs

What to do with an unwanted piano?

Is there an old piano that’s been sitting in your house or storage unit for ages? Perhaps, you have kept it for so long hoping for a better solution or just because you have been lazy or sentimental. It is time to get rid of it and here’s how.


  • There are organizations you can contact that rescue unwanted pianos. You need to deliver the instrument by yourself, though. That is when our junk piano removal service comes in handy.
  • There could be a school nearby interested in taking your piano.
  • Perhaps, there is a church in your neighborhood in need of one.
  • Contact a shelter or educational community for adults – they may put your piano to good use.
  • Restaurants, hotels or even bookshops might be happy to accept your donation.
Two gray kittens standing on piano keys
No music prodigies in the family? Give the piano to someone who really needs it.

Offer it to an auction house

You can try contacting a couple of auction houses and asking them what their interest levels are. They may have clients interested in buying second-hand pianos in order to resell. However, auction houses are not always willing to move the piano. They may refuse to be bothered with this task due to the instrument’s weight and size. In that case, our company can step in. Do not waste this great opportunity. Use our piano junk removal services to make sure your piano gets to the right address (safely).

Sometimes, dumping it is the only option

What if the piano is in such bad shape that no one can save it? When restoration is no longer possible, and you finally face the fact that your only option is throwing the piano away, you can count on our piano junk removal team. Do not feel bad about it. At the end of the day, it is just an object. On the other hand, it is an object that takes up too much space and can become an eyesore. Instead, plan what you can do with the extra space.

It is true that, with proper maintenance, a quality piano can last very long. Sill, nothing lasts forever, and pianos are no exception. When they deteriorate beyond repair, there may still be some good parts left. These parts can serve for repairing other pianos. This is a job for experts since a lack of experience can lead to serious injuries.

Piano moving services

If your piano is still in good shape and you want to give or sell it to someone, we can give you a hand. Just tell us where you want it to be relocated. Call our residential movers to take care of your instrument. We are insured and ready to move pretty much anything, including pianos of all shapes and sizes.

As you know, pianos are sensitive items that require a special treatment. We know exactly how to protect your belongings during a move in order to prevent any damage. Our piano moving experts use protective materials to wrap your precious instrument from all sides. Your piano will get to its final destination without a scratch.

A brown vertical piano and a white background
Say goodbye to your old instrument and hello to more space.

Hire the best junk piano removal team in Massachusets

We are a residential junk removal company Massachusets trusts. Ask our previous customers about their experience with junk piano removal. Here at Grunts Move Junk and Moving, we always put your needs first. Our impeccable reputation is well-earned. Contact us right away to discuss your piano removal needs. 

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