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How to thrift furniture for a new home

When all the fuss around picking your new home and neighborhood to live is gone, it seems like it is a job done. You just need to unpack and you are ready to go. Not so fast! Your next task is to get the best out of your living area. Painting the walls in the color of your preference and installing some new furniture are the top two priorities. Those two assignments tend to be rather expensive, so what can you do in order to save some of your cash? Well, for starters, you can paint the walls on your own, and while you can’t build your own furniture there is a way to reduce the bill. The best idea is to thrift furniture for a new home. If you need some help with transportation check out some local movers Massachusetts has to offer.

What’s fun with second-hand buys is that they offer a great amount of satisfaction. Nothing beats the moment when you realize that you made a table somebody considered trash into one-of-a-kind work of art. Maybe you enjoy the process of giving new life to used items and the creativity it requires. Either way, you will be saving a substantial amount of your coins. In order to be done right, thrift shopping also requires some experience and strategy. So here are some tips for triumphant shopping.

Things to do before you go shopping

  • Browse online first. To maximize your efficiency do some online research first. Sites like Craigslist, Marketplace or even Facebook can give you some constructive ideas of what you actually need.
  • Plan your journey. This is also a good strategy to save some time. You should mark on the map the shops you plan on visiting and establish the quickest route. Good idea is to leave a whole day for this adventure, as the well-equipped shops are usually located in remote places.
  • Photograph and measure your living space. You need to be sure if that cupboard you decide to buy actually fits the space between your bed and a wall. Or that its color matches the one on the walls or of the other furniture.
  • Declutter your homeDo some rearranging before moving in new furniture in order to avoid headaches.

    Photo of using laptop to research about thrift shopping
    When you decide to thrift furniture for a new home, be sure to do some online research first

Budget is very important

Even second-hand shopping is meant to save some money, but it is easy to get carried away and to overspend, especially when you don’t have a clear plan. Mark down what pieces of furniture you need and hold on to that list. Also keep track of how much you spent, because you will most certainly find something else that you like. For example, you went to buy a table for your kitchen, but you found a carpet that perfectly matches your vision. Don’t hesitate and buy it, but keep an eye on your budget. If you are not sure how to get the most from the thrift shopping you can take someone more experienced with you.

Closely inspect the damage of the item

As much as the piece of furniture is cheap you don’t want to stuff your new home with trash. If something is damaged beyond repair you should probably let it pass. Always check for rotted wood, deep scratches, cracks or missing pieces. You might also want to smell the furniture to prevent your new living room of smelling like cigarette smoke or cat urine.

Educate yourself on how to thrift furniture for a new home

Picture of hardwood piece of furniture
Hardwood furniture is of superior quality and can last for centuries

You should spend some time learning what brands are well-known and therefore promises quality. This way you will instantly know what is worth your dollar, and what you shouldn’t take into consideration. Heavier furniture indicates better quality and pieces with metal joints are superior in terms of construction than those made with nails screws. Look for metal plate branding, and be sure that hardwood furniture is of higher quality. It will last longer and it’s easier to refinish. It will be much easier to sell that kind of furniture in a yard sale.

Stick to your style

The problem with second-hand shopping is that you will find lots of items that differ in style, color, and material. When you have so many contrasts, it might turn impossible to fit them together.  Lots of people claim their style to be eclectic, meaning blending different approaches in the way they enhance each other. When you unite pieces that don’t have anything in common, you are just making a mess and giving your house a look typical for a junkyard.  To give your living area that expensive look, choose one style and stick to it.

A blue cabinet.
Eclectic style is quite hard to pull of, but can be very rewarding

Estimate your skills

When you buy thrift furniture for your home, it will probably need some renovating. Even if they look worn-out, some pieces are quite easy to repaint and refurbish. Others, however, need a lot of work. This is where you need to make an honest evaluation of your skills. Can you do it on your own? Do you have the time and patience? Trusting restoration to professionals might come out more expensive than just buying new items. Keep that in mind.

Get friendly with store owners and workers

While this would be our general advice for every shopping opportunity it is especially valuable when it comes to thrift shops. Few jokes and a smile can’t do you any harm. Talk about your ideas and plans for buying thrift furniture for your new home. They will be glad to help you find what you are looking for, set aside something that they know you want, or even give you a discount if you are friendly enough and a regular customer.

Some additional tips on how to thrift furniture for a new home

  • Shop in small towns
  • Learn how to haggle
  • Shop in comfortable clothes
  • Inspect the labels
  • Don’t shop on weekends

So there you have it, now you can go and thrift furniture for a new home like a true professional. Keep in mind that you might need to declutter your home first, in order to make room for your new furniture. For that purpose browse some movers Worcester MA has to offer and they will help you with all that heavy lifting.

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