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How to save money on storage

How To - January 22, 2020

While millions of Americans are attracted by the extra storage space for various reasons, these are expenses that need to be justified, especially for people moving on a budget. To get the most out of these, try these nine smart tips to save money on storage.

1. Store only good things

You don’t pay for the safe, and then fill it with useless trinkets that you will never use again, right? So do not turn your storage into an overpriced wastebasket. Carefully study everything that you decide to put in it, and break ties with items that you no longer use by organizing the garage sale or donating items to charity. This reduces your need for storage and potentially gives you the right to write off taxes.

2. Take advantage of the discounts

Storage is one of those industries where enterprises compete for customers through advertising and promotions. If you need storage for several months or for a long period, be sure to ask about discounts. Typical deals can range from 10 to 25 percent of the regular price and may even include several months for free.

3. Increase your options

After scouring the Internet to determine all the storage options in your area, take the time to compare what they offer in terms of size and price. Consider factors such as access and security. And always read the fine print on the contract before choosing the provider that best suits your needs.

Reading the contract
You could also hire legal assistance to help you check the contract

4. Negotiate to save money on storage

About 50,000 storage units nationwide create competition for storing your items. And just like when getting moving costs Massachusetts, you can negotiate. While some providers have strict pricing rules, other providers have room to maneuver to accommodate customers. Asking never hurts, and you can get a lower rate or more room for your money.

5. Pack and load carefully

If you have ever tried to load a moving truck yourself, and then watched an experienced professional do it, then you noticed a difference when you use space effectively. Be economical when preparing items for storage when moving, especially those that can be packed, and take a thoughtful, balanced approach when loading the unit. Maximizing efficiency, you can reduce the size of the unit.

6. Store bulky items in a different place

Whenever possible, avoid long-term storage of large and bulky items to reduce the size of storage space that you need to rent. One solution is to ask a family member if your large items can be stored at his home. Or see if you can lend any of these items to a friend or local institution, such as a school, library, or theater.

7. Include it in your move

A moving industry can be just as competitive as storage itself, sometimes offering discounted or free short-term storage as part of your move. Take advantage of this if you can, or ask your repository if it has a partnership with movers Amherst that offer discounts.

Moving trucks
By taking storage with your movers, you can really save money on storage

8. Use free truck

Many self-service providers offer free use of a moving truck when the rental begins. With careful planning, you can save if the truck performs a dual function for a local move. In addition, take advantage of the free use of hand trucks and a discount on supplies to reduce moving expenses.

9. Share the space

The larger the unit you rent, the better the deal. By joining forces with reliable friends or relatives, you can maximize your purchasing power if you rent a larger unit at a lower combined rate. This strategy can reduce rental costs by 25 to 50 percent.

How to save money on storage: last thoughts

The growing popularity of self-storage can be explained by everything, from changes in lifestyle to a reduction in living space. If for some reason you decide that the storage is suitable for you, then carefully consider a good deal, think about what you store, and creatively find ways to save money on storage. It may turn out that paying for storage can actually reduce the rent for your apartment. With the flexibility to choose a small apartment combined with inexpensive storage nearby, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars of your monthly expenses.

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