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How to save money on packing supplies

How To - November 15, 2019

It is time to relocate your household. There are a lot of questions in the search for answers, and often almost no time on your hands. You must make a relocation guide, assemble a moving checklist, and an inventory checklist. Also, you must coordinate the packing logistics. You are already aware that this will spend a lot of your time and money. Therefore, you must organize properly and spend your resources wisely. One of the topics, when you pack yourself, is how to save money on packing supplies. Today we will point out several ways how to do it.

Prepare your moving budget to save money on packing supplies.

Everything begins with a proper organization. Firstly, what is the size of your moving budget? You must think of all the steps you must take on your moving journey. The moving checklist is a great helper and a useful reminder. After listing all the steps, you’ll be able to realize your moving costs and be prepared to stretch your budget in any way you deem fit. Set aside the moving budget for packing supplies and to enlist a proper moving company for the job. Reliable movers will make your relocation safe and easy, without too much hustle.

Stay safe and set your moving budget on time.

Check out your local moving choices since they are the best way to find whole moving service in one place. They will bring an adequate set of packing supplies and moving boxes, along with the premium service. We recommend movers Amherst as one of the best local choices. After many years in service, they have the means and know-how to make your transition stress-free.

Inspect everything, and make an inventory list

To know exactly what tools and materials you need for your move will help you determine how to save money on packing supplies. Maybe you already have a portion of it from your previous move. Or maybe your friends have some. Be sure to ask. But make sure that you make an inventory list. List all the rooms with subcategories containing notable items that require proper packing. You’ll be able to determine the approximate number of moving boxes you need. And if you need stronger and higher quality packing materials.

Also, your inventory list will help you once inspecting your cargo in the middle of the loading process, and once you arrive at your new address. To know all the items you move, the size of your cargo will help you coordinate your moves and budget much better. You will be able to precisely calculate moving costs Massachusetts and keep your items safe.

Different types you can use to save money on packing supplies

The fewer items you have, less packing materials you’ll need. But whatever is the case, you should know about all the options you have. Here we will list some of the essential packing supplies you can use for your relocation:

  • Moving boxes – You can’t relocate without them. Therefore, you should pay special attention to this part. Keep in mind that you can reuse them in many ways, or to keep them for your next move. You should buy different sizes depending on the size and the number of your items. You’ll know the best, how many of those boxes you need after evaluating the size of your cargo. Buy your boxes online or at the nearest grocery/hardware store.
Moving box with a dog
Find a proper set of moving boxes
  • Packing paper – You can buy the proper packing paper to wrap your delicate items. But the best way to save money on packing supplies is to use newspaper. You can obtain it in the unlimited amounts and it can serve as good as any packing paper. Although, keep in mind that the ink on the paper can damage certain items. Hence, be careful with this one.
  • Packing tape – You have the ordinary everyday packing tape and the industrial much stronger one. Depending on what you want to seal, make a choice and buy the one you need.
  • Labels – Labels and markers are mandatory so you can mark each box with the content inside. This is especially useful for boxes that contain fragile items. Also, it will help you when unpacking. Use any labels you want, but the best marker is the black one due to visibility.
  • Box cutter – Be sure to have some kind of a box cutter with you. You can use scissors or a pocket knife. Whatever suits you best. Use it to cut tapes, cardboard, ropes, etc.

Packing services

If the whole packing process is a bit too much for you, or you have no time to meddle with all the packing materials, think about the moving services your local movers provide. The packing service is a highly lucrative way to cheaply pack and unpack without even thinking about it.

The advanced packing materials you can use

We know that we are looking for the cheapest solutions for your packing process, but you should be aware of all the other materials you have available. Maybe you can compare the price and the quality and find the best results for you:

  • Blister pack – One of the most useful ways to tuck your items in. It will provide great protection for all your items. You can use it to make a cushion for your boxes or to fill the gaps between items. Also, you can wrap any fragile object to provide an additional layer of protection. Although, it is a bit more expensive. A good alternative is the old rags, towels, cloth, etc.
Blister pack
Consider the blister pack as part of your packing arsenal.
  • Packing peanuts – This is another way to cradle your items and a good filler for the gaps inside the box. Add your packing peanuts in layers and pour over the items before you seal the box.
  • Styrofoam – It will serve the same way as the blister pack, to cradle your items and keep them safe.
  • Corner pads – These are the pads made from foam that are the best way to protect all sorts of corners. For boxes, mirrors, paintings, and other fragile objects.
  • Plastic bins – Bins are more expensive but they are a long term investment since you can use them as long as you want. They are extremely good if you want to keep the dust and moisture away from your belongings. A good way to keep your items dry when moving in bad weather.

What to do with leftovers?

Once you are ready to unpack, choose a room where you’ll put all your leftover packing materials. Most of it can be reused later on, and some you can recycle. Also, you can gift, donate, or throw away. But you should keep all your moving boxes nicely stacked in your garage or the attic. You never know when you going to make a science project with your children or use it for a gardening project. But if you utilized the free onsite estimates all moving companies provide and evaluated your cargo properly, you shouldn’t have too many leftovers.

There we go, now you know the best way how to save money on packing supplies. You are more aware of all the basic and advanced options you have. Make the best combination and pack with style. We wish you a pleasant and stress-free relocation.

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