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How to rid yourself of old car parts

Junk removal tips - July 30, 2019

A house is sometimes compared to a human body. The Kitchen is the stomach, the place where all the food is made. The living room is the beating heart of the house, where the family meets and spends their time. The bedroom is where is like a brain, where we dream of new things and have thoughts (though shower can take that place). But the garage? That’s like our fingers – where the real work is done. It’s not only where your car is – but it’s also your busy workhouse where you can make and fix anything you put your mind to (and invest enough time). But, it is for the unique importance of this room that we need to keep it optimized and running. And for that, we need to rid it of unnecessary parts. In this case, you have to rid yourself of old car parts!

Organize before you rid yourself of old car parts

So how you should go about it? And what will cost you? After all, we are used to everything costing something… Well, the price of this can be paid in two different ways. Eather its the cost of junk removal services, or the cost in the time you will take out of your day to do it yourself!

Now, if you judge that you don’t have a day to set out for cleaning out the garage in order to get rid of old car parts, it is better to just call on junk removal services. These paid professionals will take care of everything you need, for a fair price of course. However, if you are a DIY kind of person there is no reason why you shouldn’t do this yourself. But, before you do so, you need a plan!

Organize before you rid yourself of old car parts
Be sure to have everything in order before you continue!

A plan? Yes, exactly that. You need to plan out exactly what you are getting rid of. Collect all the parts on the table or a counter and separate them by the following categories:

  • Those parts that can be sold – if you ought to rid yourself of old car parts, selling them proves to be the best step, but it is not always possible. You have to have your parts in (relatively) good working order in order to do so.
  • Car parts that can be recycled – a lot of car parts, in general, can be recycled. You should look into these options. You might even get a buck out of it!
  • Junk – no use what-so-ever to nobody except in the form of scrap metal.
  • Donation – some things can be donated. More on that later.

Having split the items you have into these four categories, you can proceed with the four options you now have on how to rid yourself of old car parts. First of is selling!.

Try to sell

Look, there is no need for dumpster rental MA if someone thinks they can find a function for your parts, we are sure that they can also find money they are willing to spend for them! Take pictures and put them online or go to your local mechanist. Also ask around, a lot of people are willing to buy those, more than you would think. Even the old “postin it on the pole” technique will surely produce good results if put in the right neighborhood.

Try to sell
Whats no longer of use to you can be so for someone else!

Your buyers might be a mixed crowd. You might possibly find those who are collectors, collecting old car parts for a hobby. Others who are in the business of car dealership, mechanist, individuals… Al kinds of people. Just be sure to have the price estimated before you sell. That is the only way to be sure somebody doesn’t talk you into a low bid. 


A lot of car parts are recyclable. There are a fair number of facilities on the county and municipal levels that will deal with these kinds of scrap. Some of them will drive to you, like residential junk removal, but others will require you to drive to them with your car parts.

There are a lot of recyclable car parts

This is a good option if you see no use for the parts yet they have a rubber or other materials commonly recycled.


Things that are either business for commercial junk removal or a reason to go to the local junkyard. There is simply no use whatsoever for these broken car parts. There are no recyclable materials in it and no value for collectors, as well as no way to get it back to an operational state. Rid yourself of old car parts like these by throwing them away at the appropriate location.


Finally, this is the option for items you have and are useful but you feel like you are not in need of money. A lot of charities do a great amount of good work but that work costs a lot. This means most of their money goes to maintain the services they already provide, instead of buying new resources for themselves.

You can do a good deed by gifting your car parts to numerous charities, such as for example the open smile. This car parts will help them provide the things they are made for in the first place. Cars are extremely useful for organizations such as this, and good car parts will make maintenance of them much easier. Some organizations will even take non-functional car parts!

So contact the foundation of your choice and do a good deed today!

In conclusion

Finally, it is time to conclude this guide on how to rid yourself of old car parts. With the options presented you should not have much doubt on what to do with these car parts. Just be sure that you know which ones are operatable, which are inoperable but repairable, and which are absolutely trash. After you established that, getting rid of the will only be a matter of method of your choosing.


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