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How to recycle damaged belongings

Junk removal tips - July 6, 2019

With today’s economy being what it is, people tend to hold on to things for as long as they can. Yes, that chair has seen better days, but it’s still a perfectly okay place for sitting, right? Today, people are less inclined than ever to hire residential junk removal companies as they simply don’t like throwing anything away. And that’s okay, as there are always ways to recycle damaged belongings and put them to better use. Just think of all the money you will be saving this way – and all it takes is a bit of craftiness and imagination. Well, we have the imagination to spare, which is why we are bringing these tips to you!

First things first – is an item salvageable?

Spending time on recycling an item that’s beyond repair is simply a ludicrous thing to do. That’s why it’s very important to assess in a timely manner whether an item can be repaired or thrown away. Now, there are too many items around for us to give you an example for each of them. But, there are some items which can usually always be recycled, such as pieces of clothing, and those that should be thrown away, like most of tools and machines. If an item is rusty, leaking, or ancient, it’s safe to say you should call junk removal Westborough MA companies and have them safely dispose of those same items.

An old sofa.
Some items are not worth saving while others could be put to better use. It’s up to you to be the judge.

Trust us – we understand your need to save every penny. But handling metal junk with friends just isn’t a safe process – for anyone involved. It’s better to pay a professional handle the task. Besides, by recycling damaged belongings, you are saving enough money. No need to go overboard.

How to recycle your clothes

The easiest thing to recycle will probably be your clothing items. There are so many different ways to reuse a clothing piece, no matter which material it was made from. For starters, you can recycle your clothing by giving it to a charity or in special recycling programs that process rags or other textiles by the products. The next thing you can do is transform one piece of clothing into another one. Let’s take a pair of pants as a picture-perfect example. Without noticing, you’ve torn the bottom end of your pants. Instead of throwing a perfectly good pair of pants away, why not cut out the damaged part and voila – you get a pair of shorts. The same can be done with dresses and blouses, and even shirts that can be turned into tank tops. The options are limitless.

Ultimately, you can always use an old shirt as a rag for dusting. It’s not the most glamorous solution, but it certainly does the trick. Although, if you have too many such items, don’t botter reusing them all. That’s a clear sign that you need decluttering, which means some of it should be thrown away.

Recycle damaged belongings made of glass

So, you broke your expensive vase? We can only assume the amount of grief you must be feeling. But before you start clearing shattered glass and getting ready to throw it away, you better think twice. There are a few ways to repurpose even items made of glass. Of course, if they are completely beyond repair and broken to million pieces, it’s best you part ways with it.

Roses in a glass.
This is a chance for you to show your creativity and create something beautiful out of something broken.

For example, broken plates can be used to mark your garden limits or they can be placed at the bottom of flower pots. When it comes to broken pottery items, they can also find their new purpose in the garden and serve as markers for plants. Sometimes, you’ll even be able to create a small flower pot out of a broken pottery item – it’s all about how creative you can get.

How to recycle wooden furniture

Pay attention, as these items are really costly. Once you spend a small fortune on a bookshelf or an antique chair, you should throw it away only if it’s beyond repair. The good news is that there are many ways to repurpose damaged or worn-down wood furniture. 

For example, it would surprise you how far a fresh coat of paint can go. It will instantly bring a breath of fresh air to cupboards, bookshelves, and tables. A chair with a broken seat but fully functioning legs can even be turned into a planter – all you have to do is insert the planter tray or a pot. And what about the broken seat? With some careful maneuvering, it can be turned into a photo or a mirror frame – the options are almost endless. Besides, refurbishing your furniture can sometimes even be a fun thing to do. To recycle damaged belongings is not only a budget-friendly option – it’s also the one you can do with friends and family.

Recycle damaged belongings like an old cupboard.
Just think what you can do to improve the look of an item that has seen its better days. The answer will come to you.

Make a fun weekend out of recycling damaged belongings

Instead of making this process the one you’ll dread, why not gather your friends and make a fun day out of it? Let them help you, as at least one of them will have an idea that would have never occurred to you. Thus, you’ll get the best of both worlds – you’ll get to recycle damaged belongings and bond with your friends. What could be better? Well, just add the money-saving factor into the mix and you’ll quickly start dialing your friends, arranging the fun weekend ahead. And if you decide to throw something away, a donation is always a good option. Ultimately, you can rent a dumpster and throw away the things you don’t need. Just make sure you dispose of your items in the right way. Some of them might need special handling – like flammable or corrosive items.

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