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How to recognize fake reviews for movers

Employing Moving Experts - June 12, 2019

Moving is many things. It is exciting because you never know what lies in store. You might even get cold feet at some point because you don’t know how it’s going to work out for you. At the same time, to relocate is tricky in terms of opting for professional moving assistance. What bugs people most nowadays is how to trust movers with their possessions. With this in mind, it’s all-important to be able to trust the moving company in Worcester that you choose to work with. Have you ever thought about how you would choose moving specialists? You would check them online, wouldn’t you? Be wary, however,  the Internet is not exactly a reliable friend. Ultimately, it’s an online place full of unknown people posting, sharing and typing whatever they want. That’s why should know what it takes to recognize fake reviews for movers.

You should learn how to recognize fake reviews for movers
To recognize fake reviews for movers is no joke

Too much praising is a red flag

Going through myriads of fake reviews is time-consuming. It’s because you need to google at least a few moving companies. Why? Well, in brief, you should do that because you ought to compare several movers just in case. However, it’s not just about reading. You need to know what you’re looking for while reading. A large number of reviews singing movers’ praises is the cue something is fishy.

Ample reviews stating how amazingly awesome the company is a reason for ALERT. No matter how good the movers in question are, the reviews should be moderate rather than excessive. Above all, they need to be realistic to reflect the genuine quality of the services they provide like junk removal, for example. No moving company is so very ridiculously fantastic. It doesn’t mean they’re bad. They might be good. Just not that good.

Bad-mouthing is also a warning

If you come across reviews insulting the moving company, don’t buy it. Those rude remarks are malicious. There must be something those movers are good at. Otherwise, they wouldn’t do that for a living, would they? Therefore, a sea of comments making moving professionals look bad may as well be phony. 

Moreover, focus on whether the alleged legit posts provide any information. In case they’re full of frustration saying nothing concrete, it simply can’t be true. Chances are there will be customers who are dissatisfied with a certain service. Moving estimate, for example. Moving on a budget is tricky thus you have to you ponder moving costs Massachusetts. By and large, people will describe the specific situation. They won’t write a vague comment full of hatred explaining nothing at all.

A plethora of negative ones is a cue to recognize fake reviews for movers
To recognize fake reviews for movers pay attention to the negative ones

Artificial expressing is odd

You don’t have to be a linguistics expert to notice the use of language is somehow weird. If the language sounds far too unusual in a bad way, that’s a probable cause the reviews are fake. Sentences that sound too official or too casual, with personal information mentioned, are suspicious. No one would trash moving company personnel online by their first name. So, once you bump into those reviews, keep scrolling.

By the same token, if a language is far too formal, odds are reviews are fake. The online environment encourages informal and colloquial language that’s understandable by the wider target audience. So, academic vocabulary won’t work. Genuine moving reviews are written using neutral language lots of people can relate to.

Similarly, professional terms you’re clueless about are a sign of fake reviews. Walk away.

 Essay-like reviews are fake more often than not

Every schoolgirl knows we live in a hectic world. Are you being sleep-deprived for quite some time now? We all are. My point is no one has free time so as to write online reviews that resemble an essay. Moving reviews should be concise, precise and short. Besides, when was the last time you typed an essay-like review or a too-long chat message? It was so long ago you can’t even remember it.

The same goes for moving reviews. You should describe your experiences with movers in no more than a few sentences. Would you elaborate on every single detail of dumpster rental? Of course, you wouldn’t because no one is going to read it. Consequently, if the review is a page-long describing particulars of the moving service in-depth, it’s likely the review is untrustworthy.

To recognize fake reviews for movers is easy if they resemble an essay
Focus on how long and detailed they are to recognize fake reviews for movers

Overly general comments suggest something is off

If it’s obvious descriptive comment are deceiving, common ones are as well. Reviews saying nothing specific are fake. Otherwise, they would contain actual pieces of information on specific movers and moving-related services such as residential moving. If a review says nothing but general terms such as good, great, bad, fine, they’re not real. Likewise, they do not provide you with anything concrete because nothing has happened.

You can be up-front about a situation that doesn’t exist. You can make it up, but it will never be enough persuasive and airtight as opposed to moving that has, in fact, taken place. In order to write down a legit moving review, you need the foundation, the juicy part to write about. In case you’re bereft of it, you’ll write something broad instead. But it doesn’t change the fact it’s not. What’s more, it shouts SCAM out loud.


The cornerstone of oping for a reputable moving company is investigating online. Relying on reviews for movers is a good start. They give you insight and let you know what to expect when hiring professional movers. Majority of those reviews checks out. However, some of them are fake. Nevertheless, you can pay attention to some of their features to verify whether it’s a legit review or not. For example, the reviews saying all the best are most definitely made up. The overly insulting and the ones that sound too rude are probably fake as well. Also, if you realize a review is too long or if it’s written in a weird way, by using the language that’s not understandable to an ordinary person, it’s just a decoy for easy preys. Are you easy prey?

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