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How to prepare your fridge for moving

Pre-Move Activities - May 8, 2019

Relocation is a complex procedure that demands an investment of effort and energy in order to be completed in the best way possible. Your move to Massachusetts is a big deal and you don’t want it to be ruined by unpleasant situations. This process can cause you a lot of trouble if you are not doing it right. This specifically relates to moving bulky objects like a fridge. In order to prepare your fridge for moving to Worcester, you need to do certain things that will help you to protect it. And this is not an easy task because if you didn’t do preparation correctly your freezer could be damaged. Our goal is to help you prepare, clean and secure your fridge for relocation to Worcester. Remember knowledge is power so if you learn how to do the job properly it will be a lot easier.

Collect cleaning and moving supplies to prepare your fridge for moving

This is the first step that needs to be done before you begin the process of emptying your freezer. Right materials will help you to secure and prepare your fridge for moving. To protect your fridge, make sure to have:

  • Supplies for cleaning
  • Trash bags
  • Blankets
  • Air bubble
  • Packing Tape
  • Moving dolly
  • Moving vehicle

This is a basic set of things that you need to gather before the relocation of your fridge begins. However this is just the start, you need to know how to use those items properly. And if you are not sure that you could handle this situation you can always search for moving services and junk removal in Worcester. In this way, you will avoid any unpredictable situation because you are in the hands of professionals. This is a routine job for company workers that they do every day so don’t worry – your fridge is safe.

The packing supplies to prepare your fridge for moving
Gather the right packing supplies in order to prepare your fridge for moving

Empty the fridge of all its old contents

Before you are going to use your moving supplies and pack your fridge, you need to empty it from all its contents. So you need to be sure that your refrigerator and freezer are free of food and everything else that might rattle around and shift weight. Don’t forget to check for items that are outside of the fridge such as magnets. If there are perishable items, there are a few options. You can eat the food or give it to someone in your environment. And if you are in the middle of relocation, it’s easier to toss the perishable item. If you are having trouble with a lot of junk during the relocation be free to search for junk removal Worcester. This is quite a useful type of service because it will save you precious time that you will spend on gathering and tossing the junk.

Empty your fridge from all its contents to avoid unpleasant situations

Remove the shelve to prepare your fridge for moving

It would be desirable to remove all movable and other loose items from your fridge. All removable components like shelves and trays can be packed separately because those items could be fragile. To avoid unnecessary damage to those items use specific packing supplies like blankets or towels. It’s also really important to label and stack them carefully for extra protection. If you want to save space in your moving vehicle you can also secure shelving in place with tape instead of removing them. This method is not very reliable so we strongly recommend that it’s better to remove them. Packing of fragile items like fridge components is not an easy job. And if you doubt that you can finish this objective alone you can always hire professionals like Grunt Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts. This will be the best way to protect your items and prepare your fridge for moving.

Fragile sign
Remove shelves and pack them properly to avoid damage of your property

Defrost the fridge if it’s necessary

This action depends on the amount of ice that formed in your freezer. If your fridge has built up a considerable amount of frost, you need to defrost it before the move. Defrosting your fridge would take normally about 6 to 8 hours. So it is important to calculate this amount of time before you are about to take the next step in relocation. Our advice is to do this the night before you will prepare your fridge for moving. There’s a big risk to spoil other things and damage them if your fridge is not defrosted on time. In order to protect your belongings during the move defrost your fridge if it’s necessary. Defrosting is required if you want to clean the freezer before relocation.

Ice cubes
It is really important to defrost your fridge if it’s necessary

Pack and secure the fridge

This step is crucial if you want to accomplish relocation in the best way possible. You need to use the right type of materials to pack your fridge for relocation. First of all, you have to close freezer doors and snugly shut them using rope, bungee cord or some sort of strong packing tape. If your fridge has double-door it would be good to tie the door together. We have to mention that you need to be careful not to tie the fridge too tightly because the door can be damaged in this way. You can also warp your fridge with blankets or the air bubble. Use strong packing tape to fasten all materials that you will use to prepare your fridge for moving and packing.

If you want to prepare your fridge for moving you have to be well organized. You need to take this objective seriously because it’s very challenging. Not to mention that you will need a fridge to contain your food into your new house after moving. This list of filled with pieces of advice will help you to finalize your move in the best way possible and help you to handle stressful situations.

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