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How to prepare large-area carpets for moving

Pre-Move Activities - October 7, 2019

It is time for another relocation which requires many hours of planning and packing. Sure, it will be fairly easy to pack your books and shoes. But what about the big and robust items like large area rugs and carpets? You can enlist the services of a moving company and let them provide moving quotes Massachusetts. Soon enough you’ll realize that it might be an unnecessary cost and you can prepare large-area carpets for moving yourself. With only a few essential steps, and we will show you how to do it.

How to prepare large-area carpets for moving?

It is a common misconception that rolling a carpet is easy. Sure is, but if done wrong it can damage your carpet permanently. There are several key steps that will make your life much easier and keep your carpet intact. Firstly, you’ll have to clean it since you do not want a dirty carpet in your new apartment. Next is to figure out which way to roll it. Then you should use a few packing supplies to keep it all in place, wrap and cover it. And finally, load into a moving truck. We will explain in detail where you should take extra care.

Welcome doormat
Cheap versions are easy to handle. Clean, roll, and pack.

Although, if you have expensive and rare carpets you do not want to handle yourself. Or simply you are unsure how to do it, consider hiring professionals to do it instead. A local moving company is what you need, and we will recommend movers Natick MA as your ultimate solution. Let an expert that moved thousands of carpets to relocate yours as well. It is affordable and safe.

Packing is important

Depending on the carpet type you should use some of the packing materials. For smaller and cheaper carpets, simply roll them and secure with a few pieces of rope. Then they can fit in a box or anywhere you see fit. Transport them via car or a moving truck like any other item. But to prepare large-area carpets for moving as well as the expensive ones, you’ll need a more sophisticated approach. Use materials we listed below:

  • Large pieces of packing paper to wrap your carpet in. Make sure to choose the stronger paper of a higher quality.
  • Packing tape to tape over the packing paper and hold it all together.
  • A rope that you’ll cut into appropriate sizes to fit your carpet. You’ll need at least two pieces for the small and three or more for large carpets.
  • Carpet box is optional but it is the best way to defend against scratches and bumps.

The packing process can be tiresome, complicated, and sometimes dangerous. Also, not to mention that some of the packing materials are expensive and if you do not know which ones you really need, you can overspend. Therefore, consider purchasing the packing service from your local movers Massachusetts. Professional packers and movers will handle all your needs safely and efficiently. They will bring the packing materials, pack, relocate, and unload upon request. Be sure to browse this great option.

Prepare large-area carpets for moving with a thorough cleaning

Start with a simple vacuum cleaning. Although, do it like you never did it before. Meticulous cleaning is in order. After you gather all the crumbs, hair, and dirt, fetch a cleaning rug. Cover the dirt spots, if there are any. This way you’ll remove all the imperfections and some of the small pests that are hiding in your carpet fiber.  Additionally, you can leave your carpet outside on the sun for an hour or two. This will dry it out and give it a proper cleanse. But if your budget allows, you can do all in one swoop. Contact the professional carpet cleaning company that will do this for you.

Clean and prepare large-area carpets for moving
Prepare your carpet for moving with a proper cleaning technique.

Determine the direction of the carpet fiber

Each rug has a fiber direction. It can be from up to down and vice versa. To determine the direction, you should rub the carpet with your hand. You will notice that one direction is providing resistance and the other is running smoothly. You should fold and nap your carpet in a smoother direction. This way you are following the fiber and you won’t damage it when folding. This is the essential part you should go through to prepare large-area carpets for moving.

Carpet fiber
Determine which way your carpet fiber is directed and avoid damaging it.

Roll and tie

Rolling the carpet seems easy and simple, but if done wrong it can create permanent warps and creases. You can easily end up with permanently damaged carpet. To avoid this, always roll your carpet on a flat surface, preferably on the floor. Although, keep in mind that the floor under the carpet is dirty so vacuum it while rolling. You can do this by folding the carpet carefully in half, without applying any pressure on the top. Clean the floor and the carpet on one side, then repeat on the other side. Now you can flip the carpet and start rolling. Yes, the soft side of the carpet should face outwards. Do not worry, you will protect it with the packing materials. But if you do the opposite, you might damage the back of the carpet with permanent cracks that can’t be mended.

Now roll the carpet and secure the roll with the string pieces of rope we mentioned earlier. Although, be sure not to put too much pressure on it. You will feel how it rolls naturally, and if it provides too much resistance, loosen it up a bit. Furthermore, keep in mind that large rolled carpets are heavy and usually require two people to move it. Make sure that you protect your back while moving and lift the heavy object properly.

Wrap your carpet carefully

Now, once your carpet is rolled, it is time to wrap and secure it. You can use all the materials we listed and do it yourself. Or enlist one of the moving services Worcester MA where the knowledgeable team will handle this instead. Either way, you must do this since it does not make much sense to toss your carpet with the rest of the things and expose the soft part to damage. Due to the carpet weight, most of the time they are placed on the bottom of the moving truck. Sometimes a truck can be dirty. Or there are other smaller objects that can collide while moving and damage your precious carpet.

You can also use canvas and blanket covers to wrap your carpet. Make at least two layers of protection just to be sure that it is safe. Do not use plastic covers since they can create condensation and damage your valuable carpet. Adding another layer will protect when moving in bad weather where everything is exposed to rain and snow. And remember to roll out your carpet promptly. The longer it stays rolled, the harder it is to assume its original state.

There we go, now you know how to prepare large-area carpets for moving. You are a pro packer now. Just remember not to inhale to much dust when vacuuming, and to lift your carpet accordingly. You protected your carpet but protect your health as well. We wish you a safe relocation and may your carpet shine in your new environment.

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