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How to plan a last-minute relocation?

How To - July 3, 2019

Moving is a stressful business. There are many steps that relocation is demanding, and sometimes almost no time to prepare. And a good organization is the key to a successful relocation. But there will be a time when for some reason you’ll have to move in a hurry. The most important thing would be to organize as much as you can and to keep you cool. Therefore, we bring you the guide on how to plan a last-minute relocation. Do not worry, you can do this!

There is no time, you’ll need to plan a last-minute relocation

Covering all the aspects of the moving endeavor is essential to emerging on the other side victoriously. But in this case, when you are time limited, we are forced to simplify and cover only the most important parts. After that is done, you can add whatever you think it is important. Begin with the inspection of your belongings and work out the logistics. Gather all the important documents and keep the legal part covered. Next would be to organize a packing process and consider hiring a moving crew to help you with everything. In case you decided on moving to Worcester MA, we will recommend checking out the local moving crew. Local moving companies possess the best knowledge of the area, and that would be the way to go.

Those are only a few things you should do before movers arrive. Of course, you will set the priorities, but be smart and put it all on a paper. Make a moving checklist with several smaller tasks and start clearing them out. This way you’ll be done with the moving preparations in a matter of days.

Plan a last- minute relocation
Make a last-minute moving checklist

Gather your thoughts, and make the first step

Depending on your situation, and on the size of your move, you will decide on what to do first. To plan a last-minute relocation can be difficult, but if you take it slow, and follow your plan, it is doable. Firstly, find out how you want to relocate. Do you need a vehicle, and what size? Do you need help and how many people? Or if you need some special equipment for the job? For example, if you have a pool table or a piano, you’ll probably need to enlist services of piano movers Massachusetts. All mentioned requiring some time to sort out, especially to book a moving crew. It can prove difficult to find movers by your measures in such short notice. Therefore, get right to it. Your first step is to find reliable movers.

Hiring a professional moving company is the solution

You should not plan a last-minute relocation without the help of a moving crew. This can include your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers. But in most of the situations, the ones that will heed your call are the moving companies. But you need to be careful when choosing one. Especially when you have little time and in a hurry. Find an hour or two and go online to find a proper moving crew. Then make a short list of possible candidates and narrow it down. Check out their website, read a few comments and reviews. Although, be aware and try to recognize fake moving reviews. No review should be too good, nor too bad. Find your movers somewhere in the middle.

Moving truck
Find a good moving company for your relocation

Then give them a call and find out if they have all the licenses and permits to operate. Explain your situation and negotiate your deal. Also, do not settle for the first one you call. Check out at least several and then make a choice. And we will help you with that. We can recommend Worcester movers as one of the best local moving crews. With extensive knowledge and vast experience, they will handle your relocation like no other. Try them out.

A quick decluttering is ahead of you

No relocation can go without downsizing and decluttering. While preparing and later packing, you’ll for sure find some things you do not need anymore. Your garage, attic, basement, and backyard are the usual suspects. Not to mention all other areas of the house. This is the time to get rid of all the things you kept for so long. By doing this, you will make your cargo smaller, and therefore, your relocation cheaper. There are a few ways you can get rid of your junk.

Start by donating since your junk can be a treasure for someone in need. Then you can sell it online or host a quick garage sale and even make a small profit. Lastly, you can gift it to your neighbors and friends, or simply throw it all away. Although, if you are throwing away, try recycling. But if you are unsure and you want to keep your things, consider renting a short-term storage unit. You can come back later once the dust is settled and figure out what to do.

Take as much time you need to pack properly

Packing is the essential process of each relocation. No matter how much time you have on your hands, you must pack the proper way. Do the following:

  • Take a tour of your home and figure out how much packing materials and moving boxes you need. At the same time decide on where to start and work your way through.
  • Make a quick stop by a local hardware store to buy your supplies. You’ll need wrapping paper, cardboard boxes, packing tape, and a box cutter. You can use more sophisticated packing materials but keep in mind they are more expensive. Those are bubble wrap, Styrofoam, packing peanuts, and plastic bins.
packing material
Collect all necessary packing material
  • Start by the most complicated areas like the kitchen and bathroom since they have many small and delicate items. Keep an eye on sharp and fragile objects. Secure them properly.
  • Try to disassemble some of the furniture on your own. Remove the paintings of the walls and roll the carpets and rugs. Do as much as you can if you have spare time. This is cost effective and it will speed up the process on a moving day.

Plan a last-minute relocation to avoid losing your mind

Like we mentioned before, it is imperative that you do not lose your mind in the process. In a hectic environment such as this, you need to take a breather. You will follow your plan for the successful relocation, but you need to think of your health as well. Relocation is emotional and stressful by its nature. Rushing through the process can make everything worse. Therefore, you should take care of your emotional, mental, and physical state. Take a moment from time to time to sit down and relax. You don’t want to burn out and hurt yourself. A few days before and after the move, eat healthily, drink enough fluids, and have a good night sleep. Those couple of hours more you are trying to pull out won’t do much good if you collapse.

There we go. Now you are readier than ever to tackle your speedy project. To plan a last-minute relocation is not that hard if you only take a moment and think straight. And if you have family help and support, things can be even easier. Just remember to relax from time to time and steal an hour for yourself. Good luck and we wish you a successful relocation.

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