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How to pack your garage

How To - January 27, 2019

Are you preparing for your relocation in Worcester MA? Then you need to know that relocation is a demanding process with many tasks that need to be done. One of those objectives is the packing of your garage. Do not underestimate packing because it is not an easy procedure. Do not pack your garage last as most people usually choose to do. Garages are full of tools, landscaping equipment and things that you do not use every day. Therefore, the items in the garage are the most awkward to pack. Not to mention that garages often become the dumping ground for all the things you don’t want in your home.

These facts should tell you that garage packaging is very difficult and stressful. Most garages are messy and that can slow down your packing process. However, there is no need to worry. We have collected some helpful information that will give your advantages in packing.

Plan your garage packing

Every packing or relocation, in general, must be well-organized. This is crucial if you want to complete your relocation in the shortest time possible. Good organization will greatly increase productivity in the whole relocation procedure – not just the packing. To pack your garage properly and prepare for the move, you need to do certain things in the right order.

Planning on how to pack your garage is essential
When you want to pack your garage, you need to start by making a plan

Our advice is to make a list of things that you need to do before, after and during the packing. Thing like procurement of packing supply, transport organization, job distribution and many more are on this list compounded by the priority order. If you do not have the time or if you are unsure that you can organize your packing you can always hire local movers in Worchester. They can organize your packing and relocation. With good logistic and outstanding experience, they have an unfair advantage compared to you.

Sort your belongings and have a garage sale before packing

There all always things in your garage that you do not need. And it doesn’t make sense to pack things that you do not use. Before you pack your garage you need to get rid of things that are unnecessary. And there is no better way of doing that then with a garage sale. The garage sale is a great way to de-clutter and make extra money from things that you don’t need. But first things first you need to sort your belongings. Sort items by creating sections in your garage.

Clutter gets in the way when you pack your garage
You must get rid of the things you do not need, the best way to do this is by a garage sale

One section should be with things that you are taking with you and other with things that are ready for sale. Have in mind that you’ll throw a lot of things into the trash. And if you have a lot of junk, you can hire an affordable junk removal service. Our junk removal workers can do the job for you.

Get right boxes and supplies to pack your garage belongings

Choosing the right boxes, supplies and the right packing methods is also crucial if you want to finalize your packing process. The most items in your garage are heavy and oddly shaped, and that could be a problem. To pack your garage you must have specific supplies. The first thing that most people have on mind that is related to moving are the boxes. You should gather cardboard moving boxes of various sizes. And you can find them at an office supply store, grocery store or anyone who doesn’t use the boxes but owns them.

Cardboard box
When you want to get some boxes, remember that there are various sizes of packing boxes and that you can get them at many places.

Be sure to carefully pack things that fit the size of the box. Use packing tape to give additional strength and prevent opening of your boxes. Eco-bubble wrap and blankets will help you protect your belongings and prevent damage. All these things will help you pack things in the best way possible, whilst lowering the risk of damage.

How to pack your garage belongings properly

This tip is one of the most important because many things depend on it. Every item must be packed properly to avoid or lower the risk of damage. Some of the garage items can be sharp or fragile and they can injure you badly. However, if you pack them properly you will prevent all unpleasant situation. Pack small hand tools like tools, such as screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers or hammers, in your toolbox.

Garage tools
When you pack your garage be sure you take care of the equipment, it might break so wrap it

Warp items with sharp blades with eco-bubble. Bundle large garden tools with tape or rope and wrap them with a blanket. Pack your power tools in their original containers and tape them too. Warp fragile items like flowerpots with eco-bubble and put them into the boxes. Always label fragile box. If all those things are complicated and you can’t handle them you can call residential movers Massachusetts to help you.

To conclude

There are many people that move every day. Some of them might forget to pack their garage. These people will forget many important items and they will have a hard time to either come back for these items or to replace them. These things can ruin your relocation, so do not be one of these people.

Be sure you start to pack your garage on time. This way, you will not face any big mistakes. It is very important that you do not procrastinate. It will give you a lot of stress that you do not need. The only thing you need when you move is the excitement about all the new opportunities you will have in the new home. We hope this article is useful to you and your relocation process.

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