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How to organize a farewell party

Pre-Move Activities - June 10, 2019

Rejoice – your moving day is finally so close by that you can almost feel it! You’ve done all of your tasks and packed all of your belongings, as well as organized junk removal Worcester. All that’s left now is for you to say your goodbyes. And what a better way to do that than to end things on a high note and organize a farewell party? If you are in doubt how to do it, worry not – we have a few suggestions worthy of your time!

Assemble a committee for helping you organize a farewell party

Everything is easier when shared with friends and loved ones, don’t you think? Here at Grunts Move Junk and Moving Massachusetts, we are certainly guided by that thought. So, long before you start buying the decorations and picking up everyone’s favorite drinks, you should form your team. If you are moving with a family, there’s your team right there. Assign tasks, supervise, and make sure everyone does their part. That was step one – the easy part.

A group of people on the beach trying to organize a farewell party.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your loved ones next to you before you depart?

Find a good place for your party

You only have two options. You can either hold the party at your home or you can book a different venue. When moving, the truth is that you will be scraping by and trying to save every penny. Naturally, your thoughts will immediately roam towards the first option. And it’s a good option – as long as your moving date isn’t really close by and there are different types of moving boxes scattered all over the house. In that situation, you have no other option than to book a venue and organize a farewell party there, visit

Send out the invites in a timely manner

While you may be all caught up in your relocation and moving schedule, other people aren’t. It doesn’t matter how much they love you – if you notify them a day or two before the party and they already made prior engagements, they won’t be able to attend. And we are sure you want all of your loved ones next to you on that day or night. So, be as diligent as you have been with your moving-related tasks and send out the invitations at least a week before the big party. That should give everyone enough time to prepare.

A bunch of letters.
E-mails, letters, messages – everything will do!

Decorations are a big part of organizing a farewell party

Now, this is a really important thing. You will want to decorate the place and make it look like something out of a dream, but you will only have two problems:

  1. The money will be tight. 
  2. You will be short on time.

To organize a party is a time-consuming task already. And right now, time is the one thing you can’t spare. Which is why you shouldn’t go overboard. And you shouldn’t, by any means, let your impending residential relocation take a back seat. Instead, think of your farewell party as a way to relax and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Hang some banners, put up a few streamers in your favorite color and buy party hats. Voila – you have just thrown a fun and budget-friendly party. It’s a win-win situation in everyone’s book.

Good food and refreshing beverages are of the essence

While you shouldn’t splurge on things such as decorations, you should definitely not be so frugal when it comes to food and drinks. We are talking about the people that were always there for you. From the times you needed a shoulder to cry on until the recent days when you were busy handling metal junk with friends, they were always there. So it goes without saying that you should go big and bring out everyone’s personal favorites.

If you are throwing a rather large farewell party, you won’t be able to prepare the food by yourself. If there is a need for a caterer, do note that you will need to act promptly. Caterers are in high demand and all of them will be booked in advance – at least the good ones will.

Different dishes on the table.
This is one day when not sticking to your diet will be justified.

When it comes to the beverages, you don’t have to do that much planning. It will be enough to pick up a few different refreshments in your local liquor store the day before the party. From coffee and juice to champagne and beer, you should have it all. Just remember one very important thing when organizing a farewell party – no one under 21 is allowed to drink alcoholic drinks. 

In order to properly organize a farewell party, you’ll have to have a speech

You already know that everyone will ask for one somewhere in the middle of the party. And you will probably want to give one as these are the people you know and love. We don’t see you having any stage fright. We do, however, see you getting emotional. In all that commotion, it might become too difficult to form cohesive sentences. That’s why it will be good to have a pre-made speech. You might not need it, but if you do, it will certainly come in handy.

Don’t become too sad

Oh yes, you should certainly make a note to remind yourself that this is not the last time you’ll see your loved ones. Sure, some time might pass before all of you gather again – but it will happen. Think of it like this – even if you do everything right and organize a farewell party so perfect that everyone will remember it for years, it will mean nothing if you can’t stop crying on the actual day of the party. So, be brave and put a wide smile on your face. This is a joyous opportunity – there is no need for sadness.

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