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How to make packing more interesting

How To - July 19, 2019

The words “interesting” and “packing” are rarely in the same sentence. Because we have to be honest: relocation is usually a first-class ticket to Stress City. The first thing you need to do is hire residential movers Massachusetts. They will make your move much easier. Although we cannot promise that you will feel that you have just returned from the spa after following these tips to make packing more interesting, we really think that you will, at least, feel that you have received a very good manicure. Baby steps!

Boy in a box
Here are all our best insider tips to make packing more interesting!

Create a playlist for packing and unpacking

This advice may seem a little silly, but we swear that it works! Create two playlists that you can use when moving: a packing playlist and an unpacking playlist. For your packing playlist, you can focus on energetic dance music to keep you motivated. And for unpacking playlist, you can choose songs that are a little more relaxing, but still have some effect. Something psychological happens in your brain when you go through this process with the playlists that you have chosen for these two tasks. Somehow you can actually turn on the gear faster than usual.

Focus on easy things

When you’re working on packing things, look for a way to make your life easier. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • If you have furniture, for example, a chest of drawers with clothes, leave the clothes there, rather than take out everything and pack them separately. Your local movers Massachusetts can wrap your dresser and make sure that none of the drawers move. When you get to your new place, you will know exactly where everything is.
  • For clothes that are already on hangers in your closet, leave them on hangers. Instead of transferring these things to your loaders, you can move objects yourself and simply transfer them directly to your new cabinet. Make sure that when you pack your things, you leave them in the same order in which they were. This will minimize your work even more.
  • If your cutlery, kitchen tools and other items are already in the drawer organizers, leave them in the organizers and pack them in this way. When you get to your new home, you can take them straight out of the box and just put them right in the drawer. If you do not use the organizers and would like to, now is the time to do it. Buy a few organizers that you know will work in your new room, and pack kitchenware in them before putting them in the box.

Small boxes – your friends

Teddy bear in a box
This can help make packing more interesting: go with small boxes

Sometimes you need big boxes, but you will find that during the move you need very few of them. And although you will have more boxes and you will make your moving costs Massachusetts a bit higher, you will still be much happier. You can also pack and unpack small boxes much faster, and also easily move them in the process of unpacking. Unpacking small boxes looks like you are constantly passing fast small wins, and it really supports you. Plus, you can include your kids in the whole process giving them to pack their room in smaller boxes.

Use the app to make packing more interesting

If the organization is not necessarily your favorite thing, download a moving application, such as Moving Van. This application will help you keep track of exactly what is in each box, allowing you to take pictures when you fill the boxes. It also has a super convenient search function, so when you are in a new place and wonder, “where did I put my collection of books”, you can search for items and know exactly what box they were packed in.

Eat junk food

For those lucky enough to have a group of friends who will help you on the day of the move, be sure to pre-plan a setting that will force them to immediately switch to the BFF category. Our idea? Junk food bar! Stock up on all the snacks that, as you know, you should not eat, but love anyway: chips, chocolate bars, chewy sweets, cookies, etc. Put all this in your new space and call everyone to help themselves. And if you are moving with kids, they will be less stressed if they can eat their favorite treats.

Create a super important box

This advice, in our opinion, is crucial. When packing the place, make sure you have a box for all of your most important items. Think about: clothes for a few days, workout clothes, favorite shoes, toiletries, important documents, a checkbook, food for your pet, medicines, etc. Basically, everything you need as soon as you get to your new house. And unpacking that box should be the first thing you do after moving.

If you can’t fit everything in one box or one piece of luggage, take two with you! Just make sure that you clearly mark these super important boxes so as not to lose them when moving. And after you finish packing, make sure to call local junk removal to take all those things you don’t need.

Set reward for the bribe

Working on this delicacy really helps to maintain motivation and not to lose the mojo during unpacking. You can also tell your friends about the goal and ask questions during the week if you meet deadlines through the text and social networks.

Spa towels
You may even have a friend who joins you at a spa reception if you finish unpacking in time

Our final conclusion to make packing more interesting: do everything that works for you. Moving can be very stressful. So when you decide which tricks are better for you, do more of them and discard the rest.

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