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How to handle moving without an elevator?

How To - January 13, 2020

Moving is physically demanding and it requires quite a lot of time. First, you need to get all the packing supplies, then you have to pack everything. After this part, you have to pick up and carry every single item you own and move it. If you are living in a house, this is not disastrous, since you will have one flight of stairs at most. But if you are moving from or into a building that has no elevator, then you are about to have one of the most unpleasant events of your life. It will be even harder for you to handle moving without an elevator if you don’t take some time to get the advice that will help you do it faster and as easy as possible.

How are you going to handle moving without an elevator?

Well, it won’t walk in the park, we can tell you that straight away. But you can make it easier. Buildings without elevators are just one of the worst places you need to move into, but you will make it, one way or another. Some of the things you can do are:

  • Get as much helping hands as you can
  • Hire one of the best movers Westborough MA 
  • Disassemble everything as much as possible
  • Measure every single thing before you start moving it
  • Think about the angles
  • Heavy things go first
  • Know your people and what they can do
  • Protect both furniture and the building
  • Wear the right clothes and get gloves when you need to handle moving without an elevator
  • Hand cart for stairs is one great piece of equipment

If you set your mind to it you will be moved in no time. It’s not going to be easy but you will make it.

moving without an elevator- A group of friends
Your friends should help you with the moving process

Get your friends to help you

Sure, your friends won’t be delighted with spending one whole day on getting you moved, but you can give something back in return. You can get lunch, snacks, and drinks so everyone wants to do it. Your friends will be a great help without a doubt.

Get a moving company

Moving services are a great choice even if there are escalators in your building. Moving services are great, both local and long-distance will handle your move with no trouble. Movers are moving people all the time and some of those moves are including buildings without escalators. They will be done in no time. Professional movers will handle moving without an elevator in no time.

Everything must be disassembled

And that means everything, closets, tables, beds, chairs, absolutely everything needs to be disassembled before you start your move. This way, you will be carrying smaller, lighter items instead of one big. You can go back and forward a couple of times and still not get tired.

Measure your furniture

Measuring and comparing sizes will show you if there is something that can’t fit your new apartment. So you need to do it as soon as possible. The best way to handle it might be by getting a blueprint of your new apartment and comparing sizes. This way, you will know just want will for your apartment and what won’t. All of the furniture that didn’t fit, can be stored in a storage unit. Even companies measure the furniture before commercial moving, so make sure you do it too. Knowing that your furniture will fit is really important.

moving without an elevator- a meter
Make sure you measure everything before moving

Angles are something that could help you, or make it all harder

Make sure you take care of the angles and shape of your furniture once you start carrying it up the stairs. This way you can make sure that you are doing it the right way. Get all the cushions out, disassemble everything and you will surely do a much better job moving it up.

Heavy first

Always make sure that you move the heaviest items first, while you are still fresh and full of strength. Once you are done moving the heaviest items like beds and closets, you will easily move the rest of your belongings. After moving one heavy item up the stairs, moving the easier ones will be a piece of cake for you.

Strategy can help you out when you need to handle moving without an elevator

Think of what are your friends best at once the moving day arrives. Your strongest friends should be carrying the heaviest items, other lighter ones, someone should coordinate and so on. It will be much easier to move if you have everything covered and know exactly how much work your friends can do.

Do not damage a thing

When it comes to moving without an escalator, you need to protect your furniture. The best way to do it is to wrap it in blankets, covers, and other soft materials. This way, even if you bump into a wall, you won’t damage the walls or the furniture.

You should be dressed right

When it comes to moving, you should wear the right clothes. Too tight or too baggy clothes could lead to an accident and an injury, and you should avoid that by wearing fitting clothes and being careful if you want to handle moving without an elevator in no time.

Make sure you have the right outfit for your moving day


Getting a hand stroller for the stairs will make this job much easier for you. Make sure you tie every piece of furniture to your stroller so nothing gets damaged. Moving generates a lot of junk so make sure you get the junk removal service. You will be done in no time this way.

Making sure that you really are ready to move to a building without an escalator might not be the smartest idea you ever head, but that is fine. You will be done in no time if you get some help and make sure everything is taken care of.

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