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How to find the best moving rates

Employing Moving Experts - September 26, 2019

Now when you know the time of your relocation, you should assemble a moving checklist. The very next step is to list all the moving costs waiting for you. Maybe you already set aside a budget for this occasion. Although, if not paying attention to where your money goes, you might end up spending more than you wanted. Therefore, you need to research a bit and figure out the prices in the moving market. We will help with that by providing a simple guide on how to find the best moving rates. Let us cover everything together and ensure for you a cost-efficient move.

Browse online and find the best moving rates

Nowadays you have the advantage of all the technology around us. You can obtain any information in a matter of minutes, as long as you know what you are looking for. Hence, the best way to do moving research is to browse online. Go online and find a couple of moving companies that you can compare. We would suggest that you pick at least five different once. Then narrow it down by comparing the prices of their services and all the perks that come with it. Mandatory things to look for are a physical address, an official website with the logo of the company, and a contact. Also, you should check if your company has all the permits and licenses. Furthermore, you should check what services they provide and if they can accommodate your request.

Read reviews online if you want to find the best moving rates
Read reviews online if you want to find the best moving rates.

Check if your movers have enough manpower, all the tools, and a proper vehicle for the job. Most of the information you can get once you give them a call. But let us provide a bit of help with this part. We will recommend for you to check the local movers Massachusetts, as one of the best choices in the area. A moving team that includes everything we mentioned above. With an experienced moving team, your relocation is secured. Give them a call today and realize the full potential of their service.

Compare your top choices and the services they provide

Your moving journey has just begun. To find the best moving rates, you must compare the companies that are on your list. Firstly, find all the moving services Worcester MA that you can utilize and then compare between companies. By comparing everything you can calculate and reach a rough estimate of your moving costs. Although, start with the essential services that will cover your relocation. Later on, you can add any service you might find interesting and useful, depending on the limits of your moving budget. Moreover, be aware of the extremely low prices. Those can be a sign of a moving scam and a fraudulent moving company. Stick to realistic prices. Prices that are too high or to low are a bad sign. Keep this in mind.

Be proactive

Sometimes it is hard to recognize a sketchy moving company. To protect yourself against moving scams you should do a thorough research of the company you decided to hire. Be proactive and save your moving budget by doing the following:

  • Go to them – A moving company that you chose most definitely has a physical address and a contact. Give them a call and visit. Or you can stop by and take a closer look. Have a chat with someone on the customer desk to figure out how they treat their customers. Also, ask for prices and services just to compare if the service they advertise is a legit one.
  • Ask for a tour – Since you are a customer interested in purchasing their services, you have the right to ask for a tour of the facility. A legit moving company should not deny such a request. Although, if they can’t oblige due to safety reasons, at least ask them for a presentation. Ask for something that will prove that the service you are paying for is worthwhile. Maybe to see the tools they are using and a moving truck that will transport your belongings.
  • A word of mouth – This is a very powerful tool. Try to find someone that already used this company for relocating purposes. Or maybe someone that knows someone. It can be a friend, coworker or a neighbor. You can always read reviews and comments online, but to hear all this from the someone you know is priceless. This one of the best ways to find the best moving rates.

A free moving quote will help you find the best moving rates

The best way to realize your moving costs is to obtain a moving estimate. The moving quotes Massachusetts are a very lucrative way to have the moving costs summarized. This way you’ll know the complexity of the job and how much everything will cost. You can get your moving estimate by scheduling a visit at your home. A moving representative will come by and inspect your cargo and the environment. This includes the weight of your stuff and if the moving truck can be loaded without obstructions. Then adding the working hours onto it and the additional services you purchased, you’ll end up with a fixed bill.

Contact your moving representative, and calculate your moving costs together

Although, be aware of the non-binding estimates that need a bit more explaining. Those are a rough estimate of how much everything will cost. Expenses can be higher if in the middle of the process an additional service was provided. Or costs can be lowered if your move was easier and swifter than anticipated. For example, you purchased the packing services but meanwhile, you decided to pack yourself for the move. In this case, if done on time, you can cancel the packing service and lower the costs of your move. Communicate this with your movers and be sure you understand how it works.

Handle some things yourself and minimize the expenses

There are countless ways you can reduce the moving costs if you just have a bit of time for it. You should consider completing some tasks before your movers arrive. Like we mentioned before, you can always pack yourself. With a few packing materials and moving boxes that you can grab at the nearest hardware store. But be sure to let your movers carry them around. Furthermore, this might be the best time to declutter and downsize. You can sort through your stuff and put some of it up for a sale. Organize a yard sale, sell online, or donate. Also, the easiest option is to throw it all away.

You can recycle yourself or enlist the junk removal service. A best and the cheapest way is for someone else to pick up all your unwanted items and recycle instead of you. Next is to prepare some of the furniture for the move. You can roll your carpets, disassemble some of the wooden furniture like a dining table, a bunk bed, etc. Also, get the pictures off the wall and if you have any delicate items, plan on how to handle them. If you can’t trust anyone with your delicate items, use your car and transport it yourself. Do anything you think of that might speed up the process and lower the working hours of your move. Remember that most of the movers charge by the hour.

Make a choice and let’s get moving

It is ok to take some time and find the best moving rates. But did you know that you can get a better service and a cheaper one simply by negotiating the deal? This will come easy if negotiated in the off-peak season. Winter and autumn are the seasons where movers have less work than usual. Therefore, due to competitivity on the market, they hardly refuse any customers. This will work into your advantage. Also, there are fewer moves in the middle of the month. It is the same for the middle of each week. Aim for those time periods and do not be afraid to ask if they can give you a discount. Explain that your moving budget has a limit and a small discount would be highly appreciated.

Certain periods will bring much better moving rates. Check your calendar before hiring your movers.

Now you know the very basic things on how to find the best moving rates. Consider all the options you have in front of you and take some time to do research. Find the company that will suit you the most and remember to ask. A simple “can we get a discount?” can take off 10% of the overall cost. Be smart and patient, and you will relocate cheap and safe. Good luck.

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