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How to disassemble antique furniture

How To - August 13, 2019

Moving day is coming and you are thinking about many tasks that should be done. One of the most tiresome is packing, for sure. Proper packing is the key to successful moving, without any damages. If you are relocating large furniture or items of high value, things might be a bit more complicated. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to disassemble antique furniture, that you are about to relocate.

Let the preparations begin

Relocation is a great opportunity for starting fresh, especially if you are moving to Worcester. Nevertheless, the process of moving, itself, might be challenging. With a wide range of tasks, a good organization should be imperative. Start preparations on time, by setting the moving date at least a few months before your moving day. Not only that you will have more time for everything to be done perfectly, but you will have more free time for yourself.

As soon as you set the moving date, begin organizing your move

Finding a reliable moving company

With the growth of the moving industry, finding a reliable moving company can be difficult. Be ready to do extensive online research. Compare at least three moving companies, do a background check. Read all reviews from previous customers, as they might lead you to the right company. A company that is providing professional moving services at reasonable prices is what you need. As one of the best movers in Worcester, our Grunts Moving company is always at your disposal. With the right moving equipment, the experience that we have, and a great team of people, you will have a pleasant relocation.

Customer feedback
Research, read reviews, compare rates, and find yourself a reliable moving company

How to organize the packing process properly

A first and most important thing about packing is sorting out your belongings. That means that a good decluttering of your home is on your way. Even if you are thinking about how to disassemble antique furniture, it is not the only thing that you will need to pack and disassemble. Sorting out things that you would like to move with can be beneficial in many ways. The fewer things you relocate, the lower the costs will be. If you have some old and valuable furniture that cannot fit your new home, you can sell it and earn some money. Last but not least, giving any kind of items and furniture to charities is always a great option. So, think twice what is really for moving before you start the packing process.

Storage is a great option as well

There will probably be items that you would not like to relocate, yet to have them in your possessions. This especially means for your antiques. There is a great option, which will make you and your budget happy and that is renting a storage unit. Find a facility that can provide a high level of security and in case needed, air-conditioned storage unit. The humidity, high temperatures or improper packing can cause damages to your antiques, so be aware of that.

Disassemble antique furniture stress-free

Whether you are having valuable items from your grandparents or you are a collector of antiques, attention should be on the highest level. We would advise consulting the antique professionals for all the tips and tricks on how to handle antique and how to preserve it. But if you decided to disassemble antique furniture yourself, look at a few of the basics:

Be mindful of the tools you are using while you disassemble antique furniture
Be mindful of the tools you are using while you disassemble antique furniture
  • Tools – Be careful what tools you are using for this job. All those screwdrivers, hammers, and power tools can damage the furniture if not handled properly. Also, if you are meddling with a very delicate piece, be mindful of the pair of gloves you are wearing. Use leather gloves with a soft surface. You do not want any splinters on your furniture.
  • Wrapping– Try to wrap each piece individually because they can be damaged by rubbing against each other while in the transport. For example, each leg of your table should be wrapped in a protective sheath, maybe a blister pack, or a tarp. Whatever you have but be sure it is either strong material or a cushion.
  • Small pieces – You should pack all screws and bolts in smaller bags and label it with the name of the furniture it belongs to. Or label it with the number that is matching the number on a tag you placed on the furniture. Whatever you prefer, but do not lose it.
  • One-piece – There are bigger pieces of furniture that are not meant to be disassembled. They might have wooden screws that are sealed in and once you remove them, they are broken and can’t be used again. Inspect your furniture before you do anything or ask someone who has done it.

Maybe someone else can disassemble antique furniture for you

We already mentioned the usefulness of a moving company. Do not forget that movers offer a variety of moving services that might come in handy. Check with your movers if they offer the packing services. The moving company can pack you, move and unpack upon request. Furthermore, there are special services when it comes to special items. If you possess very old antique furniture, there should be a higher level of security. Ask your movers if they have all the proper tools for a job and if they possess the knowledge in such a field.

For example, if you are moving a piano that is very old and unique, this would require for the one who is moving it, to know how to do it. You need someone with the skill, knowledge, tools, and a dose of delicacy that this task is demanding. Therefore, communicate this part of your move with the moving representative. It is important if you want to avoid any damages to your antique.

It might take you some time to disassemble antique furniture and prepare it for relocation. In the end, everything resolves perfectly. With a bit of effort, willingness and professional help, your relocation will be a piece of a cake. If you pack your items properly, you will have easy unpacking. We wish you quick packing, nice relocation, and a great new beginning.

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