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How to clear out your office space

How To - December 12, 2019

The disorder can feel chaotic and stressful. Especially if you have just moved with office movers Massachusetts. You may even notice that your productivity and efficiency are reduced every time you try to work in turmoil. To improve your mood and performance, take advantage of these professional organization tips to clear out your office space.

There are six steps to clear out your office space

1. Remove it all

For a truly clean workspace, it’s best to start from scratch. Remove everything from the desktop, drawers, and shelves. Then place them in neat piles on the floor or in another room. Now that your desk is empty, take the time to wipe all surfaces and clean computer equipment. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, there is commercial junk removal.

2. Assess every item

This may seem like a daunting task. But once you know what you have, it’s easier to determine what you really need. You may be surprised to find out how many extra pens, folders, notes and other materials you had all this time!
Passing through office objects, create three piles: hold, archive, and junk. The items in the “hold” pile should include the items you need for daily and weekly work. The pile of the “archive” should include important documents and information that should be stored, but it does not have to be visible every day. You can even divide this group into two subgroups: one for annual storage and one for long-term storage. Finally, a pile of “junk” should include items that you can throw away or donate to charity.

3. Revise your space

If your office space regularly clutters shortly after cleaning, review your layout. If there is always too many things on your desk, that is a clear sign that you need decluttering. Items you use every day should be near you for easy access. Items that are not used often can be stored in drawers or on shelves to free up space on your desk.

Office clutter
Removing the items you don’t use every day is the best way to clear out your office space

4. Use dividers and shelves wisely

If you tend to throw items in boxes and leave them scattered and disheveled, then dividers can help. Hanging shelves allow you to organize folders, manuals, reference materials, and other documentation. While partitions with drawers allow you to separate, organize and easily find small office items.

5. Start putting your items in their respected places

Now that you know what items you want to keep and how close they should be, place your items in an organized space. Try to keep the workplace as neat and clean as possible so that the entire office looks free of clutter.

6. Clean daily

Once you get rid of your office clutter, keep up the good work. After using your desk, put items back into designated places every day. Put the pens in the holders, file the documents and return the folders to the bookshelves. Then wipe your table with a disinfectant cloth to prevent germs from entering.

Clean office
By cleaning every day, you can help keep your space organized longer

With these tips in mind, you are on the right track to ensure that your space is unobstructed and productive. If you work in an office with colleagues, then keeping your desktop clean may not be enough. Hire professional junk removal Framingham to clear out your office space, help organize your entire business and increase productivity. Our experience, professionalism, and dedication to providing the highest levels of cleanliness each time can help keep your office clean and tidy.

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