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How to avoid extra charges on your move

Moving advice - October 4, 2019

Hiring moving companies Springfield MA might be a more expensive option than doing things on your own, but it is worth the investment. Hiring professional moving services is something that we always recommend. There are so many benefits as opposed to doing everything on your own. The biggest downside to hiring professional moving services is the fact that they are expensive. Especially if you are comparing these services to doing everything on your own. Doing everything on your own is difficult, but it is free, at least for the most part. But, the best of both worlds scenarios is if you could avoid extra charges on your move when hiring professional moving services.

These extra charges can come lurking behind every corner. But it all depends on how you look at it. Some clients simply don’t wish to get involved, at all. They allow the moving company to do absolutely everything for them. In this case, extra charges are almost unavoidable. However, if you wish to be more involved, you could avoid a lot of things that you would otherwise need to pay for. Basically, the idea is for you to do everything you can on your own, and leave all the heavy lifting to the professionals. We will cover things and steps you can take in order to avoid extra charges on your move. This will allow you to still use professional moving services, at a price much lower than it has to be.

kids moving boxes
If you want to cut down on charges, do everything you can by yourself!

Avoid extra charges on your move – pack yourself!

Some people who hire professional moving services also consider hiring packing services. This is usually, in lack of a better term, a waste of money. Packing is something that should be done by you and your family. Each member of the household should be in charge of packing their own belongings. This way, everyone will know which boxes take priority and which boxes contain what. If you entrust this task to strangers, you will be lost in the unpacking process since you will not be clear on what’s what. Furthermore, do you really wish to have strangers go through all your belongings? I, for one, would not be comfortable with this.

All you need is a few boxes and markers, and get the whole gang on the job. Everyone packs their own stuff, labels the boxes with content as well as the priority of the box. This will make the unpacking experience a breeze. Otherwise, you might have it easy in the beginning, but people often underestimate just how difficult unpacking really is. If you are uncertain on how to pack, rest assured there are numerous ways to make your packing experience interesting! You could even invent a game out of it, and a small competition. This would easily turn it towards a fun experience for the whole family. And most importantly, this is one of the best ways to avoid extra charges on your move.

man packing a box
Save money on packing. Do it yourself!

Avoid extra charges on your move – declutter!

One element that people most often hire professional assistance is decluttering. This is an unnecessary waste of money in our opinion. If you take our advice and do the packing on your own, the decluttering will be a natural task you will do on the way. Also, only you will know what you need to get rid of, but there are some clear signs that you need decluttering. If someone does it for you, there is a strong risk of you losing something you actually really care about. So, you should be very careful about it. This task is not difficult, but it could be tedious. Also, it could be emotionally draining to get rid of things, but sometimes you really need to analyze what you no longer need or use.

One way people do it is by approaching it from a very objective side. Ask yourself – have I used this item once in the past year? Does it have any sentimental value or not? If both answers are ‘no’ you should really consider getting rid of that item. It will help with the relocation and you will not carry unnecessary weight on yourself. Most importantly, you will reduce the cost of your, otherwise expensive relocation. If you are smart about it, you could organize a garage sale and not only save money on the things you don’t need but actually make some as well. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

If you still remain unconvinced you can pursue services that take care of this for you, but make sure to investigate the cost of junk removal services beforehand!

old workshop
Decluttering might be tedious but it is best done by yourself.

What you really need the movers for

Basically, the biggest value of hiring a professional moving company is to have someone do the heavy lifting and transportation. This is the riskiest part of every relocation and something that should best be left to professionals. Everything else is something that you should take care of on your own. Professional movers have very handy tools, such as a dolly,  that allow them to carry things up and down a flight of stairs with ease, where you would spend hours they can spend minutes.

Also, the transportation vehicles are equipped to carry your belongings, so there would be no improvisation needed. This is the best way to use our moving services. Granted, it will cost more than doing it on your own, but you are saving a lot of time and effort in doing so. Plus, it is risk-free! There is no chance that you or your loved ones would get hurt, and there is no chance that your expensive and valuable belongings could get any damage. This is the way to go!

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